Cultural Skills

Games: Psi-Wars has its own unique "sci-fi" games. These include:

  • Games (Alexian Trumps)
  • Games (Belter's Brag) Space Poker
  • Games (Courtly Games) Party games popular with the Maradonian aristocracy to pass the time.
  • Games (Dueling) the rules for a proper duel (in any culture, but be sure to apply cultural familiarity penalties!)
  • Games (Deluna va Sevana) "Crowns and Slaves," a complicated Lithian game.
  • Games (Holo-Chess) Sometimes called by its native Lithian name, Mitava
  • Games (Lithavin) Also called Delaum; Lots
  • Games (Pitfighting) the rules for gladiatorial arenas (in any culture, but be sure to apply cultural familiarity penalties!)
  • Games (Rikarik)
  • Games (Strategem) and Games (Star Heroes), to related digital strategy games released by Stellar Dynamics and popular across the Galaxy.
  • Games (Tika), hyperdimensional chess.

Delaum, Deluna, Dueling, Mitavaruna, Pitfighting

Law: The following specialties exist in Psi-Wars:

  • Law (Contract) This covers the specifics of any particular contract and trade agreements. Players may roll it when negotiating if they want to gain an advantage via the "fine print" of a contract, or to avoid being trapped by "the fine print." Defaults to Law (Galactic) at -2 and all other specialties at -4.
  • Law (Galactic), which governs international relations and the handling of diplomats. Diplomats may roll against this to determine (and find ways to manipulate) the exact extent of their diplomatic immunity. Defaults to Imperial specialties at-4 and Alliance specialties at -2.
  • Law (Criminal, Imperial), which governs the interior laws of the Empire. Imperial security agents may use this to condemn a criminal "by the book," and residents may use it to learn the exact limitations of what they can and cannot do. Given the fact that Imperial officials have fairly free reign to interpret the law as they see fit, generally a successful Law roll only acts as a complementary roll to influence imperial officials. Characters serving an imperial organization may also use it as a complementary roll for Pulling Rank. Defaults to Galactic Law at -4 and Alliance Law at -4.
  • Law (Criminal, Alliance), which governs the interior laws of the Alliance, including the array of treaties that make up the Alliance. Aristocrats and senators can roll Law (Alliance) the same way diplomats can use Law (Galactic) to learn (or manipulate) the exact boundaries of their Legal Immunity. Alliance security agents may also use it to condemn a criminal "by the book," and a failure on this role may mean the criminal goes free. Alliance law tends to be less harsh than Imperial law, but more strictly and evenly enforced, thus characters can also roll it to "know their rights" and how to avoid punishment for their actions. Characters serving in Alliance or House organizations may use it as a complementary roll for Pulling Rank. Defaults to Imperial Law at -4 (Imperial Law is based on the same foundations as Alliance law), and Galactic Law at -2 (laws for galactic relations are founded upon the framework of the old Galactic Federation).
  • Law (Lithian), which handles the broader legal framework of interrelated cultures of the Umbral Rim. Generally, no two worlds have the same laws, but they tend to follow similar laws. Characters can roll Law (Lithian) to know the specifics of a local planet's laws. Because it's often interpreted loosely by local officials, it can be rolled as a complementary roll to certain influence rolls against local officials. Characters who work for an organization based in the Umbral Rim, may roll Lithian Law as a complementary roll to Pulling Rank. Defaults to Law (Tyrannic) at -2.
  • Law (Tyrannic) covers the ancient laws of the long-dead Ranathim Tyranny. These would be a cultural curiosity were it not for the presence of the Ranathim Peerage, the Mithanna, who remain bound to those laws through Dark Communion Oath Magic. Members of a Mithna may roll this to know the specifics of what they may or may not do to avoid violating their oaths. Worlds ruled by a Mithna, such as Moros, tend to have these laws as the laws of the world, despite their unwieldiness in the present day, for the convenience of the ruling Mithna. Defaults to Law (Lithian) at -2.
  • Law (Religious (Any)) covers the strictures associated with adherents to the religion. This can be used to determine if an action was justified and whether or not a particular act would get one cast out of a religion. If one has special legal immunities (such as with Shepherds or True Communion monks), these determine how far those legal immunities can be pushed, similar to diplomats with Law (Galactic). Defaults to other Religious specialties at -4, and Law (Galactic) at -4.

Piloting: The following specialties exist in Psi-Wars (and replace the normal specialties):

  • Contragravity, any planet-bound vehicle equipped with contragravity, allowing it to "float." Defaults to IQ-6, Driving (Repulsorcraft)-5, Piloting (Starfighter)-5, Piloting (Corvette)-2, Piloting (Impulse Craft)-2.
  • Corvettes, includes all space vehicles between SM +6 and SM+9 noted as corvettes. Typically have no stall speed and can travel no faster than 600 miles per hour. Defaults to IQ-6, Driving (Repulsorcraft)-5, Piloting (Contragravity)-2, Piloting (Starfighters)-2, Piloting (Impulse Craft)-5.
  • Impulse Craft, includes all space equipped with Impulse Drives, typically "capital ships" SM +10 or larger. Defaults to IQ-6, Piloting (Contragravity)-2, Piloting (Corvettes)-5, Piloting (Starfighters)-5.
  • Starfighter, includes all space vehicles with stall speeds, typically equipped with plasma thrusters and capable of reaching speeds greater than 600 miles per hour. Usually between SM +3 and SM +6. Defaults to IQ-6, Driving (Repulsorcraft)-5, Piloting (Contragravity)-5, Piloting (Corvettes)-2, Piloting (Impulse Craft)-5.

Precognitive Defense: Replaces both Precognitive Block and Precognitive Parry. Replace the prerequisites with the following: any psychic ability, Danger Sense or Enhanced Time Sense.

Survival: The normal survival specialties still apply (Arctic, Desert, Island/Beach, Jungle, Mountain, Plains, Swamp, Woodland), and Psi-Wars has the following:

  • Ice World: This covers surviving on comets and barren, icy worlds and moons without atmosphere. It defaults to Arctic at -3 and all others at -4.
  • Rock World: This covers surviving on asteroids and barren, rocky worlds and moons without atsmophere. It defaults to Mountain at -3 and all others at -4.
  • Wasteland: This covers surviving in toxic environments, such as the junk heaps and ash wastes of Grist. Treat it as the Radioactive Wasteland specialty, but it also applies to similar environments that aren't radioactive. This defaults to the standard specialties at -3, and the planetary specialties at -4.

Prospecting: This is obviously the skill used for mining asteroids, which has limited utility in the exciting adventures of Psi-Wars! Instead, treat it as the equivalent to Architecture or Engineering (Civil or Starship) for planning rolls when it comes to planning attacks on mines. Allow it to replace Navigation rolls for navigating in underground tunnels. It can be used in place of Driving or Piloting or other machinery operation skills if the equipment in question is mining equipment. Finally, it offers a complementary bonus on Explosives (Demolition) for blowing up (or blowing holes in) tunnels.

Vacc Suit: the space suits of Psi-Wars are more like counterpressure suits, and thus conform tightly to the body and apply no DX penalties and Vacc Suit does not act as a cap to skill. You can roll Vacc Suit to quickly put on a vacc suit in a sudden depressurization event, to maneuver in a zero-G environment, or deal with sudden disasters regarding your vacc suit (such as sudden punctures or failing power-supply) to mitigate the problem (ration your air or power supplies, rapidly apply a patch, etc). See Adventures in Space for more.

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