Path of the Exiled Master

Alternate Names: The Gentle Fool, the Oracle, the Prophet(ess), the True King, the Man on the Mountain, the Mad Man(/Witch) of the Desert, the Saint(ess), the Blinded God, the Thief of Wisdom.

The Exiled Master is the Super-Ego's resolution to the problem posed by the absolute corruption of absolute power. Ego requires community but it also demands that its adherents sacrifice themselves and not gain profit from the community. By sacrificing social position and exiling himself from his own community, he gains access to all knowledge necessary to properly guide his community.


As with all paths, following the Path of the Exiled Master requires an additional -5% pact modifier “Disciplines of Faith (Ritualism)”, representing how the character must spend every moment of his life carefully engaging in the symbolism of the Exiled Master.

Furthermore, the Exiled Master must sacrifice all worldly goods. He must have a Vow of Poverty worth at least -10 points.

Finally, the Exiled Master must have no connections to the outside world. He may not have any Rank, and his only Duty must be Involuntary.


  • Color: Green or brown
  • Regalia: Simple cloth; Ragged clothing that gives a hint of former glory.
  • Tools: A cane or a staff. A religious text. A gift/donation from another (used as a sacrifice for the miracle).
  • Locations: Desolate wastes. A lonely mountain.

Invocations of Symbols

Characters with Symbolic Resonance (The Exiled Master) may invoke the symbols at full value to teach, instruct, or to enact change on society as a whole, or to interact with a wild environment, to survive a wild environment, or to interact with animals. It can never be invoked to benefit the ambitions of the user of the psychic abilities.


  • While a man of great success and power enjoys the fruits of his labors, a higher power calls upon him to sacrifice the trappings of wealth and power and to go out, away from civilization and enter a world of hardship and struggle, "the wilderness" in Its service. He does so, and becomes the Exiled Master.
  • The Exiled Master announces an important truth to “the people,” a "degenerate" element of his own community. "The people" reject his truth, humiliate him, injure him (literally or metaphorically) and exile him. If the Exiled master calls down a curse upon the people for doing this, the curse will take place.
  • The Exiled Master travels to a remote location and spends a considerable amount of time in meditation to gain some great, secret power. In addition to the journey and the hardship of a long process of meditation, he must make some sacrifice: he must lose a piece of his sanity, or a body part, or some treasured item. He must "pay the price of enlightenment," which marks him in some recognizable way. For his faithfulness and wisdom, the higher power that called upon him grants him his secret power (this milestone almost always sanctifies the location in question).
  • The Exiled Master takes on an apprentice and trains him, passing on a great secret (this counts a milestone). The apprentice will thereafter either betray the Master, subvert his teachings and force the Master into combat with him, or the apprentice will maintain the Master's teachings and take up his mantle at a later time. If the Master takes on two students, one will betray him, and the other remains true.
  • The Exiled Master faces a great challenge, the culmination of his quest. He allows the greater power that called him to consume him, and in so doing, achieves his objective. All that remains is his legend, but that legend is more powerful than the man himself (allowing the Exiled Master to impact events long after his death).

Associated Talents

Devotion: [5/level] (Lesser Primordial Expertise). GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents, on page 9.
Survivor: [5/level] (Lesser Primordial Expertise). Found in GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents, on page 16.

Associated Miracles

  • Minor Blessings (Neutral)
    • Warning of Communion
    • Bond of Communion
    • Confidence
    • Psionic Focus
    • The Tao of Communion
    • The Wisdom of Communion
    • Rebuke
    • Primordial Expertise, Lesser (Devotion or Survivor)
    • Restore Order
    • Bread of Communion
  • Major Blessings (Good)
    • Sense Communion
    • The Tao of Hyperspace
    • Consecrate Ground
    • Universal Psionics
    • See Truth
  • Miraculous Power (Very Good)
    • Consecrate Ground (Enhanced)
    • Master of Ego
    • Moment of Truth
    • Psychic Omniscience
    • Calm the Storm
    • Communal Aura (Aura of Free Movement)
    • Channel Avatar (The Exiled Master)
    • Aura of Free Movement
  • World-Shaking Miracles (Excellent)
    • Dominion of Ego
    • Consecrate World
    • Bringer of Enlightenment
  • History-Shaping Miracles (Excellent+4)
    • Primordial Avatar (The Exiled Master)

Unique Miracles

Bread of Communion

Reaction Required: Neutral
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: True Communion 4, Archetypal Reputation (The Exiled Master) 1
Learned Prayer Cost: 2 points

Communion sustains the Exiled Master. He no longer needs to eat or drink for the duration of the Miracle. As a general or specific prayer, it lasts for one day.

