These are the occupational templates; they represent what the character "does" and what role they play in the galaxy.

Core Templates

"Core" Templates represent occupations strongly bound to major and highly legitimate organizations, such as the Valorian Empire and the Alliance. They tend to concern themselves with politics and war.

List of Core Templates

  • Security Agent: The Security Agent is the elite enforcer of the law, and excel at criminal investigation. Like the Bounty Hunter and the Frontier Marshal, they represent the long-arm of the Law, but the Security Agent is a strictly urban character, one associated with the heavily populated worlds of the core. They answer to a tight hierarchy on a world with an exacting legal code, giving them much less leeway than the other enforcers have. The Security Agent, as represented in this template, is heroic. As a detective, they tend to be tenacious and intuitive, and as a combatant, they tend to be elite blast-slingers, wielding tight and highly professional martial arts, such as Imperial Marksmanship Academy Training or even Shineido.
  • Officer: The Officer excels at command and control. He’s mastered the art of planning; he is extremely adept at the Big Picture rules for planning an operation, and can plan so well that he features the use of Foresight, allowing the player to retroactively declare that his character had prepared for the current situation. Furthermore, his high rank and administration skill makes him top-notch at Pulling Rank, ensuring that he and his group gain required resources when they need it most. Finally, Psi-Wars doesn’t support Mass Combat out of the box, but should your game include Mass Combat, the officer’s high levels of Strategy, Administration and Intelligence Analysis make him particularly well suited to it.
  • Fighter Ace: The Empire and the Alliance fight their wars in space. The most effective weapons in space, currently, starfighters. Thus, the most important warfighters of the galaxy are Fighter Aces: they are the elite of the elite, and the first line of defense of any great faction. Fighter Aces master the arts of space combat and the star fighter. While he's quite competent at all forms of space travel, including hyperspace navigation or gunnery tasks, he's at his best when he's in the cockpit of a starfighter, whether fighting off enemy starfighters or making a torpedo run on a capital ship. Some specialize their space combat skills, mastering a few techniques unique to their style of flying. They often have unique relationships with their tech-bot or the mechanic that tends to their craft, their squadron or wingman, or the military force that sponsors them: many an admiral has their "pocket ace" that they deploy when they absolutely want to win, and this makes that ace a "darling" of their particular navy. Outside of their starfighter, they tend to be charming, roguish, cocky and trained in evasion tactics, in case they end up behind enemy lines. While not great soldiers or spies, they make passable adventurers.
  • Diplomat: The diplomat combines an excellence in negotiation with cultural mastery and organizational power. The diplomat’s high levels of rank, administrative acumen and her talent benefit her when “Pulling Rank.” Her high levels of diplomacy can outright replace any reaction modifier with little risk to herself, but diplomats also benefit from high reaction modifiers, making her a social power-house in general. Diplomats have the option of investing in various cultural skills, cultural familiarities and languages, allowing them to bridge the gap between species and organizations. Finally, the diplomat enjoys diplomatic immunity and a mastery of international law, allowing her to know what she can get away with and what she can’t. However, A diplomat has only nominal combat skills and basic training in stealth, appropriate for any Action character, but a diplomats vastly prefers peaceful solutions to violent ones, which is reflected in their disadvantage options.

Rim Templates

"Rim" Templates represent occupations who exist on worlds far from legitimate authority. They tend to be strongly associated with crime, survival, rugged independence of poverty.

