Path of the Righteous Crusader

Alternate Names: The Noble Knight, the Paladin, the Shield Maiden, the Judge, the Inquisitor, the God of Law, the Executioner, the Angel of Judgment

The Righteous Crusader is an engine of war and an enforcer of law. He submits his will to the will of the community, and offers to become their weapon. In so doing, he is allowed to wield violence, but only to further the protection of the community. He protects them from outside influences, and from internal influences that have grown “cancerous,” casting them out or destroying them. He is also a supernatural protector against supernatural threats: he goes out from the community to face troubles that the ordinary man cannot.


As with all paths, following the Path of the Righteous Crusader requires an additional -5% pact modifier “Disciplines of Faith (Ritualism)”, representing how the character must spend every moment of his life carefully engaging in the symbolism of the Righteous Crusader.

Furthermore, the Righteous Crusader must have a Code of Honor disadvantage worth at least -10 points. This must be in addition to the disadvantage that he uses as his Pact for True Communion (meaning he has up to -20 points in disadvantages).

Finally, he must serve another. This does not necessarily mean that he has a Duty, only that he acts at the behest of at least one other voice, someone who sends the Crusader out on his Crusades.


  • Color: Blue or an impartial shade of grey
  • Regalia: a blindfold or an eye-patch; armor.
  • Tools: a force sword; a shield; a book of law.
  • Locations: A court of law; a battlefield for a sanctioned war, on a flagship (any war-ready star vessel given control over other vessels)

Invocations of Symbols

Characters with Symbolic Resonance (The Righteous Crusader) may invoke the symbols at full value for use of psychic powers that seek out “monsters,” reveal the truth, or that defeat any violaters of the law or dangerous outsiders (“monsters”). It can never be invoked in violation of the law.


  • The Knight needs a legendary artifact to complete his crusade. He must go on a quest and prove his worthiness to gain access to the artifact. He successfully does so, acquires the artifact, and ties it to its destiny to his own.
  • In his Crusade, the Knight faces an opponent similar to him in capabilities and appearance, but who contrasts in moral character. The Knight is unable to defeat this opponent through sheer strength of arms, but his moral character, his worthiness, and the allies and relics he gained as a result of this worthiness, ensure his victory over his opponent. He offers his opponent a chance at redemption, but the opponent refuses and the Knight is forced to slay them.
  • The Knight’s Crusade brings him across a victim of injustice. This victim is desirable and, intentionally or unintentionally, tempts him to stray from his path of moral righteousness. He rescues the victim from injustice, but refuses to take the immoral reward implied in his rescue. She becomes his boon companion.
  • The Knight’s Crusade alienates a Boon Companion or a loved one. The Boon Companion ultimately betrays the Knight (either directly, or indirectly). This forces the Knight to choose between their love of the Boon Companion or their Crusade. They choose their Crusade. The Boon Companion may repent and be restored to the Knight’s companionship, or they may become the Knight’s greatest enemy.
  • The Knight’s Crusade reaches its finale. He faces the metaphorical “King of Evil” that exemplifies the problem he set out to defeat. He succeeds in defeating the King of Evil, but is fatally wounded. He lives long enough to see that his crusade has enacted the positive effect in the world that he sought, and then dies.

Associated Talents

Born Warleader: [5/level] (Lesser Primordial Expertise). Found in GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents, on page 12 (and various other places).

Truth Seeker: [5/level] (Lesser Primordial Expertise). Found in GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents, on page 17.

Associated Miracles

  • Minor Blessings (Neutral)
    • Bond of Communion
    • Confidence
    • Astral Warrior
    • Armor of Communion
    • The Wisdom of Communion
    • Rebuke
    • Primordial Expertise, Lesser (Born Warleader or Truth Seeker)
    • Stoicism
  • Major Blessings (Good)
    • Clarity
    • Sense Communion
    • The Tao of Hyperspace
    • Aura of Focus
    • Aura of Courage
    • Warning of Communion
    • Guide my Hand
    • Sense Sin
  • Miraculous Power (Very Good)
    • Aura of True Sight
    • Clarity (Enhanced)
    • Master of Ego
    • Moment of Truth
    • Communal Aura (Aura of Focus, Aura of Courage, Aura of Warding)
    • Channel Avatar (The Righteous Crusader)
    • Aura of Warding
  • World-Shaking Miracles (Excellent)
    • Dawning of Light
    • Dominion of Ego
  • History-Shaping Miracles (Excellent+4)
    • Primordial Avatar (The Righteous Crusader)

Unique Miracles


Reaction Required: Neutral
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: True Communion 6, Archetypal Reputation (The Righteous Crusader) 1
Learned Prayer Cost: 5 points

As stoicism on page 10 of Divine Favor, except instead of requiring constant concentration, once this prayer has been invoked, it costs the character 1 fatigue per minute to maintain it. He may pay this cost out of his Energy Reserves (Psionic).

