This includes all updated rules and traits unique to Psi-Wars.

New Rules and expansions

Repriced Traits

The ready availability of ultra-technology depreciates the value of many traits. The following traits have been repriced for Psi-Wars


  • ST is [5/level]
  • Striking ST is [1/level]
  • Lifting ST is [2/level]
  • HP is [2/level]
  • Arm ST is halved in price; every level buys +2 ST.
  • Telekinesis is halved in price; every level buys +2 ST.

Damage Resistance

DR is [1/level]


Psi-Wars uses the version of Destiny that grants Impulse Buy points; see Wild, Wild Destiny on page 5 of GURPS Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys. Psi-Wars doesn't use the standard rules for Destiny in this way, however. Instead, every level of Destiny grants one free Impulse Buy point per session that, if not used by the end of the session, is lost (thus, a character with Destiny 3 get's three "Destiny" impulse buy points every session, whether or not he used the ones he had from the previous session). These are always Aspected: they can only be used by the character to "further his destiny" in some way. Thus, a character who had the Destiny "Slay the Emperor" probably couldn't use his impulse buy points to save some orphan child from cancer, and certainly couldn't use them to save the Emperor. Each level of Destiny also grants the GM one "Villain point" that is "double aspected," he can only use them to force a player to fail or critically fail rolls provided those failures move him closer towards his ultimate destiny.

Destiny is 5/level (treat it as Increased Impulse Refresh (Aspected -20%) 8 + Villain Refresh (Doubly Aspected -40%) [-3]). If you prefer not to use these house rules, then you can ignore them and use the normal version of Destiny for 5/level.

Innate Attack

Divide the final price of all Innate attacks by 3.

Abstract Wealth

Psi-Wars uses an abstract wealth system. Use the following values for Wealth levels:

  • Dead broke [-25]: The character has no money to speak of, but can scrounge up some resources with a bit of work. Wealth Score 6; Wealth Threshold: $15.
  • Poor [-15]: Wealth Score 7; Wealth Threshold: $65.
  • Struggling [-10]: Wealth Score 9; Wealth Threshold: $325.
  • Average [0]: Wealth Score 10; Wealth Threshold: $700.
  • Comfortable [10]: Wealth Score 11; Wealth Threshold: $1500.
  • Wealthy [20]: Wealth Score 12; Wealth Threshold: $5000.
  • Very Wealthy [30]: Wealth Score 13; Wealth Threshold: $10,000.
  • Filthy Rich [50]: Wealth Score 14; Wealth Threshold: $20,000.

Every increased level of wealthy grants +1 wealth score and multiplies the wealth threshold by 10×.


The Psi-Wars galaxy concerns itself greatly with social standing. Princes and emperors stand atop society, while slaves and outcasts occupy its bottom rungs. As a general rule, Status provides the standard reaction modifiers, and can also be used as a limited form of Pulling Rank; the entire Galaxy recognizes the status of others races or societies, unless specially noted. Status comes in two forms: Imputed and Ascribed. Imputed status represents bonus Status acquired (for free) from Wealth (B26) and Rank (B29); this represents the fact that society will tend to view you favorably if you have real power. Ascribed status represents status that comes primarily from class, tradition and aristocratic title. To acquire Ascribed status, you must first have the Title perk, and then you may purchase up to 4 additional levels of Status depending on the title chosen.

"Don't you know who I am?" Status as Pulling Rank

You can treat Status as a limited form of Rank that applies to all society. Simply replace "Rank" with "Status" in the Pulling Rank chart, and roll against the listed value. Status can only do so much in this case, and mostly represents utilizing one's social position to leverage social benefits. At the GM's discretion, characters with certain forms of positive Reputation may use these rules ("I could never pass up a chance to meet the Hero of Shinograd"). This can include:

  • Compliments of Status: High level status can assist in certain specific rolls, especially social rolls (intimidation, diplomacy, etc) similar to "Compliments of the Boss" (See Pulling Rank p. 14). This applies a +2 on a critical success, a +1 on a success, a -1 on a failure, and a -2 on a critical failure.
  • Introductions: Your high status translates to a willingness for other people to meet with you. See Pulling Rank p. 18
  • Invitations: The most prestigious events would naturally invite the most prestigious of people; use this to "jump the queue" or get an invite to highly exclusive events. See Pulling Rank p. 18
  • On the House: Many high-status individuals have organizations whose purpose is to support the high-status individuals, such as a noble house, a corporation (which supports the owner and his family), or the Empire itself (which supports the Emperor's family). Characters who have the benefit of such an organization may substitute their status in place of rank, even if they have no rank within that organization, to Pull Rank with that organization. Such requests are always technically inappropriate and suffer a -1 to -10 to the AR roll; successful AR requests this way also double the penalty for cumulative requests.

Technique Proliferation

In Psi-Wars, techniques cost half as much.

  • Average techniques provide +2 to the technique, up to its maximum, per point.
  • Hard techniques provide +1 on the first point, and +2 per point thereafter, up to its maximum.


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