Psychic Vampirism

Characters with Psychic Vamprism may not acquire True Communion traits. Characters with Psychic Vampirism may never gain Psychic Healing.

Acceptable Powers: All (though Drain Emotion and Steal Dreams are niche)
Acceptable Perks: All.
Additional Perks: Auric Squint (Pyramid #3/69, page 6), Forgettable Face (Power-Ups 2, p. 4), Honest Face (B101), Gaze into the Abyss (Psionic Powers p 24), The Buzz (Pyramid #3/69, page 7)

New Psychic Vampirism Abilities

Vampiric Sense

Skill: Vampiric Sense (Per/Hard)

The psychic vampire has the ability to sense the energy that he thrives on. Level one only gives a vague sense as to whether or not life (meaning animals larger than mice) is present nearby. Level 2 tells you in what direction that life is and how much energy (HP/FP) it has, in rough terms (“Healthy” or “Weak”). Further analysis will give you more exact values, and tell you about the nature of that life (“Human male” or “Keleni female”). Level 3 will tell you all the above, plus the distance to the target, giving you an exact location. Finally, level 4 will allow you to further “lock on” with your powers, allowing to use them on the detected target.

Vampiric Sense at level 2 or higher allows the vampire to observe how the target’s essence flows through his or her body. This provides a miraculous complementary roll (+4) to Diagnosis, Esoteric Healing, Pressure Points and Pressure Secrets.

Statistics: Level 1 is Detect (Life, Psychic Vampirism -10%, Vague -50%) [12]; level 2 is Detect (Life, Psychic Vampirism -10%) [27], Level 3 is Detect (Life, Psychic Vampirism -10%, Precise, Non-Targeting +90%) [54], and Level 4 is Detect (Life, Psychic Vampirism, Lock-On +50%, Precise, Non-Targeting) [69].

Life Map
Default: Vampiric Sense-2; May not exceed Vampiric Sense
Prerequisite: Vampiric Sense; May not exceed Vampiric Sense.

You may disregard signatures you have already detected, allowing you to build up a map of new targets, until you have a perspective on all living beings in range. This may require multiple rolls.

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