Path of the Mystical Tyrant

Alternate Names: The Dark Sorcerer, the Treacherous Councillor, the Witch-Queen, the Emperor, the God-King, the Mad Scientist, the God of Knowledge, the Devil, the Visionary, the Futurist.

The Mystical Tyrant exemplifies the sin of hubris. Condemned for his pursuit of forbidden power and forbidden knowledge, he casts aside society's constraints and pursues what he knows only he can. His quest rewards him with ultimate power, which he uses to reshape society to fit his personal view of what it should be.


As with all paths, following the Path of the Mystical Tyrant requires an additional -5% pact modifier “Disciplines of Faith (Ritualism)”, representing how the character must spend every moment of his life carefully engaging in the symbolism of the Mystical Tyrant.

Furthermore, the Mystical Tyrant must have a minimum of -10 points worth of the following Disadvantages: Curious, Megalomania, Obsession (usually something long-term that's either knowledge or power-based, such as “To rule the Galaxy” or “To learn the secret of immortality” or “I'll show them, I'LL SHOW THEM ALL!”), Overconfidence, Selfishness

Finally, he must be more intellectual than he is physical. His highest IQ + appropriate “intellectual talent” must exceed his ST by 3 or more.


  • Color: Gold or yellow.
  • Regalia: A badge of office; robes marked with arcane text; a crown
  • Tools: A throne; a circle of power; a book full of secrets; incantations in ancient languages.
  • Locations: A citadel that expresses physical power (a dreadnought warship is also acceptable); libraries; laboratories.

Invocations of Symbols

Characters with Symbolic Resonance (The Mystical Tyrant) may invoke the symbols at full value for any psychic power, even strange ones or ones normally associated other Paths. The use of psychic powers must advance a specific obsession or ambition the character has, provided the character of that ambition or obsession would change the fabric of society, knowledge or reality (such as achieving immortality, defeating death, or overthrowing a king and putting yourself in his place). Alternately, if the character has legitimate claim to a position of authority, he may always invoke the symbols of the Mystical Tyrant to empower his psychic abilities.


  • A Boon Companion warns the Mystical Tyrant of the danger of the pursuit of forbidden knowledge. During his quest, the Boon Companion will fall into the trap of this danger, and the Mystical Tyrant will be forced to choose between the life of his Boon Companion and his desire for this knowledge. By choosing the knowledge and sacrificing his Boon Companion, he gains great power.
  • The Mystical Tyrant's pursuit of forbidden secrets are revealed to the “servants of God,” the Moral Authorities of his community. He is punished (wounded, humiliated) by them, but they are unable to physically stop his pursuit. He vows to make them pay.
  • Using the secret knowledge he has acquired, the Mystical Tyrant is able to metaphorically or literally strip the humanity from someone important and symbolically linked to the status quo of the Moral Authority of his community (this might be the Mystical Tyrant himself), and then transforms them into something symbolically antagonistic to that Moral Authority, but also more powerful than they were before. This new creature will eventually become a hated enemy of the Mystical Tyrant (though it may serve him for a time; in the case of a self-transformation, the Mystical Tyrant might begin to experience a split personality, or some other means by which his transformation plagues him with increasing problems).
  • The Mystical Tyrant, triumphant, has found the “throne of God,” the ultimate source of current moral authority. He metaphorically or literally topples this Moral Authority and builds his own, new Moral Authority atop its ruined heap.
  • The Mystical Tyrant encounters a beautiful youth who represents the virtue of the community's morals. The Mystical Tyrant chooses this youth as his “consort”, and if he symbolically or literally marries her, she gives him the progeny necessary to cement his legacy. If she successfully rejects marriage, his legacy is doomed.

Associated Talents

Occultist: [10/level] (Lesser Primordial Expertise). See section 2.

Intuitive Statesmen: [10/level] (Greater Primordial Expertise). Found in GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents, on page 11.

Associated Miracles

  • Minor Blessings (Neutral)
    • Dark Charisma
    • Psionic Focus
    • Heart’s Desire
    • The Tao of Dark Communion
    • The Wisdom of Dark Communion
  • Major Blessings (Good)
    • The Tao of Hyperspace
    • Sense Dark Communion
    • Sense Passion
    • Psychic Nova
    • Curse
    • Dark Majesty
    • Primordial Expertise, Greater (Occultist or Intuitive Statesman)
  • Miraculous Power (Very Good)
    • Dark Storm
    • Channel Archetype (Mystical Tyrant)
    • Occult Power of the Id
  • World-Shaking Miracles (Excellent)
    • Eclipse
  • History-Shaping Miracles (Excellent+4)
    • Earthquake
    • Primordial Avatar (Mystical Tyrant)

Unique Miracles


Reaction Required: Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Dark Communion 7, Legendary Reputation (The Mystical Tyrant) 2
Learned Prayer Cost: 6 points

Upon completion of this prayer, during which he visualizes/describes the failure of the target, the Mystical Tyrant rolls IQ-based Meditation. Success applies a penalty to the target's actions as long as they more-or-less resemble the moment he described.

