Shinjurai Royalty

The Shinjurai people launched one of the earliest colonizations of their galaxy from their homeworld of Denjuku, and they took the name of their beloved royal family, the Shinjurai. The Shinjurai people had long given up the superstitions that dog the other branches of humanity for the elite enlightenment of Neo-Rationalism, and so they understand that one’s education matters more than one’s breeding. Even so, they look to the Shinjurai royal family not to rule them, but as a symbol of everything that can be achieved by giving oneself over the the dictates of Neo-Rationalism. They exemplify the enlightened ruler, even if technically Denjuku is a constitutional monarchy.

The Shinjurai Royal Family exists more as a symbol of rulership rather than real rulers. The scattered and disenfranchised Shinjurai people look to them for inspiration and guidance. While the Shinjurai Diet, a legislative body, governs the Shinjurai homeworld of Denjuku, they do so under the legitimacy of the royal family. Worse, Denjuku is a conquered world and the domain of the Maradonian House Grimshaw. All of this attention, tension and the ubiquitous nature of media on Denjuku means that the Shinjurai royal family have their lives constantly dissected, and their actions under constant scrutiny. They live in a fishbowl and perform for a live audience, living out a glamorous and regal life in a very carefully controlled way to maintain the support of the populace, to hold their rivals at bay, and to slowly find a way back towards freedom and power.

Many Shinjurai cannot handle the strain and crack under the pressure and find themselves “retired” by their family members, their media consultants and the Shinjurai Diet. Others lose themselves and their original identity in their assigned roles. The greatest, though, thrive under pressure and become highly honed political agents, masters of propaganda, and the finest examples of what a Neo-Rational education can produce.

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Shinjurai Royalty

20 points

Advantages: Shinjurai Royal Training [1]; Title [1]; Status +1 [5]; Wealth (Comfortable) [10];

Feature: Taboo Traits (Genetic Defects; Unattractiveness) [0];

Skills: Acting (A) IQ-1 [1]; Savoir-Faire (E) IQ [1]; Philosophy (Neo-Rationalism) (H) IQ-2 [1].

Additional Skills: Spend additional discretionary points on Carousing (E) HT [2], Area Knowledge (Denjuku or the Ancestral Spur), Current Affairs (High Culture, Politics, Science and Technology), Games (Mitava (Holo-Chess), Strategem) all (E) IQ+1 [2], Administration, Connoisseur (Art, Cuisine, Fashion, Music, Starships, Wine), Leadership, Performance, Politics, Propaganda, Public Speaking or Research all (A) IQ [2], Diplomacy, History (Shinjurai), Intelligence Analysis, Law (Alliance or Galactic), Literature (Rational), Mathematics (Pure), Musical Instrument (Any, but often the guitar, electric samisen, the Shinjurai autoharp or synthesizer) or Psychology all (H) IQ-1 [2], or Dancing (A) DX [2], or improve Savoir-Faire to IQ+1 [2] for +1 point or Acting to IQ [2] for 1 point, or Philosophy (Neo-Rationalism) to IQ-1 [2] for 1 point, or improve any lens skill by one level for 2 points; or improve any lens skill by two levels for 6 points.

Social Traits: You may also spend discretionary points on: Alcohol Tolerance [1], Ally (Shinei Bodyguard, Consultant or Robot) [varies], Appearance (Attractive, Beautiful/Handsome or Very Beautiful/Handsome, Shinurai Proprietary -25%) [3, 9 or 12], Base (Private estate, etc) [1], Contact (Consultants, Journalist, Syntech executive, members of the Shinjurai Diet, Maradonian Noble, skill 12, 15 or 8, 9 or less, somewhat reliable) [1, 2 or 3], Contact Group (Consultancy Firm, Media Corporations, Syntech, House Grimshaw) (Skill 12, 15 or 18, 9 or less) [5, 10, 15), Controlled Disadvantage (Callous, Split Personality) both [1], Courtesy Rank (Academic, Administrative, Corporate, Political, or Military) [1/level], Credentialed [1], Eidetic Memory or Photographic Memory [5 or 10], Fashion Sense [5], Favor (Any) [varies], Fearlessness or Unfazeable [2/level or 15], Gadget 1-3 [5/level], Haughty Sneer [1], High Heeled Heroine [1], Indomitable [15], Language (Logica) [varies], Lightning Calculator or Intuitive Mathematician [2 or 5], No Hangover [1], Nuanced Shinjurai Persona [1], Patron (The Shinjurai Monarch) [varies], Penetrating Voice [1], Sartorial Integrity [1], Schtick (Quote the Masters) [1], Security Clearance (Shinjurai Royal Family and Syntech) [5 to 15], Shinjurai Persona [1/level], Signature Gear (Unique Shinjurai technology) [varies],Voice [10], improve Status up to +4 [5/level] or gain additional Wealth [varies].

