Ranathim Mithna (the Peerage)

Ranathim Mithanna

Prerequisite: Ranathim.
20 points

Features: Cultural Familiarity (Lithian) [0]; Language (Lithan, Native) [0]

Advantages: Classical Appearance (Pure Ranathim [1]; Mithna Edict [11]; Mithna (House name) [1]; Title [1]; Status +1 [5];

Additional Skills: Spend 1 additional point and any additional points from your template on Knife (E) DX+1 [2]; Shortsword, Smallsword or Staff all (A) DX [2]; Carousing (E) HT [2], Area Knowledge (Ruled Planet or Constellation), Games (Delaum, Deluna, Dueling, Mitavaruna, Pitfighting), Savoir-Faire (High Society) all (E) IQ+1 [2], Current Affairs (High Culture, Politics) all (E) IQ+1 [2], Artist (Any), Connoisseur (Art, Cuisine, Drugs, Relics, Slaves), Gambling, Heraldry, Leadership, Politics or Public Speaking all (A) IQ [2], Archaeology, History (Ranathim Tyranny), Law (Ranathim Tyranny), Theology (Divine Masks) all (H) IQ-1 [2], or Dancing (A) DX [2], or improve Savoir-Faire to IQ+1 [2] for +1 point, or improve any lens skill by one level for 2 points; or improve any lens skill by two levels for 6 points. Characters from a society with a dueling tradition typically learn the weapon skill associated with dueling and Games (Dueling).

Social Traits: You may also spend any leftover points, or your template advantage points on Mithna Traits or the following: Ally (docile slave or rebellious slave -50%) [varies], Ally Group (docile slaves or rebellious slaves -50%) [varies], Base (Private estate, hunting lodge, etc) [1], Contact (Fellow Mithanna, Cult priest, Imperial Official, Slaver, skill 12, 15 or 8, 9 or less, somewhat reliable) [1, 2 or 3], Contact Group (Mithanna) (Skill 12, 15 or 18, 9 or less) [5, 10, 15), Cultural Familiarity (Galactic Humanity) [1], Fashion Sense [5], Favor (Any) [varies], Haughty Sneer [1], High Pain Threshold [10], Language (Galactic Common) [Varies], Legal Immunity (Mithna) [5], Signature Gear (Any) [varies], improve Status up to +4 [5/level], Wealth [varies], Will of the Edict [1 to 2].

Optional Disadvantages: Add the following disadvantage options to your template: Believer (Divine Masks) [-1]; Code of Honor (Mithna) [-15]; Duty (to your Mithna) [varies]; Enemy (Rival Mithna Lineage, 6 or less) [-5]; Hidebound [-5]; Jealousy [-10]; Overconfidence [-5*]; Selfish [-5*]; Sense of Duty (family member or Mithna) [-2 or -10].

The Bastard Mithna

Neither marriage nor social acceptance determines who belongs to the Mithanna, only Dark Communion determines who has the Mithna Edict written into their very blood. Given the predilections and habits of the Ranathim, especially the Mithanna who pride themselves on being slave owners, the Mithanna produce a great deal of “illegitimate” children. Whether the child of a slave, or the product of a star-crossed affair, or the result of a passing lord’s momentary stop by a starport brothel, this illegitimate children are everywhere. Most Mithna carefully track the results of their passions; contrary to belief of the rest of the Galaxy, the Ranathim are not so backwards to not understand the basics of contraception!

The Mithna have tests to see if a child inherited the Mithna Edict; those that do are inducted into the Mithna. However, some children do slip through the cracks. Such Ranathim characters remain bound to the Mithna Edict, and find their lives plagued with misfortunes and strange, arbitrary urges. This is best handled with a Secret Advantage (p. B33), because a character that knows they are part of a Mithna will simply claim his birthright with this Mithna.

The Mithanna do not exile their members. They do not cower from secret scandals, because Dark Communion lays their sins bare to the world. Those who violate the Mithna Edict are “exiles” as far as Dark Communion is concerned. Some Mithna, through political maneuvering and treachery, find themselves without title, status or wealth, but this does not result in the Disowned disadvantage: the rest of the galaxy fears and respects the Mithna for their occult power, and this occult power will inevitably result in the Mithne regaining some measure of prestige.

Customizing Mithna

A Ranathim Mithna noble can be extremely expensive, between the Ranathim template and the Mithna lens. They’ll almost certainly take up all of your spare template points; strongly consider asking for additional points (a power-up) or taking a weaker template to handle all their points. Savoir-Faire and Wealth didn’t fit directly into the 20 point max for a background, but they’re highly recommended traits, as is Law (Ranathim Tyranny) and/or Will of the Edict to prevent the Mithna Edict from seriously hurting your character. Wealth is also highly realistic, and characters who want to interact with characters from outside of the Umbral Rim should take Cultural Familiarity (Galactic Humanity) and Language (Galacitc Common) at at least Accented.

