Maradonian Noble

For most denizens of the galaxy, aristocracy is synonymous with the world of Maradon and its descendants. Thousands of years ago, these psychic nobles spread out and conquered the Galaxy under the banner of Alexus Rex. With the help of the Akashic Order, they rarified their bloodlines through eugenics and carefully calculated mating matches to create psionically and genetically powerful houses. Even after the fall of the Alexian Dynasty, these houses continued to rule the galaxy as a Federation, until the rise of the Valorian Empire forced them back into their ancestral stronghold of the Glorian Rim. Together, they created one of the few galactic powers able to challenge the indomitable might of the empire in the form of their Galactic Alliance.

When playing a Maradonian Noble, you must select which house your character belongs to, or create a house of your own. A Maradonian Noble may always use Status to Pull Rank with their own House. Each house has their own Eugenic packages and (with a few exceptions), their own Psionic Legacy. If building your own house, see Generic Maradonian Houses for more details.

See the optional lenses for additional details on each house, as well as each House entry, available here.

Maradonian Noble

20 points

Advantages: Bloodline (House) [1]; Legal Immunity (Maradonian Aristocrat) [2]; Title [1]; Status +1 [5];

Skills: Savoir-Faire (E) IQ [1].

Additional Skills: Choose another 10 points from Carousing (E) HT [2], Area Knowledge (Ruled Planet or Constellation), Games (Alexian Trumps, Courtly Games, Dueling, Mitava (Holo-Chess), Strategem) all (E) IQ [1], Current Affairs (High Culture, Politics) all (E) IQ+1 [2], Artist (Any), Connoisseur (Art, Cuisine, Fashion, Force Swords, Music, Wine), Gambling, Heraldry, Leadership, Politics or Public Speaking all (A) IQ [2], Bio-Engineering (Eugenics), Expert Skill (Hoplology), History (Alexian Dynasty or Galactic Federation), Law (Alliance or Galactic), or Theology (Akashic Mysteries) both (H) IQ-1 [2], or Dancing (A) or Force Sword both DX [2], or improve Savoir-Faire to IQ+1 [2] for +1 point, or improve any lens skill by one level for 2 points; or improve any lens skill by two levels for 6 points.

Social Traits: You may also spend any left over points, or your template advantage points on House Eugenic Power-Ups or Traits, Ally (Servant or Robot) [varies], Base (Private estate, hunting lodge, etc) [1], Blood will Tell [1], Contact (Wealthy friend, fellow noble, politician, ARC executive, skill 12, 15 or 8, 9 or less, somewhat reliable) [1, 2 or 3], Contact Group (ARC, Alliance Senate, Noble House) (Skill 12, 15 or 18, 9 or less) [5, 10, 15), Cultural Familiarity (those of your ruled subjects or, if you have a unique cultural familiarity, Galactic Humanity) [1], Destiny (Appropriate to your house) 1-3 [5 to 15], Fashion Sense [5], Favor (Any) [varies], Haughty Sneer [1], High Heeled Heroine [1], Honest Face [1], Sartorial Integrity [1], Signature Gear (Signet, Force Sword, Relic, etc) [varies], Security Clearance (Maradonian House) [5 to 15], improve Status up to +4 [5/level] or Wealth [varies].

Optional Disadvantages: Add the following disadvantage options to your template: Believer (Akashic Mysteries) [-1], Code of Honor (Any) [varies], Delusion ("People with higher breeding are just better than people without breeding") [-5], Duty (to a more powerful noble or to your house) [varies], Enemy (Rival Noble, Rival House, Empire) [varies], Hidebound [-5], Intolerance (Empire or non-Aristocrats) both [-10], Jealousy [-10], Overconfidence [-5*], Secret (Scandal) [-5 or -10], Selfish [-5*], Sense of Duty (Homeworld, House or Alliance) [-5 or -10].

The Bastard Maradon Noble

The key feature of a Maradonian noble, the reason they ruled over the rest of their galaxy, is because of their genetics and their psychic powers. Their illegitimate offspring often retain these traits, even if they lack the Title and Status that usually goes with it.

In principle, anyone can take the Bloodline (House) perk at character creation if they descend from a specific house, though this tends to be most common among those with the Outcast background (they may represent an embarrassment to their parent, or their less noble parent was much less noble). These characters may purchase the normal Eugenic packages and psionic powers per their legacy, but the GM may wish to cap their Bloodline Purity at 2; characters with Bloodline Purity 3 or 4 are so rare that most Maradonian nobles are willing to overlook the unfortunate circumstances of their birth, and most bastards are conceived with non-Maradonians, which diminishes the chances that the offspring will be of high purity. Exceptions do occur, of course: some low-born characters may, by sheer chance, have the necessary genetic material to breed a psychically powerful child, and sometimes a bastard occurs between two nobles who have reason to hide the origin of the child (for example, a child conceived between a noble and an Akashic oracle); consult with your GM if you want to play a non-artistocrat with a high Bloodline Purity rating.

Non-aristocratic characters do sometimes have extremely appealing genetic material. After all, the genetic stock that the Akashic Order used to breed the nobility came from somewhere. If by chance your character has such genetics, take the Akashic Stud perk.