Statistics: Doesn't Eat or Drink (True Communion Path -25%) [8]

Restore Order

Reaction Required: Neutral
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: True Communion 6, Archetypal Reputation (The Exiled Master) 1
Learned Prayer Cost: 5 points

Once per session, the Exiled Master may restore proper order merely by wishing it so. After completion of this prayer, a coincidence happens (that the player himself may choose) that sets the world back on its proper course, and reduces tension.

Statistics: Serendipity (True Communion Path -25%, Wishing +100%, Aspect: Return the world to its proper state -20%) [24]

See Truth

Reaction Required: Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: True Communion 8, Archetypal Reputation (The Exiled Master) 2
Learned Prayer Cost: 8 points

While under the effects of this miracle, the Exiled Master cannot be tricked, either by mental illusion, a contest of Acting skill, or his own failing senses. He can fail to notice things, or miss them, or not know/understand what something is (“I don't know.”), but he won't believe that something is something that it is not. He automatically wins any such contests. As a general or specific prayer, this miracle lasts for one hour, or until it has protected the Exiled Master once, whichever is longer.

Statistics: Immune to Deception (Cosmic, includes misperception +50%, True Communion Path -25%) [38]

Aura of Free Movement

Reaction Required: Very Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: True Communion 10, Archetypal Reputation (The Exiled Master) 3
Learned Prayer Cost: 14 points.

After making a successful Meditation roll, the Exiled Master and his allies within 2 yards suffer no DX penalties for unstable terrain of any sort. The mystic may apply a -5 to his Meditation roll to expand the effect out to 4 yards away. On a failed meditation roll, the mystic can spend a point of fatigue (or psionic energy reserves) and try again on the next turn. This lasts for the remainder of combat, or an hour, whichever is shorter.

Statistics: Aura of Free Movement (see Pyramid #3-19 page 8)

Bringer of Enlightenment

Reaction Required: Excellent
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: True Communion 13, Archetypal Reputation (The Exiled Master) 4
Learned Prayer Cost: NA

The Exiled Master excels at the instruction of others. Upon invoking this miracle, the Exiled Master and a single target (“the student”) vastly increase the power of their student/teacher relationship. The Exiled Master may impart any “cinematic” advantage that he knows (such as Trained by a Master, Weapon Master or Illumination) and he does so quickly, between 3× and 7× as fast as normal (that is, every hour studied counts as between three and seven hours studied); finally, if the GM calls for a roll, the Exiled Master may use roll Teaching+3 or IQ+3 to impart these skills or abilities to the student. This miracle lasts for the duration of a single training session, or a training montage.

This miracle is really a justification for training montages, and thus its value is arbitrary, as well as its effects; the GM can justify nearly any speed, the listed values are just suggestions. This is disallowed as a Learned Prayer to prevent abuse (players teaching other players) and because it’s ultimately a narrative trick that the GM can use when he want to justify a player learning something quickly.

Statistics: Altered Time Rate 3 (True Communion Path -25%; Super-Speed +20%, Non-Combat Only, Teaching only -90%) [20] + Affliction that applies the same, but only works on a willing student and lasts for the duration of the training session (about 25 points) + Enlightened Teacher [10] and the Legendary Instructor Technique.

Avatar Templates

Lesser Avatar of the Exiled Master

Learned Prayer Cost: 18 points

While channeling the lesser avatar of the Exiled Master, the psion loses none of his innate personality, but gains access to all of the insights of the Exiled Master. He becomes exceptionally devote and competent at survival, and becomes very astute at picking out truth from deception.
Statistics: Lesser Avatar of the Exiled Master template as Alternate form

Lesser Avatar of the Exiled Master

102 points

Advantages: Lesser Avatar Template [25]; Devotion 3 [15] and Optional Rule: Talent may exceed +4 [1]; Survivor 3 [15] and Optional Rule: Talent may exceed +4 [1]; Immune to Deception (Cosmic, includes misperception +50%) [45]

Greater Avatar of the Exiled Master

Learned Prayer Cost: 18 points

Sometimes called “the King Triumphant,” the psion following the path of the Exiled Master is temporarily relieved of his restrictions against exerting his own power. In addition to gaining the overwhelming power of any Communal Avatar, the psion also gains the perfect ability to pick out truth from deception and spreads that knowledge to his nearby allies, who may now penetrate any illusion. He may then point out this truth to others and they will listen and hear. Those who try to shout the King Triumphant down can be silenced with but a word from the thunderous avatar.

Statistics: Greater Avatar of the Exiled Master template as Alternate form.

Greater Avatar of the Exiled Master

280 points

Advantages: Primordial Template [175]; Aura of True Sight [70]; Speak Truth +5 [25] (See Powers: the Weird page 27); and Rapier Wit (Words of Power (Cosmic) +100%) [10].

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