The Path of the Void

Alternate Names: The Wanderer, the Eternal, the Cosmic Being, Father Sky, Lord of Time, the Unknowable Infinite, The Great Nothing, The Emptiness, The Watcher at the Edge of Time, the Prismatic Angel.

When humanoid-kind look out at the stars or ponder the mathematical constructs of higher dimensions, their minds recoil from the immensity of it. The mind compartmentalizes it into symbols and models that bear only the vaguest resemblance to reality, for to fully grasp the true enormities of infinity cripple the mind. Those who attempt to do so, or journey for too long in the strange realms beyond known space, find themselves slowly changed by their experiences, until their journeys across the cosmic void leave them, themselves, as cosmic beings unable to relate to the small minds of those they left behind. However, they also learn that they are but specks in the grand schemes of the Universe, and those who follow the path eventually see their friends vanished and their homes rendered unrecognizable to them.

Corruption of the Void

Characters who follow the Path of the Void must make use of Disiplines of Faith (Ritualism) to maintain their adherence to the Path, but when those who follow the Path of the Void suffer Corruption, the Disadvantages gained tend to divorce the character from their experiences in the ordinary world. The character finds themselves stripped of their individuality, their ability to see or understand the world, and increasingly isolated within themselves. Some ideas could be:

Disadvantages: Absent-Mindedness [-15], Amnesia (Partial) [-10], Blindness [-50], Colorblindness [-10], Confused [-10*], Curious [-5*], Delusion (“I am in the wrong universe,” “I have traveled through time”) [varies], Unnatural Feature (Colorlessness, prismatic eyes, eyes of void and stars) [-1], Disturbing Voice (Echoing or multi-tone) [-1 or -10], Flashbacks (Any; treat as cosmic visions) [varies], Forgettable Face [-1], Hard of Hearing [-10], Indecisive [-10*], Insomnia [-10 or -15], Killjoy [-15*], Loner [-5*], Low Empathy [-20], No Sense of Humor [-10], No Sense of Taste of Smell [-5], Numb [-20], Obsession (reach a particular planet or place) [-5], Supernatural Feature (No body heat) [-5]


At the GM's discretion, characters who follow the Path of the Void may purchase Teleportation abilities with the -25% Broken Communion Path modifier in addition to the -10% Psi modifier.


  • Color: Transparency, prismatic colors, colorlessness
  • Regalia: Vacuum suit, anachronistic clothing, glasses.
  • Tools: Mathematical equations, prisms, telescopes, spaceships capable of hyperspace travel, empty containers, star charts.
  • Locations: Deep space, hyperspace, beyond the edges of the galaxy, galactic voids, endless wastelands that stretch from horizon to horizon, arctic wastes, open pits or chasms, mountain tops, universities or scientific establishments.

Invocations of Symbols

Characters with Symbolic Resonance (the Void) may invoke the symbols at full value for any use of ESP abilities, or for use of psychic powers to travel to distant locations or to see or interact with distant locations, or to gain some cosmic insight that tends to be less practical in the real world. It can never be used to return a character home.


  • The Wanderer learns of a Great Catastrophe that only he can overcome. He must gather a band of boon companions, and set off on his quest. He must leave at least one Loved One, the Successor, behind.
  • During the Wanderer’s travels, he encounters a Great Obstacle, usually a physically dangerous one. This obstacle destroys or turns away one of the Wanderer’s Boon Companions, and so the Wanderer decides it must be destroyed. The Wanderer successfully destroys the Great Obstacle (Completing the milestone). However, the Great Obstacle was, in fact, important, and its destruction result in an ongoing crisis that pursues the Wanderer (enemy assassins, space pirates, a psychic curse, etc).
  • During the Wanderer’s travels, he encounters a Great Obstacle, usually one of mystery and strangeness. This obstacle fundamentally changes the nature of one of the Wanderer’s Boon Companions, who betrays and abandons the Wanderer. The Wanderer discovers how to resolve the Great Obstacle, but in so doing, must accept the same sort of change that the Boon Companion endured, forever marking him (Completing the milestone).
  • During the Wanderer’s travels, he encounters an Intriguing Stranger. The Intriguing Stranger is weaker than the Wanderer, and enarmoured of his worldly experiences and yearns to travel with him. If he agrees to take her with him as a Boon Companion, she will act to stabilize him (Completing the milestone). She will endure great hardships and eventually grow disenchanted with him and leave, if she is not destroyed by one of the Great Obstacles that the Wanderer faces. She learns, however, that she cannot go home anymore (for either she is too changed, or her home is too changed) and she becomes a Wanderer herself.
  • The Wanderer fails at his original journey to resolve the Great Catastrophe and find himself stranded in a Strange Land. During his explorations of the Strange Land, he discovers it is, in fact, his home, utterly changed by his inability to resolve the Great Catastrophe (alternately, the Wanderer has become so changed that he is no longer recognizable in his home). He also learns that his long absence pushed his Loved One, the Successor, to journey after him in an effort to rescue him and stave off some new Great Catastrophe.

