Rumbler-Model Logistical Robot

The Redjack Rumbler is the only humanoid robot produced by the company, though “humanoid” is perhaps a loose term. While the robot sports two arms, two legs and head, the head more closely resembles a “camera,” dominated by its single eye, than it does a human face, and heavy machinery lends considerable bulk and an industrial appearance to its arms and legs. In particular, it has “pylons” and sockets which it can extend from its arms and legs to stabilize it and lock it into place, and then apply the full power of its industrial-scale lifting machinery to lift heavy objects or pry open doors. Like most Redjack robots, the Rumbler cannot speak, further lending it an inhuman quality.

Redjack designed Rumblers primary to assist with freight. Their powerful legs and arms allow them to lift heavy loads, and their ability to “lock” into place helps them act as platforms if necessary. They come programmed with logistics and inventory skills; paired with their perfect memory, they can quickly and efficiently find any freight in a large cargo hold and personally offload all but the heaviest equipment.

Rumblers can also assist in construction. They come with the ability to load any construction programming they need. In addition to their ability to lift large loads and supply considerable muscle and stabilize construction by locking into place, they can switch out their hand for a vibro cutter that deals thr+1d(5) cutting damage, and have an integrated gauss nailgun under their hands (see UT 83); both of these, in addition to their dubious combat utility, provide a +3 on Carpentry rolls.

Redjack also programmed Rumblers to handle search-and-rescue operations. They apply their powerful arms and legs to wrenching open broken doors or pulling victims free of debris. Many Rumblers carry a first-aid kid in their chassis.

Taken together, the robot’s physical power and ability to force doors open present potential security hazards that critics of Redjack love to point out. A Rumbler and its ability to force doors and quickly move cargo would make, for example, an excellent pirate. Redjack responds to these criticisms by pointing out that piracy is against the law, and that all Rumblers, like all Redjack robots, are programmed with acceptable safety protocols. Rumblers also see a lot of use in undeground robot fighting rings, where their powerful muscles and more lethal upgrades make for spectacular shows.

Redjack Rumbler-Model Robot Template

125 points
Cost: $65,000
Weight: 135 lbs
Power Requirement: 2D/week

Attributes: ST 15/20 [0]; DX 10 [0]; IQ 10 [0]; HT 12 [0].

Secondary Traits: Dmg 1d+1/2d+1; BL 80 lbs; HP 20* [0]; Basic Speed 5.5 [0]; Basic Move 5 [0]; Will 10 [0]; Per 10 [0]; FP NA [0];

Advantages: Rumbler Chassis [128]; Master Builder +2 [10]; Computer-Brain (1 slot, 4 points, Master Builder programs only -40%) [14]; Universal Upgrades [1]; Versatile [5].

Disadvantages: Psi-Wars Volitional AI [-27]; Standard Redjack Safeguard Programming [-18]; choose -10 points from Redjack Personality Architecture optional disadvantages.

Skills: Computer Operations (E) IQ [1]-10; First-Aid (E) IQ [1]-10; Forced Entry (E) DX+2* [1]-12; Freight-Handling (A) IQ+2 [8]-12; Guns (Pistol) (E) DX [1]-10; Hazardous Materials (Biological) (A) IQ [2]-10; Hazardous Materials (Chemical) (A) IQ [2]-10; Law (Alliance Criminal) (H) IQ-2 [1]-8; Lifting (A) HT [2]-12; Scrounging (E) Per [1]-10; Search (A) Per [2]-10.

Rumbler Traits

Redjack Rumbler Chassis

128 points

Traits: ST +5 [25]; HT +2 [20]

Secondary Traits: HP +5 [10];

Advantages: Absolute Direction [5]; Ambidexterity [5]; Cable Jack [5]; Doesn’t Breathe [20], DR 10 (Can’t wear armor -40%) [6]*; Innate Attack 1d+2 (2) pi (Armor Divisor 2 +50%; Limited uses, 5, fast reload, -10%: Rapid Fire, 10, selective, +110%: Reduced Range 2, 5 yards, ½D Only -5%; Reduced Range 5, 20 yards, Max Only -10%) [6]; Lifting ST +5 [10]; Machine [25]; Payload 1 (8 lbs) [1]; Reduced Consumption 3 [6]; Sealed [15]; Talons (Switchable +10%, Temporary Disadvantage, One Hand -15%) [8] + Innate Attack +1d cut (Armor Divisor 5 +150%, ST-Based, +30%; Melee, C -30%) [6] + improved base cutting attack to have Armor Divisor 5 assuming up to 2d of damage [9]; Telecommunication (Comm System, 100 mile range +30%, Burst +30%, Secure +20%) [18]; Vacuum Support [5].

Perks: Accessories (Carpenter Tools, Flashlight, Personal Computer) [3]; Griplock [1]; Stabilizer Pylons [1];

Disadvantages: Affected by Magnetism [-1]; Appearance (Unattractive) [-4]; Cannot Speak (Beep) [-15]; Electrical [-20]; Limited Vision (No Peripheral Vision) [-15]; Maintenance(one person, monthly) [-2]; One Eye [-15]; Restricted Diet (Very Common, power cells [-10]

New Rumbler Perks

Forced Entry Slam[1]: Treat Force Entry like Sumo-Wrestling for the purposes of additional damage during a slam. If the character has purchased Force Entry at DX+2, they gain +1 per die to all Slam rolls; if they purchase Force Entry at DX+3 or better; they gain +2 per die on all Slam rolls.

Griplock [1]: The robot may made a ready action to “lock” its grip. While in this state, it cannot release its grip without another Ready maneuver. Once the robot’s grip has been locked, only inflicting crippling damage on the hand will release it. They cannot be “pried apart” with an ST roll; if attempting to do so, add the Robot’s DR and 1/3 HP to the robot’s ST for the purposes of grip strength (+17 for a Rumbler), but if the target succeeds, then the hands are crippled.

Stabilizer Pylons [1]: If the robot perform a ready maneuver, it can deploy its stabilizer pylons; while these pylons are deployed, the robot cannot move and it takes another ready maneuver to undeploy them. This grants it +2 ST for the purposes of resisting slams and +2 to its Lifting skill. Finally, it may apply Time Modifier bonuses for taking extra time to any ST rolls; finally, it add +1 per die to Force Entry damage rolls while pylons are deployed.

Rumbler Upgrades

Ram Reinforcement Upgrade

15 points
Hardware Upgrade
Cost: $6000

Redjack designed the Rumbler chassis for slow, patient applications of force, but sometimes, quicker force is necessary. This upgrade adds additional “bumper” armor that don’t serve to protect the robot so much as allow it to apply greater force, and they upgrade the arm and leg motors quicker applications of force. These obviously have combat utility, allowing the robot to strike with much greater force (an untrained punch with this upgrade deals 2d-1 cr damage and an untrained kick deals 2d), and allows it to “ram” with far greater power. However, it does not come with combat training, as the intent is to allow the Rumbler to slam through doors with greater ease.

Advantages: Replace Lifting ST +5 [10] and HP +5 [10] with +5 ST [25] for 5 points.

Perks: Striking Surface [1]; Forced Entry Slam [1]
Skills: Improve Force Entry to (E) DX+3 [8]-13 for 4 points;

Self-Defense Protocols

4 points
Software Upgrade
Cost: $2000

Sometimes, the Rumbler may find itself in dangerous circumstances, or need to protect its master from sinister ne’er-do-wells. The Self-Defense protocols program the robot with basic improvisational combat techniques, with a focus on striking techniques.

Skills: Brawl (E) DX+2 [4]

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