For templates, consider the Diplomat with the Unofficial lens, the Space Knight template, the Spy template, the Assassin template, or the Smuggler template. When Ranathim nobles interact with one another, they often engage in careful diplomacy to avoid afronting one another’s honor. Those who specialize in Nueroblade Deuling or similar martial arts are best handled with the Assassin template, while the Ranathim Satemo is literally just a Space Knight variation. Finally, those who explore space often begin to look like Spies or Smugglers, depending on the focus of their explorations.

When building a member of the Ranathim peerage, consider the Mithna to which they belong. Not many still remain, and while the GM and player can design one together, three possibilities already exist.

The Mithna

Mithna Adivasta

The uncontested lords of the Plague World of Moros, these Mithna retain the secrets to Necrocrafting and Necrokinesis. They tend to be pale and tall, with inky black hair and white irises.

See Mithna Adivasta for more details.

Advantages: Mithna (Adivasta) [1]; add the following as optional traits to your lens: Ally (Gaunt) [varies]; Controllable Disadvantage (Callous) [1]; Good with Gaunts [1]; Obscure True Name [1]; Quick Gadgeteer (Necrocraft only, -80%) [10]; Resist Disease +3 or +8 [3 or 5], Technological Secret (Synthetic Flesh) [1], or any of your Adivasta Oath Magic, or Adivasta Psionic Latency traits.

Disadvantages: Add the following to your template lens as options: Callous [-5]; Curious [-5*]; Odious Personal Habit (Morbid Humor) [-5]

Skills: Add the following optional skills to your lens: Area Knowledge (Moros or The Shroud constellation) both (E) IQ+1 [2]; Connoisseur (Necrocrafted Technology) (A) IQ [2]; Expert Skill (Thanatology) (H) IQ-1 [2]; Surgery (H) IQ-1 [2]; Weird Science (VH) IQ-2 [2]

Mithna Galantim

The once-rulers of Hekatomb now have an “alliance” with the Slavers that now rule it. They retain their ancient duty to protect and guard the wild places and the hunting beasts of the Tyranny from poaching, and this brings them very close to nature. Nobles from the Mithna tend to have coarser features, with wolfish manes, golden irises, and thicker teeth, horns and claws than most of their kin.

See Mithna Galantim for more details.

Advantages: Mithna (Galantim) [1]; add the following as optional traits to your lens: Brave [1]; Fearlessness or Unfazeable [2/level or 15]; Penetrating Voice [1], Replace Striker (Horns; Crushing; Weak -50%, Limited Arc, Straight Ahead -40%) [1] with Striker (Horns; Crushing) [5] for +4 points or any of your Galantim Oath Magic, or Galantim Psionic Latency traits.

Disadvantages: Add the following to your template lens as options: Bloodlust [-10*], Easy to Read [-10], Loner [-5*].

Skills: Animal Handling (Ranathim Clade, Hekatomb, or Xeno-Fera) all (A) IQ [2], Area Knowledge (Hekatomb, the Corvus Constellation, or the Morass) (E) IQ+1 [2], Survival (Any) (A) Per [2].

Mithna Khalli

This beautiful and sultry Mithna joins the long parade of various rulers who have, at one time, controlled the crossroads world of Samsara. They remain their today, in their great floating pleasure-barge palace. They’ve struck some special deal with the Empire that allows them to retain a level of autonomy, flouting the laws of the Empire to some degree, up to and including the right to take Imperial citizens as slaves, as long as they don’t push it too far.

All members of Mithna Khalli should take Legal Immunity (Mithna), but given the high costs of the template, the GM may waive it (perhaps only sufficiently high-ranking members of the house benefit from it).

See Mithna Khalli for more details.

Advantages: Mithna (Khalli) [1]; add the following as optional traits to your lens: Improve Racial Appearance (Attractive) to Appearance (Beautiful) [8] or Very Beautiful [12]; Cultural Adaptability [10], Extreme Sexual Dimorphism [1]; Language (Galactic Common; Any) [varies]; Language Talent [10]; Legal Immunity (Mithna) [5]; or any of your Khalli Oath Magic, or Khalli Psionic Latency traits.

Disadvantages: Add the following to your template lens as options: Addiction (any) [Varies]; Greed [-15*]; Xenophilia [-10*].

Skills: Add the following optional skills to your lens: Area Knowledge (Samsara or the Hydrus Constellation) both (E) IQ+1 [2]; Merchant (A) IQ [2]; Savoir-Faire (Mafia) (E) IQ+1 [2]; Streetwise (A) IQ [2], Swimming (E) DX+1 [2].

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