Weapon Types

Blasters: In Psi-Wars, blasters are functionally “glowing, burnning bullets.” Thus, all blasters have reduced (but still excellent) accuracy, higher recoil, and inflict pi inc damage. Blaster damage is divided by three against Unliving targets!

EM Disruptors: EM disruptors use a variation on EMP technology to disrupt electrical systems (anything with the Electrical disadvantage), including most vehicles and robots. They are area attacks, and attack everything that fall into their area; this is an affliction: the target must roll HT at the listed penalty of fall unconscious for a number of minutes equal to the margin of failure (one minute minimum). They always have an (5) armor divisor.

Flamers: These replace the rules found on page UT 127. Flamers are burning rather than tight beam burning. Note that 10 points of damage is enough to set even flame-resistant materials on fire (and all of a target’s clothes on fire), and 30 points of burning damage is enough to set anything remotely flammable on fire (see B433). Anything set on fire continues to burn for 1d-1 per second and applies a-3 penalty to everything but putting out the flame. Treat flamer attacks as large-area injury (See B400); unsealed DR protects at 1/5 value; sealed DR protects at full value. A flamer jet may make an “All-Out Attack (Jet)” which allows the attack to become an area attack with a width of 3, but inflicts 1/3 damage (see HT 178).

Stunners: These replace the rules for partical beam stunners (UT 124). These affect both robots and living beings. If any Electrical or biological (that is, vulnerable to metabolic hazards) character is struck with a stunner, they must roll HT at the listed penalty of fall unconscious for a number of minutes equal to the margin of failure (one minute minimum). Some weapons are just stunners (they have no particle beam setting). They always have an (5) armor divisor.

Beam Weapons (Pistols)

ARC “Thorn Pattern” Light Blaster Pistol, Mk III: The thorn-pattern light pistol is a delicate weapon small enough to fit into a lady’s handbag, or even to slip beneath some delicate garments. Nobles and diplomats often carry them as non-lethal protection. The Mk II, sometimes called the “Black Thorn” can switch between a stunner setting and a blaster setting with a Ready action: 2d+2 (5) burn, +$1000; all versions of the Thorn-Pattern have a +1 reaction modifier for its elegant design.

ARC “Resolution Pattern” Heavy Blaster Pistol, Mk V: This heavy weapon sports a curved hilt and an impressively thick barrel. Earlier patterns proved popular with non-aristocratic duelists; the modern use of the weapon is as a side-arm for space knights or aristocrats trained in the use of a single-handed force sword (such as the force saber) as a secondary “back up” weapon. The older Mk IV had a heating problem. It dealt 5d+5(5) burn damage, but had a Malf of 14, and could only fire a single shot before it needed to be reloaded. All versions of the Resolution-pattern have a +1 reaction modifier thanks to their elegant design.

Imperial Combine 45C Imperial Pistol: This standard imperial pistol sees use in both police and military use. It comes with a underbarrel accessory rail, usually equipped with a light or a laser sight, and an over-barrel accessory rail, sometimes with a compact scope.

Orion 25C Holdout Blaster: This “scaled down blaster pistol” has a distinct profile and is perhaps the most prolific blaster used in petty crime. While it has been the target of several anti-crime bills in both the Empire and the Alliance, its ubiquity and the weakness of the weapon makes it impractical to outlaw.

Orion 59D Blaster Pistol: Orion proudly boasts the largest “semi-automatic” blaster pistol in the galaxy. This massive weapon is popular as a prop in action holo-vids, as its large size and noisy blast makes it comparable to the Walker and the ACE pistol for sheer impressiveness, which is one of the reasons it’s a very popular weapon. However, critics suggest that it’s a poorly made weapon and prone to malfunction for no reason other than shoddy manufacture. It has 2 accessory rails (above and below the barrel). For those who want an even more impressive Rifle, there is the Orion 59XX, which is 4 lbs and deals 4d+1 damage.

Orion 61K Assault Blaster: The 61K is a one-handed assault blaster, making it similar to the “Shoto” as a “one-handed automatic blaster.” However, it lacks the Shoto’s stopping power, something forces that use it often complain about. Thanks to its cheap price-tag, rebels and criminals often use them (and they feature often in action holo-vids) and their high RoF makes them excellent “laser hoses” but their poor accuracy and tendency to break down means that professional forces tend to dismiss them.