Statistics: Visualize (Divine, Path -25%, Curse +100%, Reduced Time 1d6 seconds +80% [26]

Dark Majesty

Reaction Required: Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Dark Communion 7, Legendary Reputation (The Mystical Tyrant) 2
Learned Prayer Cost: 6 points

Upon completion of this prayer, everyone who sees or interacts with the Mystical Tyrant, regardless of their culture or language, will know that the Mystical Tyrant should be their king. He gains +5 to all Reaction rolls, leadership rolls or influence rolls to persuade people to allow him to rule them.

Statistics: Charisma 5 (Divine Path -25%, Aspected, only for Leadership/Political Control -20%, Cosmic, erase penalties for cultural differences, language comprehension or negative modifiers +50%) [27]

Occult Power of the Id

Reaction Required: Very Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Dark Communion 10, Legendary Reputation (The Mystical Tyrant) 3
Learned Prayer Cost: 8 points

The Secrets of the Id flows through the Mystical Tyrant, granting him access to any psychic ability! As a general or specific miracle, it grants the Mystical Tyrant any psychic ability the player desires and the skill to use, and it lasts for the duration of one particular task (that can be one roll, or one series of interrelated rolls at the GM's discretion) or one hour, whichever is longer. As a general rule, the point-cost of the new ability should be no higher than about ¼ the point-value of the Mystical Tyrant's Dark Communion (about 17 points at Dark Communion 10, or 50 points at Dark Communion 16, etc).

As a learned prayer, once per day, the Mystical Tyrant may substitute a psychic power worth up to ¼ the value of his Dark Communion for his Dark Communion, and may use that power at IQ. If the GM wants to allow multiple uses of this miracle as a Learned Prayer, each additional use per day costs 2 points.

Statistics: Wild Talent (Aspect, Psionic skills only -20%, Divine, path -25%) [11], as alternative ability, and Unusual Background (May use Dark Communion as basis for Psychic Wildcard Power) [5], as a static trait.

Avatar Templates

Lesser Avatar of the Mystical Tyrant

Learned Prayer Cost: 18 points

The psion retains his own personality, but gains channels the skills associated with the Mystical Tyrant. He becomes exceedingly wise and charismatic, gaining a deep understanding of ancient things, or the nature of statecraft, and becomes exceedingly persuasive when attempting to gain a position of leadership and dominion.

Statistics: Lesser Avatar of the Mystical Tyrant template as Alternate form

Lesser Avatar of the Mystical Tyrant

106 points

Advantages: Lesser Avatar Template [25]; Occultist 3 [30] and Optional Rule: Talent may exceed +4 [1]’ Intuitive Statesmen 3 (Divine -0%) [30] and Optional Rule: Talent may exceed +4 [1]; Charisma 3 (Aspected, only for Leadership/Political Control -20%, Cosmic, erase penalties for cultural differences, language comprehension or negative modifiers +50%) [20].

Greater Avatar of the Mystical Tyrant

Learned Prayer Cost: 45 points

The psion becomes the incarnation of the Mystical Tyrant. In addition to the typical, overwhelming power of any Communal Avatar, his aura and features blur into a terrifying, monstrously-beautiful visage, and he gains the ability to level a curse against a target once per turn (this can even work in combat, but only apply 1/3 the value!), and he prodigious energy reserves. At +20 energy reserves, the Mystical Tyrant regenerates three energy reserve points per turn. Finaally he gains overwhelming confidence in his abilities (Overconfidence, for a being of this magnitude of power…) and loses his ability to connect, emotionally, with others, becoming cruel in his power.

Statistics: Greater Avatar of the Mystical Tyrant template as Alternate form.

Greater Avatar of the Mystical Tyrant

311 points

Advantages: Primordial Template [175]; Appearance (Transcendent; Divine -0%, Universal +25%, Impressive, Glamour Will-5 -5%) [24]; Terror [30]; Visualize (Curse +100%, Reduced Time Instantaneous +140% [34]; +20 Psionic Energy Reserves [60].

Disadvantages: Overconfidence (9 or less) [-7]; Callous [-5].

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