Setting Glossary

Arkaian Spiral: The arm of the Galaxy farthest from the Sylvan Spiral; This arm of the galaxy houses House Tan-Shai, the Cybernetic Union, and the remnants of the Eldoth.

Deep Engine: An Eldothic trans-spacial computer network constructed atop sites of twisted psychic energy (aka "Broken Communion") that channeled that energy to support the network. This allowed the Eldoth to travel from world to world instantaneoulsy, or command "magical" psychic powers. Still functional in the present, but few people know how to operate it (see Zathare Sorcery)

Devils of Persephone: According to the lore of the Akashic Mysteries, when the first colonists landed on the world of Persephone, they encountered and fought monstrous beings in the labyrinthine caverns of the world. The colonists eventually acquired (or wrested) the secrets of the Akashic Mysteries from these "Devils." Depictions of these eyeless gargoyles still decorate Akashic temples. See also Skairos

Azrael: An enormous, planetoid-sized sapient warmachine capable of devouring entire worlds; a central warship of the "Adversary" and enemy to the Eldoth; locked up in the Galactic Core.

Eldoth: an ancient race of highly advanced aliens; they create the first (known) pan-galactic empire using their technology of the Deep Engine, and their cold logic and callousness inflicted horrors upon the Galaxy.

Skairos: a rumored race of psychic, eyeless aliens that may be responsible for the labyrinthine worlds, the Hammer of Caliban and the ruins of Jotan; they may have also created the Akashic Order. Alternatively, they may be a metaphor, or a misunderstanding of the imagery of the Akashic Mysteries. See also the Devils of Persephone.

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