List of RimTemplates

  • Con Artist: The Con Artist is equally at home with street gambling or a begging scam on the streets as he is sweeping princesses off their feet in royal courts and beating the house in some alien casino. The Con Artist glides from one social encounter to another, changing who he is based on who people want him to be, but always with an angle of more money, more fame, more power, always looking for the next big score. The Psi-Wars galaxy brims with shady characters, from a street-corner snake-oil salesman, to a corporate grifter, to a fake fortune-teller, to the alluring charms of a Ranathim dancing girl, to the Maradonian princess with dubious genetic claims but fantastic fashion sense.
  • Frontier Marshal: Like the bounty hunter, the frontier marshal represents the law of the core in the lawless frontier of the rim. Unlike the bounty hunter, he's there to stay, often protecting its citizens while maintaining law and order. He throws the bandits out of towns, tips his hat respectfully to the locals and keeps the local drunk safe in a prison cell until he sobers up. He understands his world and invests deeply in it, becoming a master of its layout, and learning to survive even the harshest of circumstances. The frontier marshal is a master of the pistol, though he can expand into the rifle or various weapons, and in finding people and bringing them to justice. The frontier marshal differs from the bounty hunter in being a master of survival, choosing a single planet type that he excels at (similar to the Survivor background). The frontier marshal often “goes native” and comes to take on the culture of those around him, or might even be from an unusual culture. As a result, he has quite a few options for expanding social contact with aliens. The Frontier Marshal is also closely related to the Security Agent: both represent characters with a focus on criminal investigation, but the Frontier Marshal solves crimes in the lawless frontier, while the Security Agent is typically far more urban.
  • Bounty Hunter: The Bounty Hunter straddles the lawful words of the Core and the lawless worlds of the Rim. They walk where lawmen fear to tread and offer justice to those who have no other way to get it, but they offer only the justice of the blaster, and it costs credits. Outsiders sometimes mistake them for assassins, vigilantes, hired guns, mercenaries or thugs, but a Bounty Hunter is a very specific profession: the Bounty Hunter seeks his target, recovers them, and deals with them, and then expects to get paid. The Bounty Hunter excels at combat, but their combat skills focus on the recovery or defeat of a single, high-value target, someone typically too difficult for normal security forces to take down. They also learn to fight alone or in small teams, unlike commandos or security agents who can rely on back-up. They also learn to be quick on the draw, because in the criminal underworld of the Rim, situations deteriorate quickly. Bounty Hunters also excel at finding those who don’t want to be found. They cultivate underworld connections, or call in favors with administrators, to learn more about their target. They walk dark, rain-soaked streets or the dusty roads of alien worlds to track down the last-known associates or a target. They close in and then arrange a final ambush meant to defeat or capture the target. Then they bring him back in. Bounty hunters tend to be a varied lot. They run the gamut from silent, brutal, armored juggernauts to deceptively attractive women with a nice smile, a willingness to talk to you at the cantina bar, and a hidden neurolash stunner in her gloves. Most learn to specialize in a particular sort of target, learning the specific tactics necessary to take down psychics, aliens or cyborgs.
  • Scavenger: One can find nearly anything in the Galactic Rim, if one knows where to look. The Scavenger excels at going to remote, hostile places and delving deep into the ruins and wreckage there to find lost treasures. On the junk world of Grist, wastelanders journey across toxic expanses to explore the millennia old wreckage for ancient artifacts. Junkers lurk at the edges of battles, waiting for the fighting to die so they can go in and salvage spare parts from derelict craft. Asteroid miners and prospectors sit in cantinas, spilling tales of the strange things they encounter during their journeys to anyone who will buy them a drink. Archaeologists scour jungles and deserts in search of the last remnants and the ancient ruins of some lost, alien civilization. The scavenger masters, first and foremost, the fine art of finding useful things. They can pick out useful parts and secret doors with ease. Many scavengers are technically minded, able to repair and reactivate what they find, or at least turn it into spare parts for something else, but others prefer to sell what they find, or turn it over to museums (usually for a profit). Of course, if people could easily reach it, it would have already been scavenged, so most Scavengers master the art of travel in hostile environments. They scavenge the ships caught in the gravitational anomalies in the accretion disc around a black hole, or the wreckage in the ashen wastes of a desolate, uninhabited world, or in the remotest, iciest worlds on the edges of a solar system. This need to “go forth” to find their filthy lucre makes Scavengers natural adventurers. Naturally, scavengers face a great deal of peril. They must fend off wild animals, pirates and rival scavengers. They must evade traps and security systems that remain active in ancient derelicts or ruins. They often face supernatural threats in psychically unstable regions. Thus, scavengers tend to be a hardy lot, able to fight well, with an uncanny sense for danger and typically more than a little luck. Those without tend to end up dead.
  • Smuggler: Everyone wants something, and not all of those things are entirely legal. Sometimes, wealthy aristocrats want forbidden delights, or crime bosses want a shipment of slaves or arms; other times, the starving refugees of a war desperately want food that the besieging force denies them. The smuggler is willing to serve all those needs… for a price. The smuggler is a master of space travel. She excels at navigation and piloting, and while she's no fighter ace, she's no slouch at space combat either. Unlike the fighter ace, her focus is on the corvette rather than the starfighter, though she might not fair too bad in a starfighter in a pinch. All smugglers also specialize in some technique to get past blockades. Some rely on unusual routes or swift starships. Others rely on their wit and charm, or on social connections within the star port itself. They also excel at getting their passengers to strange or exotic locations, thanks to their mastery of space navigation. They also navigate the underworld well, whether or not they themselves are explicitly criminal.

Mystical Templates

"Mystical" Templates represent occupations who invest deeply in the philosophies, psychic powers or mysticism of the setting, whether they're associated with criminals or legitimate authorities.

List of Mystical Templates

  • Space Knight: The space knights belong to an era from before the Valorian Empire, an era of elegance and honor. They conquered the Galaxy beside Alexus Rex; they defended the Holy Worlds of the Keleni from the onslaught of grasping, criminal empires; they toppled the corrupt Alexian dynasty and its mad emperor; they brought democracy and an era of peace to the Galaxy. With the rise of the Valorian Empire, the Galaxy seems to need them again. The Maradonian aristocracy resurrects ancient traditions and slowly transition out of a dueling culture and into a knightly culture once more. In the Umbral Rim, the Satemo, the "knights" of Ranathim vengeance wander the stars, offering their psi-swords to the most worthy bidder, and rumors swirl around the edges of the Galactic Rim that the templars never really died, and that secret chapters hide on lost worlds, awaiting their time to restore their fallen order. In response to this, the Emperor has created his own order of "Imperial Knights" who destroy upstart Maradonian knights, and the Cult of the Mystical Tyrant uses their connection to Dark Communion to hunt down the last templars. The space knight blends martial mastery with psionic prowess and wields their awesome signature, the force blade, in a crusade to wipe their foes from the Galaxy. All Space Knights have at least one psionic power, and have mastered the basics of one force swordsmanship form. This version of the Space Knight represents the more mundane space knights, peers to smugglers and diplomats rather than the legendary heroes of myth and lore, and thus while some of them have access to the power of Communion, they have only the faintest understanding of its true power and potential.
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