Path of the Rebellious Beast

Alternate Names: The Dread Beast, the Rebel, the Dragon, the Fury, the Witch of War, the Avenging Angel, the God of War, the Hero of the People

The Rebellious Beast exemplifies the sin of wrath. He rages at broken social order and seeks vengeance against those who wronged him. Others often look to him as a hero, but he destroys not out of enlightened ideal, or with the intent to replace what he breaks with something better, but out of selfish desire to lash out and express his primal power and rage.


As with all paths, following the Path of the Rebellious Beast requires an additional -5% pact modifier “Disciplines of Faith (Ritualism)”, representing how the character must spend every moment of his life carefully engaging in the symbolism of the Rebellious Beast.

Furthermore, the Rebellious Beast must have a minimum of -10 points worth of the following Disadvantages: Bad Temper, Berserk, Bloodlust or Intolerance for a specific faction

Finally, he must bear the Mark of the Beast. What exactly this entails is left to creative imagining. Literal, bestial traits, enormous size, scars, tribal tattoos or a ridiculous amount of cybernetics could all qualify.


  • Color: Red
  • Regalia: A cape, a face-mask or a helmet that dehumanizes the wearer, tattoos or piercings.
  • Tools: a force sword; a flag for a fallen cause; a signature battle-cry or battle-song.
  • Locations: In the ghettos of societies dispossessed and wronged; on the slaughter-fields of an unsanctioned war; expanses of untamed wilderness filled with dangerous animals (jungles, wild forests, dangerous swamps), in a lone star fighter.

Invocations of Symbols

Characters with Symbolic Resonance (The Rebellious Beast) may invoke the symbols at full value for any psychokinesis ability. They may also invoke the symbols at full value for any power that damages or destroys a target.

The GM may also allow someone to invoke the Symbols of the Rebellious Beast for any power but the GM is allowed to use the power that benefits from the symbols to make the situation more dangerous or destructive, or to inflict collateral damage. For example, the character might invoke the Rebellious Beast while healing a target (something not normally covered by the Rebellious Beast) and this results in the healed target experiencing an overflow of life energy taht results in a moment of wild, raging mania and falls into a temporary Berserk frenzy.


  • While the Rebellious Beast is surrounded with oppression, he is unmoved by it until the forces of oppression irrecoverably takes something or someone precious from him, and makes him a victim, like those around him.
  • While under the control of/enslaved by an oppressive force, the Rebellious Beast defies an order. When the Forces of Oppression attempt to punish or subdue him, he lashes out and destroys them, and in so doing, frees himself and others. Those freed and/or the remaining oppressed sing songs of hope to him.
  • In the pursuit of vengeance and freedom from oppression, the Rebellious Beast unintentionally (usually via collateral damage) destroys a Boon Companion, one symbolic of justice or the rightful order. The Rebellious Beast hardens his resolve.
  • The Rebellious Beast is betrayed by a Boon Companion, and because of that betrayal, finds himself in the hands of his greatest enemies.
  • The Rebellious Beast confronts the one who wronged him personally, and violently destroys him. This does nothing to restore proper order and makes things (temporarily) worse for the oppressed.

Associated Talents

Tough Guy: [5/level] (Lesser Primordial Expertise). Found in GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents, on page 16 (and GURPS Mysteries).

Natural Athlete: [10/level] (Greater Primordial Expertise). Found in GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents, on page 13.

Associated Miracles

  • Minor Blessings (Neutral)
    • Hunter’s Eyes
    • Dark Confidence
    • Unstoppable
    • The Wisdom of Dark Communion
    • Primordial Expertise, Lesser (Tough Guy)
    • Mayhem
  • Major Blessings (Good)
    • Hunter’s Eyes (Enhanced)
    • The Tao of Hyperspace
    • Unstoppable, Enhanced
    • Psychic Nova
    • Untameable Id
    • Dark Glory
    • Dark Might of the Id
    • Primordial Expertise, Greater (Natural Athlete)
  • Miraculous Power (Very Good)
    • Dark Regeneration
    • Moment of Dark Truth
    • Dark Storm
    • Dark Titan
    • Channel Archetype (Rebellious Beast)
  • World-Shaking Miracles (Excellent)
    • Dark Regeneration, Enhanced
  • History-Shaping Miracles (Excellent+4)
    • Earthquake
    • Primordial Avatar (Rebellious Beast)

Unique Miracles


Reaction Required: Neutral
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Dark Communion 6, Legendary Reputation (The Rebellious Beast) 1
Learned Prayer Cost: 5 points

Things can always get worse around the Rebellious Beast, and he always seems to profit from it. After making this prayer, something terribly destructive always shortly happens, usually an expansion of the collateral damage the Rebellious Beast has already caused. The rule of thumb for this miracle is that it can only make things worse, except for the Rebellious Beast, who freely profits from it (for example, if the Rebellious Beast starts a fire, Mayhem could mean some hyperium tanks explode conveniently near his enemies and, regrettably, some civilians).