Optional Disadvantages: Add the following disadvantage options to your template: Alcoholism [-15], Believer (Neo-Rationalism) [-1], Callous [-5], Charitable [-15*], Chronic Depression [-15*], Chummy or Gregarious [-5 or -10], Delusion (I am my persona or psionic phenomenon are not real) [-5 or -10], Duty (the Shinjurai Royal family, usually Non-Hazardous, or House Grimshaw) [varies], Enemy (Paparazzi, Watcher, one of 9 or less, 12 or less or 15 or less) [-5, -10 or -15], Fanaticism (Neo-Rationalism) [-15], Guilt Complex [-5], Hidebound [-5], Intolerance (Maradonian Nobles or Irrational Philosophies) [-5], No Sense of Humor [-10], Obsession (Liberation of Denjuku) [-5], Odious Personal Habit (Pedantic or Smug) [-5], On the Edge [-15*], Overconfidence [-5*], Pacifism (Reluctant Killer, Cannot Harm Innocents of Self-Defense Only) [-5, -10 or -15], Secret (Scandal) [-5 or -10] or Secret (Rebel sympathizer of Traitor to the Alliance) [-20 to -30], Selfless [-5*], Sense of Duty (The Shinjurai royal family, Denjuku or all Neo-Rationalists) [-5 or -10], Truthfulness [-5]*, Workaholic [-5*].

The Outcast Shinjurai

As with all royalty, the Shinjurai leave bastards in their wake, though less than other nobles (with the exception of the Renegade Prince), but being the bastard offspring of Shinjurai royalty is functionally meaningless. Members of the royal family are ultimately more defined by their training, the benefits of their infrastructure, and the narrative they tell their people than they are defined by blood.

However, Exiled Shinjurai maintain many of their original benefits and typically gain new ones. Those who commit grave crimes are stripped or their rank and title and exiled from the world. They don’t get the Disowned disadvantage, but instead usually acquire some negative Reputation and an appropriate Social Stigma (typically Criminal Record).

Those who merely fall out of favor with the royal family, or whom the consultants feel no longer benefit the royal melodrama, or who voluntarily retire, find themselves pushed out of the limelight and into civilian living. They also see their titles and status revoked, but usually retain some of their wealth; they go from a high pressure life of celebrity aristocracy to an easy civilian life. This always happens during a succession, where distant family members lose their titles as they lose their relevance. Such characters may choose to take a single level of Social Regard (Venerated) if they were especially popular as Royals and retain their appearance and mystique after retirement.

In the shadow between exile and merely losing ones status are those who request anonymity after their removed rank. The Shinjurai cosmetic surgeons can work wonders on a character’s features, and Syntech has the reach and prowess to manipulate records. Characters who lose their title may request new features (the best the surgeons can do without the Shinjurai Proprietary limitation is Beautiful or Handsome) and an Alternate Identity (Legal) advantage. Syntech also has the power to grant the Zeroed advantage. The Renegade Prince often gets these traits even when not actually exiled during his prodigal outings.

Customizing the Shinjurai Royalty

The Shinjurai royalty play a carefully designed role in a broader socio-political play meant to keep the people happy and to maintain Denjuku prestige throughout the galaxy. This has broadly worked, but the Shinjurai royalty need to play their tightly defined part.

Your status should be defined by how important you are to the family: the background defaults to a Shinjurai Lord or Lady, some remote member of the family that’s still considered part of the family: a cousin, an aunt, a nephew, etc. If you wish to actually be one of the Shinjurai Princes or Princesses, you must take Status +3. If you’re the Prince- or Princess-elect, designated as the next heir, you must take Status +4. If you’re not actually part of the family, but increasingly close to it (for example, being groomed as the boyfriend or girlfriend of a major Shinjurai royal), you may have this background, but lack the Title or Ascribed status (though you likely have Reputation, and you might take a single level of Social Regard (Venerated)).

All members of the Shinjurai royal family nominally follow Neo-Rationalism. Every Shinjurai royal is required to have at least basic knowledge of the philosophy. Those who actually believe in it should take the Believer quirk. Those who train more deeply should consider improving their philosophy skill or acquiring more advantages, or simply taking some Neo-Rationalist power-ups!

Characters who take center stage in the current political and royal dramas must play a role. They need high levels of Acting and/or Performance (though note that they default to one another). Most Shinjurai favor Acting, as it assists them with negotiation. Consider your expected role and purchase traits appropriately: the Renegade Prince often needs a musical skill, the Aloof Princess should dedicate additional points into Savoir-Faire and Controllable Disadvantage (Callous) and so on. Note, however, that these are roles: the character plays their part in the larger drama, they’re not actually like this: the Aloof Princess might be privately shy and girlishly infatuated with some musical celebrity, and the Genius Prince might be terrible at math and rely entirely on what his consultants tell him to say. Characters tend to have traits that line up with their role, if only to make doing their job easier, and must have their minimum level of appearance. Characters who spend a long time in such a role tend to start to crack and develop Alcoholism, Chronic Depression, On the Edge or Split Personalities. If this gets too bad, they may get retired (see the Outcast Shinjurai). If the GM uses the optional Cultivating a Persona rules, consider taking the Shinjurai Persona or Nuanced Shinjurai Persona perks.

The Shinjurai often appear to work for a living. They often have levels of Courtesy Rank in their evident profession: a royal who regularly attends an academy, gives speeches and some one-off classes may be an honorary professor. The character who is seen as working with Syntech and acting as their spokes person might have very high levels of Courtesy Rank (Corporate) (“The Vice Executive Officer of External Affairs”). Some Shinjurai Royals actually work for a living. Treat this as part of your occupational template. Most Shinjurai Royals take the Diplomat template, with either the Informal lens for the character who acts as a symbolic representative for their family, the Corporate Negotiator if they actually work with Syntech, or Official Diplomat if they actually work with the Denjuku diplomatic service. Some Shinjurai become highly effective Security Agents and, more rarely (though they tend to be exceptional in the role) Officers. The Renegade Prince often doubles as a Spy.

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