Statistics: Immunity to Pain (True Communion Path -25%, costs 1 fatigue -5%) [21]

Guide My Hand

Reaction Required: Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: True Communion 7, Archetypal Reputation (The Righteous Crusader) 2
Learned Prayer Cost: 8 points

As Guide My Hand (Pyramid #3-36, page 12) but with the additional Path modifier. This reflects the Righteous Crusader's aptitude with all weapons! Remember, Weapon Masters have exceptional defaults!

Statistics: Weapon Master (All; Divine, Path -25%) [34]

Aura of Warding

Reaction Required: Very Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: True Communion 11, Archetypal Reputation (The Righteous Crusader) 3
Learned Prayer Cost: 15 points.

After making a successful Meditation roll, the Righteous Crusader and his allies within 2 yards are immune to the effects of Dark or Broken Communion miracles that would directly affect them. The mystic may apply a -5 to his Meditation roll to expand the effect out to 4 yards away. On a failed meditation roll, the mystic can spend a point of fatigue (or psionic energy reserves) and try again on the next turn. This aura lasts for the remainder of combat, or an hour, whichever is shorter.

Statistics: Affliction 1 (HT; Advantage, Immune to Dark Communion and Broken Communion +300%; Aura of Power +175%; True Communion Path -25%) [55] + Immune to Dark Communion and Broken Communion (Accessibility, only while Aura on -10%; True Communion Path -25%) [20]

Based on Aura of Warding at a hypothetical level 3 level 2 (see Pyramid #3-19 page 11)

Sense Sin

Reaction Required: Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: True Communion 9, Archetypal Reputation (The Righteous Crusader) 2
Learned Prayer Cost: 10 points

As See Evil from Divine Favor page 12, except it sees that which the Righteous Crusader'scommunity defines as inappropriate, and not just what they've done, but what they're capable of doing (That is, you'll detect not just whether someone has committed murder, but also that they have bloodlust, and so that it's in their natureto commit murder).
Statistics: Sense Sin (True Communion Path -25%, Cosmic, no die roll required +100%, Vision based, reversed -20%) [47]

Avatar Templates

Lesser Avatar of the Righteous Crusader

Learned Prayer Cost: 21 points

The psion retains his own personality, but gains channels the skills associated with the Righteous Crusader. He becomes exceptionally competent at the arts of war, whether waging war on a battlefield or exceptional skill with any weapon he lays his hand on, and becomes very good at ferreting out the truth from others. He also gains a +1 roll to defeat “monsters.”

Statistics: Lesser Avatar of the Righteous Crusader template as Alternate form

Lesser Avatar of the Righteous Crusader

113 points

Advantages: Lesser Avatar Template [25]; Truth-Seeker 3 [15] and Optional Rule: Talent may exceed +4 [1], Born Warleader 3 [15] and Optional Rule: Talent may exceed +4 [1], Fearless +3 [6]; Higher Purpose (Slay Monsters) [5]; Weapon Master (All) [45]

Greater Avatar of the Righteous Crusader

Learned Prayer Cost: 33 points

The psion becomes the incarnation of the Righteous Crusader. In addition to the typical, overwhelming power of any Communal Avatar, his aura and features blur into a terrifying, angelic visage, and he gains the ability to instantly differentiate the guilty from the innocent with a glance. The Avatar is unable to harm the latter. As terrifying as he is, he instill heroic courage in his allies, who become immune to fear.

Statistics: Greater Avatar of the Righteous Crusader template as Alternate form.

Greater Avatar of the Righteous Crusader

297 points

Advantages: Primordial Template [175]; Appearance (Transcendent; Divine -0%, Universal +25%, Impressive, Glamour Will-5 -5%) [24],Terror (Divine -0%) [30], Sense Sin (Divine -0%, Vision based, reversed -20%) [24], Aura of Courage 7 [54].

Disadvantages: Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents) [-10]

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