Myrmidon-Class Combat Robot

The Myrmidon is certainly not the most common Trader robot, but the one most commonly thought of when outsiders think of Trader robots! This walking tanks are the size of a small jeep or large hovercyle, with a sprawling legs that scuttle alarmingly quickly, an array of gleaming red eyes that grant it a considerable spread of vision, and up to three heavy weapons built into a “tail,” and two “pincers” giving it a scorpoid appearance. Beneath its bulk, it has two smaller “pincers” that it uses to manipulate things, which may or may not be equipped with neurolash stunners.

Myrmidons are Trader “heavy hitters.” Guildfleets typically store several near key security locations, and it will respond to alarms, activating and pulling itself out of its storage location to assess the threat and respond accordingly. Defense forces often use them to carry their heavier arms and direct them to the front-lines of an engagement. When ten or more are deployed to battle, they “link up” and improve their effective IQ and DX to become even more dangerous. Despite their terrifying appearance, most Myrmidon come equipped with non-lethal weaponry, but if forced to fight a war, Guildfleets might deploy them with blasters.

The Myrmidon is a hideous creation. Even Traders can become uncomfortable around their multitude of eyes and their clicking, long legs, or the husky, growling “beeps” that they make in response to commands. Thus, they tend to be “hidden away” from any diplomatic engagements, but they’re still there, lurking in the darkness…

Trader Myrmidon-Model Robot Template

250 points
Cost: $200,000
Weight: 400 lbs
Power Requirement: 3D/week

Attributes: ST 20 [0]; DX 10 [0]; IQ 8 [-40]; HT 11 [0].

Secondary Traits: Dmg 2d-1/3d+2; BL 80 lbs; HP 30 [0]; Basic Speed 5.5 [0]; Basic Move 5/10 [0]; Will 8 [0]; Per 8 [0]; FP NA [0];

Advantages: Myrmidon Chassis [242]; Trader AI [35];
Disadvantages: Two Trader Quirks [-2]

Skills: Beam Weapons (Projector) (E) DX+2 [4]-12; Beam Weapons (Rifle) (E) DX+2 [4]-12; Computer Operation (E) IQ [1]-8; Guns (Grenade Launcher) (E) DX+2 [4]-12; Philosophy (Robotic Laws) (H) IQ-2 [1]-6; Savior-Faire (Servant) (E) IQ [1]-8;

Myrmidon Traits

Trader Myrmidon Chassis

242 points
400 lbs, $190,000, 3D/Week.

Attribute Modifiers: ST +10 (SM -20%) [40]; HT +1 [10]

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: HP +10 (SM -20%) [8]; SM +2 [0];

Advantages: Absolute Timing [2]; Absolute Direction [5]; Ambidexterity [5]; Cable Jack [5]; Doesn’t Breathe [20]; DR 80 (Cannot Wear Armor -40%) [48]*; Enhanced Move (Ground) [20]; Extra Arms 3 (Weapon Mount -80%) [6]; Enhanced Tracking 1 [5]; Extra Attack [25]; Extra Legs (4) [5]; Good Grip 1 [5]; Machine [25]; Natural Weapons (Sharp Claws) [2]; Peripheral Vision [15]; Protected Senses (Vision, Hearing) [10]; Reduced Consumption 3 [6]; Sealed [15]; Super Jump 1 [10]; Telecommunication (Comm System, 100 mile range, Burst +30%, Secure +20%) [18]; Ultrahearing [5]; Vacuum Support [5].

Perks: Accessories (Heavy Flashlight, Personal Computer); Magnetized Feet; [3]

Disadvantages: Affected by Magnetic Fields [-1]; Appearance (Hideous) [-16]; 2 Limited Arms (Short, reach C; Weak, ST 10) [-7]; Cannot Speak (Beep) [-15]; Electrical [-20]; Ham-Fisted 2 [-10]; Maintenance (one person, monthly) [-2]; Restricted Diet (Very Common, power cells [-10]

Myrmidon Upgrades

Integrated Force Screen

100 points
Hardware Upgrade
Cost: $40,000

The Traders haven’t entirely lost their ability to craft conformal force screens, they just got worse at miniaturizing them over time. Given that the Myrmidon borders on the scale of a vehicle, it can arm itself with a near vehicle-scale force screen. This operates like a normal (ablative, hardened) force screen with a DR of 100 that regenerates fully in 10 seconds (that is, 10 DR per second).

Advantages: Damage Resistance 100 (Ablative -80%; Force Field +20%; Hardened +20%) [60]; Regeneration (Very Fast; Ablative Force Field DR Only -60%) [40]

Stealth Systems

15 points
Hardware Upgrade
Cost: $15,000

This relatively simple upgrade dampens the acoustics of the Myrmidon’s normal systems so that its hums and grinding gears fall to mere whispers. Additionally, it applies a “smart” camouflage job to the external robot, which grants it a +4 quality bonus to Camouflage while in a dark “technological” environment, such as the deep confines of a ship. In all other environments, it applies a -2 to camouflage. For simplicity, apply a -4 to notice the robot in such an environment (or +2 in other environments) rather than rolling for the robot’s camouflage (as it does not apply it itself).

Advantages: Accessory (Dark Urban Camouflage) [1]; Silence 2 [10].

Skills: Stealth (A) DX+1 [4]-11

Tactical Scanner Systems

60 points
Hardware Upgrade
Cost: $10,000

A very common upgrade, tactical scanners allow the Myrmidon to use the equivalent of a small, tactical ultrascanner to scan up to 10 miles away (in search mode) and perform a detailed image-scan at up to 1 miles away. If it can “lock” onto a target, it gains a +3 to hit that target.

Advantages: Scanning Sense (Psi-Wars Ultra Scanner; Bio-Scan +50%; Increased Range ×10, +30%; Penetrating +50%; Scanner +50%; Tactical +20%) [60];

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