Associated Talents

Superior Equilibrioception: [5/level] (Lesser Primordial Expertise). Found in GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents, on page 16.
Mathematical Ability: [10/level] (Greater Primordial Expertise). Found in GURPS Basic.

Associated Miracles

  • Minor Blessings (Neutral)
    • Primordial Expertise, Lesser (Superior Equilibrioception)
    • Primordial Expertise, Greater (Mathematical Ability)
    • Roads of Broken Communion
    • Inured Mind
    • Horrifying Truth
    • Pocket Dimension
    • Gaze upon the Void
  • Major Blessings (Good)
    • Broken Window
    • Void Walker
  • Miraculous Power (Very Good)
    • Channel Archetype (the Void)
    • Vanish
  • World-Shaking Miracles (Excellent)
    • Black Sun
    • Roads of Broken Communion, Enhanced
    • Shape the Void
  • History-Shaping Miracles (Excellent+4)
    • Primordial Avatar (the Void)

Unique Miracles

Pocket Dimension

Reaction Require: Neutral
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Broken Communion 4, Archetypal Reputation (the Void) 1
Learned Prayer Cost: 3 points
Corruption: 3

The wanderer manipulates space to create a pocket of real space in a higher dimension. Only he is able to access this higher dimensional pocket, and he can place things or remove them at will. When invoking this as a miracle, the character can place up this is Basic Lift in items in this higher-dimensional pocket, where they will remain until removed, or until a day has passed. If the wanderer does not remove them before a day ends, it’s up to the GM what happens to them: they can spill out randomly somewhere, they can disappear for ever, or they can remain there, lost, until the next invocation of this miracle.

If taken as a learned prayer, the character can add or remove things from his pocket dimension (up to his Basic Lift) at will; the items can remain in the pocket indefinitely, but the character cannot access the space (to add or remove things) while using any other miracles.

Statistics: Payload 10 (Broken Communion Path -25%; Cosmic, Higher Dimsensional +50%) [13]

Gaze Upon the Void

Reaction Require: Neutral
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Broken Communion 4, Archetypal Reputation (the Void) 1
Learned Prayer Cost: 3 points
Corruption: 3

Upon invoking this miracle, the character can see into hyperspace. This allows him to see any ships currently traveling into the area, or the direction that a ship has gone, including if it’s taking strange maneuvers. It also lets him see what the “hyperdynamic weather” in the area is like, or if any strange anamolies are manipulating the hyperdynamic medium. It also lets him see any characters who have used the Vanish miracle to disappear. The character can also “zoom in” as though he had a telescope, allowing him to ignore up to -3 in range penalties with a quick glance, or -6 if he focuses; this only applies to his hyperspatial vision.
Statistics: See Invisible (Hyperdimensional; Broken Communion Path -25%) [12] + Telescopic Vision 3 (Accessibility, only with Hyperdimensional vision, -80%; Broken Communion Path -25%; No Targeting -60%) [3]

Void Walker

Reaction Require: Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Broken Communion 8, Archetypal Reputation (the Void) 2
Learned Prayer Cost: 9 points
Corruption: 9

The character does not need a vacuum suit. While in space (or a vacuum), they may “breathe” vacuum, ignore all the problems associated with depressurization, gain +10 to resist the cold of space (generally allowing them to ignore it) and they may fly at twice their move in space.

Statistics: Doesn’t Breath (Broken Communion -25%, Only in trace or no atmosphere -50%) [5] + Flight (Space Flight Only -25%; Broken Communion Path -25%) [20]; Temperature Tolerance 10 (Cold; Broken Communion Path -25%) [8] + Vacuum Support (Broken Communion Path -25%) [4]


Reaction Require: Very Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Broken Communion 12, Archetypal Reputation (the Void) 3
Learned Prayer Cost: 19 points
Corruption: 19

The wanderer (and up to his Basic Lift in gear) suddenly vanishes. He exits normal, three dimensional space for somewhere else. While in this elsewhere, the character is completely cut off from the world: he cannot see, hear, smell, taste or feel it, nor can he speak to people in the world (he might see or hear or feel things, but treat these as hallucinations). He cannot be affected by any weapons, and he’s not visible to any physical senses. He also cannot move under his own power, though his relationship to the real world changes based on “hyperdynamic winds” which can move him up to 1 yard per second.