Statistics:: Serendipity (Wishing +100%, Divine, Path -25%, Aspect “Only wishes that directly result in greater mayhem or collateral damage” -20%) [24]

Untameable Id

Reaction Required: Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Dark Communion 7, Legendary Reputation (The Rebellious Beast) 2
Learned Prayer Cost: 7 points

The Rebellious Beast cannot be controlled, tamed or manipulated. He is a force of nature when he begins, and only physical force or careful reasoning (if he agrees to listen to it) can stop him. For details on how this works, see Self-Mastery from Powers: the Weird, page 34. As a general or specific miracle, it lasts for one hour, or until it has protected the Rebellious Beast once, whichever takes longer.

Statistics:: Immunity to External Influences (Divine, path -25%) [34].

Dark Glory

Reaction Required: Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Dark Communion 8, Legendary Reputation (The Rebellious Beast) 2
Learned Prayer Cost: 8 points

As Dark Glory (Pyramid #3-36, page 11) but with the additional Path modifier and a -2 to fright checks..

Statistics:: Terror 3 (Divine, Path -25%) [38]

Dark Might of the Id

Reaction Required: Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Dark Communion 8, Legendary Reputation (The Rebellious Beast) 2
Learned Prayer Cost: 9 points

As Power of the Abyss (Enhanced) (Pyramid #3-36, page 11) but with the additional Path modifier and without DR 1. This reflects the Rebellious Beasts enormous physical potential.
Statistics:: Blessed 6 (Heroic Feats; Divine, Path -25%) [45]

Dark Titan

Reaction Required: Very Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Dark Communion 12, Legendary Reputation (The Rebellious Beast) 3
Learned Prayer Cost: 19 points

The character invokes Dark Communion to strengthen his thews to herculean proportion. The character gains +10 Lifting ST, and with a point of fatigue, he can increase that by +100 Lifting ST for a single exertion, allowing him to lift a ton with ease (BL 2,000). This effect lasts for up to an hour, or for as long as it takes to hold up a load, whichever takes longer.

Statistics:: Lifting ST 10 (Divine, Path -25%; Super-Effort +400%) [95]

Avatar Templates

Lesser Avatar of the Rebellious Beast

Learned Prayer Cost: 18 points

The psion retains his own personality, but gains channels the skills associated with the Rebellious Beast. He becomes profoundly primal and physical, gains a deep understanding of the street, becomes very resistant to external influences, and gains some of the raw, primal charisma of the beast within. Finally, any rolls to inflict collateral damage, or to profit from it, gain a +1.
Statistics:: Lesser Avatar of the Rebellious Beast template as Alternate form

Lesser Avatar of the Rebellions Beast

110 points

Advantages: Lesser Avatar Template [25]; Appearance (Beautiful, Glamour, Will-2 -20%, Impressive +0%) [10]; +3 Tough Guy (Divine -0%) [15] and Optional Rule: Talent may exceed +4 [1]; +3 Natural Athlete (Divine -0%) [30] and Optional Rule: Talent may exceed +4 [1]; Resistant to External Control +8 (Divine -0%) [23]; Higher Purpose (Collateral Damage) [5].

Greater Avatar of the Rebellious Beast

Learned Prayer Cost: 34 points

The psion becomes the incarnation of the Rebellious Beast. In addition to the typical, overwhelming power of any Communal Avatar, his aura and features blur into a terrifying, monstrously-beautiful visage, he gains even greater physical prowess (+2d ST and +2d DX for the duration of the avatar-state, though DX only applies to combat rolls and nothing else), but he becomes a berserk rager, losing himself in the heat of the Wrath of the Rebellious Beast.

Statistics:: Greater Avatar of the Rebellious Beast template as Alternate form.

Greater Avatar of the Rebellious Beast

*298 points*

Advantages: Primordial Template [175]; Appearance (Transcendent; Divine -0%, Universal +25%, Impressive, Glamour Will-5 -5%) [24]; Blessed 4 (Heroic Feats, extended duration, 1 hour, +100%) [60]; Terror (Divine -0%) [30].

Disadvantages: Berserk (9 or less) [-15]

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