Redjack ACE-11 Plasma Pistol: This plasma pistol packs a considerable wallop, superior even to most carbines. Its only downsides are slow charge cycling (usually accompanied by a trademark “whine”) and the explosive power of its shot. Pirates, mercenaries and criminals who care more about impressive firepower than collateral damage prefer this devastating weapon.

Rook & Law Model 049 “Walker” Heavy Blaster Pistol: This very old, but very reliable design, packs a considerable punch for a blaster pistol. Colonist on the edge of civilization who face dangerous wildlife or alien pirates often pack it. A skilled gunslinger can overcome its limitations of slow rate of fire!

Startrodder PC-440 Heavy Blaster Pistol: A solid weapon for its weight, the PC-440 typically ends up in the hands of mercenaries and colonial defense forces. It’s earned quite a reputation as a decent weapon on the street as well! While Startrodder has a reputation for reliability, this old design has a heating problem, though in practice this makes it no more or less reliable than most weapons thanks to robust design elements elsewhere.

Stellar Dynamics BB-32 Holdout Blaster: A small, cheap weapon designed for civilian markets and intended for self-defense; it has a bad reputation as a go-to weapon for petty criminals.

Stellar Dynamics PB-9 Blaster Pistol: A wide-spread and typical blaster pistol, often used by police forces.

Syntech 2612 “Stinger” Holdout Blaster: This weapon isn’t a “blaster” in a classic sense. It consists of a blaster apeture carefully attached by wire and tube to its powercell and its “grip” are rings of metal; the whole apparatus is worn like a fingerless glove or brass-knuckles, with the apeture resting in the palm. The result is inaccurate, but unparalled for concealment, especially with a fingerless glove worn over it. It can also be integrated directly into a cybernetic hand.

Syntech 2355 “Enforcer” Blaster Pistol: The preferred police weapon on Denjuku, the Syntech Enforcer often sees use with other, well-equipped police forces. The 2355 series of pistol can be switched to a stunner setting with a Ready action (Roll HT-3(5) or target is unconscious for a number of minutes equal to their margin of failure). It comes with an underbarrel accessory rail, usually equipped with a laser sight or a flashlight.

Syntech 1515 “Shoto” Assault Blaster: This very small and light weapon that borders on fully-automatic blaster pistol, Syntech designed the 1515-model assault blaster with police forces in mind, though it often sees use by assassins and spies thanks to its small size and ease of hiding the weapon. The shoto has a single, top-mounted accessory rail.

Wyrmwerks HC16 “Nova” Fusion Pistol: Ahead of its time and now sadly out of production, the Nova fusion pistol has the most cutting edge plasma design, giving its shots the increased power of thermo-nuclear fusion. This means the weapon provides the maximum firepower in the smallest package; the only downside is its notorious unreliability, a trademark of Wyrmwerks design.

Beam Weapons (Pistol) (DX-4, other Beam Weapons-4, or Guns (Pistol) -4)

Weapon Dmg Acc Rng Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC Notes
ARC “Thorn” Mk III Holdout Pistol HT-3 (5) Aff 4 40/120 0.75/B 3 35 5 -1 2 $2500 3 [3]
ARC “Resolution” Mk V 5d(5) pi inc 4 50/150 2.4/B 1 3 7 -2 2 $6500 3
Imperial Combine 45C Pistol 3d+2(5) pi inc 3 70/210 2.5/C 3 125 7 -2 2 $3000 3 [2]
Orion 25C Holdout Blaster 1d+2(5) pi inc 2 50/150 0.4/2A 3 32 2 -1 2 $250 3 [4]
Orion 59D Blaster Pistol 4d(5) pi inc 3 50/150 3.5/C 3 75 7 -3 2 $2000 3 [2, 4]
Orion 61K Assault Blaster 2d+2 (5) 3 50/150 2.5/C 18 350 4 -2 3 $2000 3 [4, Bf]
RedJack ACE-11 Plasma Pistol 9d(2) bur ex 2 60/180 3.5/C 1 45 8 -3 3 $2800 3
R&L “Walker” 049 4d+2(5) pi inc 4 60/180 3.5/C 1 60 9 -3 2 $4000 3 [1,5]
Startrodder PC 440 4d(5) pi inc 3 60/180 2.9/C 3 75 7 -2 2 $3300 3
Stellar Dynamics BB-32 Holdout Blaster 2d(5)pi inc 2 50/150 0.55/B 3 70 4 -1 2 $625 3
Stellar Dynamics PB-9 Pistol 3d(5) pi inc 3 50/150 1.8/C 3 200 6 -2 2 $1600 3
Syntech 2612 “Stinger” 3d (5) pi inc 2 20/60 0.5/B 1 20 4 -0 2 $1500 3 [3, 9]
Syntech 2355 “Enforcer” Pistol 3d (5) pi inc 3 110/330 1.9/C 3 200 6 -2 2 $5000 3 [2,3]
Syntech 1515 “Shoto” 4d-1(5) pi inc 4 80/240 4.4/C 15 105 6 -3 2 $9500 3 [2, Bf]
Wyrmwerks HC16 “Nova” Fusion Pistol 10d (2) bur ex 2 100/300 2.9/C 3 35 7 -2 3 $7000 3 [4]

