Nightingale-Pattern Medi-Bot

ARC customers put a great deal of value in their personal health and the health of others; more than just compassion drives this fixation on medical care, however: many space knights who go adventuring on remote worlds want a physician on hand who can tend to any injuries they might get. ARC offers the Nightingale-Pattern robot to tend to the medical needs of its customers.

The Nightingale-Pattern Medical robot has a humanoid chassis similar to the Squire, though with more humanlike characteristics (including a fully articulated mouth). They stand a bit shorter than the Squire-pattern robot, but have a larger head, often with a stylized, sculpted “hairstyle” that provides room for additional medical imaging equipment. They have extremely delicate, well-articulated hands which contain extremely sensitive motors and the ability to “split up” into finer tools, or to suddenly sprout an array of sharp surgical tools, which can be used for surgery or a particularly gruesome form of self-defense. Their superior manual dexterity and their tools provide them with a total of +6 on their Surgery rolls. Their hands also contain medscanners, allowing them to seek medical information with a touch or a brush of the hand (granting a +3 on diagnosis). Like most ARC robots, Nightingales enjoy a +3 on lengthy tasks, but suffer a -5 to notice other things around them. The Nightginal is resembles a shorter humanoid with a larger head and more pronounced eyes, and is thus a surprisingly appealing and “cute” robot. Some companies have made knock-offs of the design for secretarial or “companion” robots. Nightingale-pattern medical robots usually have feminine voices.

Most Nightingale-Pattern medical robots come with the Tender personality package installed, but some prefer the Prim package or, in a few cases of battlefield medicine, the Gallant package. Some ARC customers purchase the Nightingale not as a surgeons but as caretakers of their children or personal companions, and sometimes choose the Raconteur package instead.

ARC Nightingale-Pattern Robot Template

125 points
Cost: $85,000
Weight: 110 lbs
Power Requirement: 2D/week

Attributes: ST 12 [0]; DX 10 [0]; IQ 10 [0]; HT 11 [0].

Secondary Traits: Dmg 1d-1/1d+2; BL 29 lbs; HP 18* [0]; Basic Speed 5.25 [0]; Basic Move 5 [0]; Will 10 [0]; Per 10 [0]; FP NA [0]; SM +0 [0]

Advantages: ARC Nightengale-Pattern Chassis [137]; Healer 2 [20]; Single Minded [5]

Disadvantages: Psi-Wars Volitional AI [-27]; Standard ARC Safeguard Programming [-41]; Choose one Personality package [0].

Skills: Computer Operation (E) IQ [1]-10; Diagnosis (H) IQ+2* [4]-12; Electronics Operation (Medical) (A) IQ+2 [8]-12; Law (Alliance Criminal) (H) IQ-2 [1]-8; Pharmacy (Synthetic) (H) IQ* [1]-10; Physician (H) IQ+2* [4]-12; Savior-Faire (Servant) (E) IQ+2 [4]-12; Surgery (VH) IQ+2* [8]-12;

Nightingale Traits

ARC Nightengale-Pattern Robotic Chassis

137 points
110 lbs, $75,000, 2D/Week

Attribute Modifiers: +2 ST [10]; HT +1 [10]

Secondary Traits: HP +6 [12];

Advantages: Absolute Direction [5]; Ambidexterity [5]; Appearance (Attractive; Off-the-Shelf -50%) [2]; DR 5 (Can’t wear armor -40%) [3]*; Doesn’t Breathe [20]; Cable Jack [5]; High Manual Dexterity +2 [10]; Machine [25]; Payload 3(9 lbs) [3]; Protected Senses (Hearing, Vision) [10], Reduced Consumption 3 [6]; Sealed [15]; Telecommunication (Comm System; 100 mile range +30%, Burst +30%, Secure +20%) [19]; Sharp Claws (Switchable +10%) [2]; Vacuum Support [5].

Perks: Accessories (Medscanner, Personal Computer, Surgical Instruments) [3]; Sanitized Metabolism [1].

Disadvantages: Affected by Magnetism [-1]; Electrical [-20]; Maintenance (one person, monthly) [-2]; No Taste/Smell [-5]; Restricted Diet (Very Common, power cells [-10];

Nightengale Upgrades

Clockwork Eye

12 points
Hardware Upgrade
Cost: $3000

This upgrade replaces the typical, electronic “glow-in-the-dark” eyes of the Nightengale model with very delicate and detailed set of lenses and electronics behind a peculiarly attractive mechanical eye. These superior eyes allow the Nightengale to “zoom in” on a subject, granting it microscopic vision, and the ability to “scan through” someone, a sort of “t-ray vision,” to better detect any injuries they might have. These eyes have a greater sensitivity to light, eliminating their naturally protected vision.

Advantages: Microscopic Vision 2 [10]; Penetrating Vision 1 (Blockable, Dense Substances -30%) [7]

Disadvantages: Remove Protected Vision [5] for -5 point.

Digital Tongue

12 points
Hardware Upgrade
Cost: $1000

Nightengales have a “false mouth,” a sculpted equivalent to a humanoid mouth; with this upgrade, they gain chemical sensors within, allowing them to taste things with extreme precision, to learn the precise chemical compounds of something; their “oral cavity” is clean, though they have the ability to secrete lubricant if they need to moisturize something to better scan it. This upgrade also installs chemical sensors in their fingertips.

Advantages: Replace No Taste/Smell [-5] with Discriminatory Taste (Profiling +50%) [15] for 20 points.

Personal Medical Files

1 point
Software Upgrade
Cost: $500

This upgrade installs all known medical data, including medical histories, extensive scans, and a broader range of information that might provide additional insights into the health of a single character (sleeping habits, dietary preferences, hobbies, etc). Most ARC facilities have access to this information for their controlling house. This information provides a +2 to diagnosis rolls for that specific person only.

This upgrade is often combined with the Matchmaker or the Adpative Countermanagement upgrades. Nightingales who work extensively with a single person often acquire it anyway.

Perk: Diagnostic Hyperspecialization (Person) [1]

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