Raptor Pattern Striker


ST/HP Hand/SR HT Move Lwt. Load SM Occ DR fDR Range Cost Loc Stall Total Chase Rolls
150 +2/4 12 6/350* 27 6.9 +6 1SV+1xr 100/50† 300 34,000 (2 shunts, Rating 1) $22M g3rR2Wi 25 +15/+16*


Raptor as Signature Ship

A Raptor costs 5 points to purchase a signature ship.

It comes with a free tech-bot of the player's choice (a Hobnob by default) if the character does not have one of their own; this tech-bot is not an ally, but the equivalent of a hireling.

*The Raptor is equipped with an Afterburner which improves the Move to 9/400 (+13) and consumes four times as much fuel (reducing range to 8500 miles, if used continuously).

†The Raptor has 100 carbide composite DR on the front and 50 on the rest; double DR vs shaped charges or plasma attacks. It also has a force screen with 300 ablative, hardened DR.

ECM Rating: -4 (Distortion Jammer)


  • Medium Tactical Ultra-Scanner: 30-mile scan, 3-mile imaging/bioscan; 360°;
  • Targeting Computer: +5 to hit target with a scan-lock.
  • Night Vision Sensors: +9 nightvision, ×8 magnification (up to +3 to aimed attacks, if the vehicle aims for three turns).
  • Distortion Jammer: -4 to target with missiles; +2 to jam missiles.
  • Tactical ESM: +1 to dodge missiles.
  • Decoy Launcher: +1 to dodge missiles and +2 to jam missiles.
  • Medium Holographic Radio: 1,000 mile range (orbital); “palm sized” holographic console.
  • Security And Safety: Simple Electronic Locks. Ejection Seat.
  • Life-Support: 5 days
  • Hyperdrive: Rating 1, with sufficient fuel for 2 jumps.
  • Hyperium Reactor: 24 hours endurance at full speed (6 hours with afterburners).

The Raptor has room for a single pilot and an exposed slot for a robot assistant. The Raptor uses computerized controls, allowing either to take full control of the fighter. The robot has access to the hyperium reactor, hyperdrive and traditionally handles hyperspatial navigation and on-the-fly repairs.


Heavily armed, the Raptor has a single, forward mounted gatling cannon in its nose, 1 body mounted torpedo hardpoint as well as two wing-mounted torpedo hardpoints, and two missile-mounted hardpoints on the wings each with three missiles.

Weapon Dmg Acc Range Ewt. RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl
ARC Gatling Blaster 6d×5(5) burn 9 2700/8000 1600 12 200/Fp M -10 2
160mm Plasma Lance Missile 6d×30(10) burn 3 1000/25 mi 200 1 8 23M -11 1
160mm Plasma Missile 6d×15 burn ex 3 1000/25 mi 200 1 8 23M -11 1
400mm Isomeric Torpedo 6d×150 cr ex 3 300/10 mi 2500 1 3 150M -15 1

Look and Feel

The Raptor-Pattern Strike-Craft matches its namesake. Engines dominate its thick, sleek body, and the cockpit sits at its middle, with the robot slot just behind it. Before the cockpit, the nose extends like a curving “beak” with the gatling blaster located just behind and beneath the tip of the point. Its impressively large wings, bristling with armaments, sweep forward like a bird in flight. In some ways, the Raptor resembles imperial craft, with their large, forward swept wings, but the Raptor is a far larger craft.
Compared to other fighters, the Raptor accelerates sluggishly, with about the acceleration of a motorcycle or a quick car. Its afterburners kick the acceleration up to a more noticeable push against the seat, but still less than 1 G. Fighter pilots comment on its slow acceleration, but enjoy the responsive handling afforded by the extensive and complex hyperdynamic wings, and the durability that the armor affords them, as well as the ability to launch torpedo after torpedo at a dreadnought.

The Raptor, like the Valiant, has the ability to make hyperspace jumps on its own, and has enough fuel to make a “hit and run” jump. The hyperdrive is slower than the Valiant’s, though, so it escorting ships often need to slow their hyperdrives to compensate. The Empire fears the Raptor: its armor brushes off most flak fire, and its speed makes it competitive with other fighters, and a wing has enough firepower to drop more than ten torpedoes on a capital ship, eliminating most dreadnoughts from the battlefield. The Raptor can’t outmaneuver imperial fighters, but a single light fighter struggles with a Raptor’s armor and force screens, though several Javelins or a single Tempest in the hands of a skilled pilot can seriously damage a Raptor.

The Alliance uses Raptors primarily to defeat enemy capital ships, as that’s their core design purpose. They tend to use Valiants as escort, as a Valiant in “agile” configuration is about as fast as a Raptor, and far more adept at defeating enemy fighters. Valiants can also join an attack wing of Raptors to defeat capital ships, but have a harder time contending with the flak. Similarly, Raptors have sufficient agility and speed to fight heavier fighters, and can double as orbital supremacy fighters when strictly necessary. Their heavy armor makes them formidable opponents to defeat and their missile complement makes them quite dangerous to even well-armored fighters, but they can’t keep up with the lightest fighters.

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