This effect lasts for 1d hours, after which the character reappears wherever he happens to “be” in relation to the real world (after 1d hours of drifting on hyperdynamic winds, thus no more than 1d×2 miles from his original location). Conveniently, this never results in the character returning to the world interposed with matter or in orbit, or anywhere else where he would instantly die, but he might end up on a mountain top, or a remote island, locked in a vault.
The Wanderer may still interact with the normal world psychically, but the world seems “far away” and all such powers suffer a -5 penalty. They can see where they are with Clairvoyance or Awareness, communicate with others using Telesend. They can also manipulate objects with Psychokinesis, though if they lack ESP, they will be unable to see what they’re doing. Psychic characters can also interact with the character in turn (but suffer a -5 penalty to do so), and characters with True Sight can see him (though he’ll appear strangely distorted and “far away”) and characters with the ability to strike insubstantial targets (ie Astral Blades) can attempt to attack the character, and characters with some variation of Medium can speak to the character.

This miracle may only be invoked once per day.

Statistics: Insubstantial (Affects Substantial (-5 to all such powers) +75%; Broken Communion Path -25%; Ghost Air +10%; Maximum Duration, 1d6 hours -5%; Minimum Duration, 1d6 hours -5%; Limited Uses, once per day -40%; Up to No Encumbrance +10%; Temporary Disadvantages: Blind -50%, Deaf -20%, Mute -20%, Numb -20%, No Smell or Taste -5%) [16] + Invisibility (Accessibility, only while insubstantial -10%; Affects Machines +50%; Broken Communion Path -25%; Can Carry Objects, No Encumbrance +10%; Extended Senses, All +100%; Temporary Disadvantages: Blind -50%) [70] + Flight (Accessibility, only while insubstantial -10%; Always On, inconvenient -20%; Broken Communion Path -25%; Lighter than Air -10%; Sessile -50%) [8]

Shape the Void

Reaction Require: Excellent
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Broken Communion 13, Archetypal Reputation (the Void) 4
Learned Prayer Cost: 24 points
Corruption: 24

The Wanderer must first meditate for an entire hour and successfully make a Meditation roll. If he succeeds, his mind becomes one with the hyperdynamic medium up to a mile and a half around him. He may churn it into a storm, inflicting up to -4 on all attempts to navigate to or from this spot, or he may soothe storms, eliminating up to -4 in penalties to navigate to or from his spot. This lasts as long as he concentrates, and if he’s on the ship, he may eliminate up to -4 in penalties for the duration of the voyage, provided he concentrates for the entire time (which may require a Will or Meditation roll once per hour to avoid breaking concentration). If the character’s concentration breaks, the hyperdynamic medium around the character reverts to normal within a minute.

Statistics: Control 12 (Hyperdynamic Medium, Rare; Broken Communion Path -25%; Religious Ritual replaces IQ +0%; Immediate Preparation Required, 1 hour, -75%; Natural Phenomenon +100%) [120].

Avatar Templates

Lesser Avatar of the Void

Learned Prayer Cost: 18 points

The psion retains his own personality, but gains channels the skills associated with the Void. He gains extraordinary mathematical ability and a perfect sense of his orientation in space. Finally, he can endure the rigors of space: he needn’t breath, is immune to the effects of vacuum and gains +10 to HT rolls to resist the effects of the cold. He must still move under his own power, in space.

Statistics: Lesser Avatar of the Void template as Alternate form

Lesser Avatar of the Void

95 points

Advantages: Lesser Avatar Template [25]; +3 Mathematical Ability (Divine -0%) [30] and Optional Rule: Talent may exceed +4 [1]; +3 Superior Equilibrioception [15] and Optional Rule: Talent may exceed +4 [1]; Doesn’t Breath (Only in trace or no atmosphere -50%) [10]; Temperature Tolerance 10 (Cold; Broken Communion Path -25%) [8]; Vacuum Support [5].

Greater Avatar of the Void

Learned Prayer Cost: 42 points

The psion becomes the living incarnation of the Void. The character becomes an overwhelming presence, one which confuses, rather than terrifies, onlookers (roll on the Confusion table if the target fails a Fright Check -0). The primordial avatar can float gently off the ground (up to 10 feet high) and move at up to 2× their Basic Move. Alternately, they can teleport as though they had Autoteleport 3 (See Psionic Powers page 68). The character is effectively immune the effects of vacuum, though they cannot fly in space (they teleport, instead). Finally, the character is the image of a person papered over an emptiness within. Treat this as Injury Tolerance (Homogeneous). The character loses their humanity while in this state: they become utterly logical and unable to relate to others, and thus often unable to see the damage the wreak.

Statistics: Greater Avatar of the Void template as Alternate form

Greater Avatar of the Void

305 points

Advantages: Primordial Template [175]; Autoteleport 3 (Psionic Powers page 68) [40]; Confusion (Divine -0%) [30]; Doesn’t Breath (Only in trace or no atmosphere -50%) [10]; Flight (Low Ceiling, 10 feet -20%, Planetary -5%) [30]; Injury Tolerance (Homogenous) [40]; Temperature Tolerance 10 (Cold) [10], Vacuum Support [5];

Disadvantages: Killjoy [-15]; Low Empathy [-20];

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