Beam Weapons (Rifle)

Arc “Longshot” Pattern Blaster Rifle, Mk II: A very traditional Alliance design dating back all the way to the War of the Four Houses, the Alliance Regulars who serve the aristocracy directly still use them. Their long design makes them unwieldy and heavy, but they’re equipped with imposing vibro-bayonets (thr+1d+4(3), Reach 1,2) and an attractive design (+1 reaction), which makes them an impressive sight in the hands of bodyguards or in a parade formation, and decent sniper weapons.

Imperial Combine 99D Imperial Blaster Carbine: This highly modular carbine combines the best of modern technology with a highly modular design, including a below and above barrel accessory rail; the top rail generally has a compact scope, and the underbarrel rail usually has either a laser sight or one of numerous underbarrel weapon attachments. Paired with its high rate of fire, the D-99C is a top-of-the-line military weapon.

Imperial Combine 970D-RC Underbarrel Stunner: A common attachment for security forces armed with the 99C, this underbarrel stunner allows the weapon to be used non-lethally; even so, the shots from the underbarrel are much slower, and give the weapon a heavier design and more intimidating look.

Redjack R8K-88 Plasma Rifle: The R8K-88 plasma rifle unleashes devastating bolts of plasma at targets, making it a preferred weapon for anyone who wants to maximize devastation, typically pirates or pyromaniacal asteroid miners. Like most RedJack plasma weaponry, the R8K-88 has an automatic cycling process (with a a signature electric whine) that slows the firing process.

Rook & Law model 844 “Huntsmen” Blaster Rifle: An old-but-reliable hunting blaster design, it has a reputation for excellent accuracy and extreme reliability. Model 844 are often passed down, parent to child, especially in lonely colony worlds where they may serve as the first line of defense and a family’s means of getting meat. Rebel forces often use it to great effect as well.

Rook & Law model 683 “Outlander” Plasma Carbine: While not as precise as most Rook & Law weapons, the explosive power of this simple plasma weapon makes it a popular choice for inexpert colonists, and one can expect to find a model 683 under most shady bars in the Rim. It uses a manual “pump action” to cycle the plasma charge; experts with the weapon can learn to speed the cycling process, increasing the ROF.

Startrodder SR 555-S “Steamer” Assault Blaster: An older assault blaster model, this weapon blurs the line between rapid-fire carbine and assault blaster, as it’s heavier than even some light carbines! It has a fore-grip and a stock and is meant to be fired with two hands. It has a distinctive “drum” power-cell which contains coolant; as part of the “immediate action,” the weapon can be vented with a distinctive steaming hiss that gives the weapon its nickname.

Startrodder SC-740 Blaster Carbine: An older model of weapon, this saw some use in the Galactic Civil War, and still sees use among planetary defense forces. It’s high rate of fire (compared to most carbine designs) and robust frame make it a very popular weapon among soldiers who use it, despite being fairly heavy for a “carbine.”

Stellar Dynamics RB-16 Blaster Carbine: A common and widespread blaster carbine, it sees a great deal of use in paramilitary forces and planetary defense forces.

Stellar Dynamics RB-700 Blaster Rifle: A common and widespread rifle, often used by hunters and paramilitary forces.

Syntech 8212 “Elite Sight” Sniper Blaster: This breath-takingly expensive rifle typically only finds its way into the hands of the most elite operatives, bounty hunters and assassins. It lacks the firepower of most other rifles, but makes up for it with portability and the finest accuracy in the galaxy. It has an underbarrel accessory rail, and a stunner setting (roll HT-5(5) or target is unconscious for a number of minutes equal to their margin of failure).

