Martial Arts

Martial Arts power-ups are worth 25 points.

Most styles follow a structure:

  • A series of 20-point "advancement" packages (Student, Adept and Master)
  • One or more 20-point exercises
  • Multiple 5-point moves

By default, a power-up assumes that the player purchases either one advancement package (which must be purchased in order: you cannot purchase Adept before you have purchased Student, and you cannot purchase Master before you have purchased both Adept and Student) or one Exercise (which generally require the Student package, at least), and one Move.

In some cases, the styles closely resemble one another, such as in the case of Force Sword forms; in this case, if a character has already purchased a style up to a particular level of advancement (for example, Adept), he may purchase other, related styles as "Secondary styles" up that same level of advancement. These generally cost 10/level, rather than 20.

Furthermore, some moves or exercises cost more or less than the normal 5 or 20 points, respectively. In this case, the GM should allow the player to be flexible in how they spend the points from their martial arts upgrade.

General Martial Arts Power-Ups

Any martial artist can purchase Trained by a Master [30] or Weapon Master, typically the single-weapon variant for [20] points. These don't match the normal 25-point power-up structure, so GM and player will need to be creative to fit them into their character. They tend to represent major milestones for a character, as he advanced beyond a mere combatant and into the realm of more legendary warriors.

Force Swordsmanship Forms

Assassin Martial Arts

Blaster Martial Arts

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