Wyrmwerks NU46 “Blitzmark” Fusion Rifle: The Blitzmark while out of production, set a new standard for destructive firepower. It cycles its plasma charge quickly and weighs less than most other plasma rifle designs, giving it the best features of a carbine and a heavy weapon. Its primary downsides, in addition to becoming increasingly hard to find, are its unreliability and impressive price-tag. Even so, top-of-the-line mercenaries often make use of it.

Beam Weapons (Rifle) (DX-4, other Beam Weapons-4, or Guns (Rifle) -4)

Weapon Dmg Acc Rng Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC Notes
ARC “Longshot” Mk II 6d+2(5) pi inc 6+2 250/750 14/2C 3 40 10† -6 2 $16,000 2 [7]
I-99D Imperial Carbine 5d(5) pi inc 6 80/240 6.6/2C 10 90 8† -4 2 $10,000 3 [2]
I-970D-RC Underbarrel Stunner HT-4(5) aff 6 40/120 2.1/C 1 100 2 $1500 4 [3]
RedJack R8K-88 Plasma Rifle 6d×3(2) bur ex 4 120/360 10.5/2C 1 16 10† -5 3 $10,000 2
R&L “Huntsman” 844 Rifle 6d+2(5) pi inc 7+3 130/400 10/C 1 20 9† -5 2 $12,000 3 [1]
R&L “Outlander” 683 Plasma Carbine 6d×2(2) bur ex 5 100/300 7.6/2C 1 40 9† -4 3 $9000 3 [1, 5]
Startrodder SR 555-S 4d+2 (5) pi inc 5 60/180 6.4/2C 12 120 7† -5 2 $9,000 3 [6]
Startrodder SC 740 Carbine 5d+1(5) pi inc 7 90/270 8.5/2C 8 65 8† -5 2 $9,700 3 [1]
Stellar Dynamics RB-16 Carbine 5d(5) pi inc 6 80/240 5.6/2C 3 85 7† -4 2 $5750 3
Stellar Dynamics RB-700 Rifle 6d(5) pi inc 6+3 110/330 9/2C 3 50 9† -5 2 $10,000 3
Syntech 8212 “Elite” Sniper Rifle 5d+2 (5) pi inc 8+3 300/900 10/C 3 40 8† -5 2 $50,000 3 [2,3]
Wyrmwerks NU46 “Blitzmark” Fusion Rifle 3d×5 (2) bur ex 4 110/330 7.6/2C 3 20 9† -4 3 $18,000 3 [4]


1: Reliable; on a critical failure, roll again; only on a failure does the weapon actually critically fail.
2: Has accessory rails; see description for details.
3: Has stunning setting; roll HT with a penalty equal to dice of damage or target is unconscious for a number of minutes equal to their margin of failure
4: Unreliable (Malf 16)
5: May be “fast-fired” to increase ROF beyond 1.
6: Has extra-coolant; grants +2 to Immediate Action rolls.
7: Has a fitting for a vibro-bayonet: thr+1d+4(3), Reach 1,2.
8: Is a disruptor: roll HT with a penalty equal to dice of damage or target is disabled for a number of minutes equal to their margin of failure.
9: Can be integrated into a cybernetic hand
Bf: apply a -2 to all attacks with this weapon above RoF 3 unless the character has the Burst Fire Training technique.

Grenades, Warheads and Explosives

For details on Psi-Wars explosives, see Explosives.

Throwing (DX-3 or Dropping-4)

Weapon Dmg Acc Rng Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Cost LC Notes
ARC "Mace" Mk IV Plasma Grenade 6dx5 burn ex 0 per ST+2 0.8 1 T(1) 6 -2 $120 2 [1,2]
Startrodder Plasma Grenade 6dx10 burn ex 0 per ST 0.8 1 T(1) 6 -2 $350 2 [1]
Imperial Plasma Grenade 6dx12 burn ex 0 per ST+2 1 1 T(1) 6 -2 $500 2 [3]
Syntech Grenade HT-4(5) aff (4 yard radius) 2 ×3/×5 0.5 1 T(1) 6 -2 $400 3 [3]

Grenade Notes

1: Takes one ready maneuver to arm
2: Stick grenade; +2 to ST for throwing distance.
3: Smart Grenade electronics (see UT 146)

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