Customizing Maradonian Nobles

Your house matters! Choose from one of the houses below, or create your own house. Be sure to read up on the lore of your house! Pay special attention to the Eugenic power-up packages. These represent how eugenically engineered your character was, and they contain the Bloodline Purity trait, which determine which psionic abilities you can freely take after character creation, and how others will react to you when seeking a genetic match and/or a mate.

Most Maradonian nobles take either the Diplomat template (which has a unique lens for Maradonian characters) or the Space Knight template (which also has a unique lens for Maradonian knights). Beyond these, Officers and Fighter Aces tend to be common. Members of House Sabine often become Mystics of the Akashic Order. Members of House Elegans who walk away from the aristocratic lifestyle often explore Rim templates, especially Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler and Con Artist. Maradonian Nobles often deepen their psionic power with Psionic power-ups, or, given the importance of dueling, take one of the four Maradonian force sword forms as a martial arts power-up, especially the Swift Form.

Maradonian aristocrats care a great deal about dueling. Consider taking the Force Sword and Games (Dueling) skill even if it’s not necessarily appropriate to your template.

While the Akashic Order works hard to keep each of the houses’ genetic profiles distinct, sometimes houses seek out marriage partners from other houses. If you descend from two houses, you may purchase the Bloodline perk for both houses. You may also mix and match the Eugenic packages from both houses, to a maximum of 4 packages (and thus Bloodline Purity 4). For the purposes of your Psionic Legacy powers, note each bloodline purity trait from each house separately, and use each one to determine whether you have sufficient bloodline purity to acquire a particular ability. For example, if a character descended from both House Grimshaw, with bloodline purity 1, and House Sabine, with bloodline purity 3, she could access up to bloodline purity 1 Grimshaw psionic abilities, while accessing up to bloodline purity 3 Sabine psionic abilities.

Note that the purpose of the Akashic Order is not just to eugenically engineer the perfect aristocrats, but to shape the very fabric of time and destiny with the strength of those nobles. If your character has been bound up in the machinations of the Akashic Order to achieve some end, consider taking some form of Destiny.

Maradonian Houses

The following lenses can be applied to the Generic Maradonian Noble background.

House Elegans

Stripped of their holdings in the Hydrus Constellation by the Valorian Empire, this once great house has retreated to the Glorian Rim to seek aid in retaking their domain. They’re a controversial house, with deep ties with True Communion and strange traditions. They excel at empathy and emotion control.

See House Elegans for more details.

Advantages: Bloodline (Elegans) [1]; add the following as optional traits to your lens: Ally (Petbot, 15 or less) [varies]; Classic Appearance (Aristocratic) [1], Eleganian Beauty [5], Eleganian Regeneration [11], Eleganian Speed [21], Eleganian Will [11], or any psionic abilities listed in the Elegans Psionic Legacy.

Features: Many members of house Elegans are left-handed [0].

Disadvantages: Add the following to your template lens as options: HP -1 or -2 [-2/level], Bad Temper [-10*], Believer (True Communion), Curious [-5*], Distinctive Feature (Golden Eyes), Mental Instability [Varies], Nightmares [-5*], Sense of Duty (Commoners) [-10], Skinny [-5], Stubborness [-5]; Wealth (Struggling) [-10];
Skills: Add the following optional skills to your lens: Area Knowledge (Samsara or the Hydrus Constellation) (E) IQ+1 [2]; Streetwise (A) IQ [2]; Theology (True Communion) (H) IQ-1 [2].

House of Kain

The rulers of the harsh world of Caliban guard the entrance to the Glorian Rim and, due to their position and importance, the rest of the noble houses tolerate their rudeness. These excellent warriors force the duelists of the other houses to adapt to their brutal techniques and they make up for their lack of psionics with cybernetics.
Members of House Kain go through grueling initiation rites, and may also access any traits in the Survivor background as part of their Aristocratic background!

See House Kain for more details.

Advantages: Bloodline (Kain) [1]; add the following as optional traits to your lens: Invincibility of Kain [24], Might of Kain [25], any cybernetic abilities.

Disadvantages: Add the following to your template lens as options: Bad Temper [-10*], Callous [-5], Impulsiveness [-10*], Lecherousness [-15*], Stubbornness [-5*].

Skills: Area Knowledge (Caliban or the Maelstrom) (E) IQ+1 [2].

House Grimshaw (or Daijin)

Heirs to the fallen house of Daijin, they guard the traditions of the Maradonian Aristocracy, rule over the Shinjurai homeworld of Denjuku, and excel at electrokinesis.

See House Grimshaw for more details.

Advantages: Bloodline (Grimshaw) [1]; add the following as optional traits to your lens: Ally (Non Volitional Sentinel Robot, 125 points, 15 or less; Minion +0%) [6], Ally (Awoken Sentinel, 250-300 points; 15 or less) [15], Classic Appearance (Aristocratic) [1], Grimshaw Detachment [16], Grimshaw Intellect [16], Grimshaw Magnetism [6], Grimshaw Power [10], or any psionic abilities listed in the Grimshaw Psionic Legacy.

Disadvantages: Add the following to your template lens as options: Callous [-5], Distinctive Feature (Silver or vibrantly blue eyes) [-1], Fanaticism (Oracular Order, House Grimshaw, or the Alliance) [-15], Jealousy [-10], Mental Instability [Varies], No Sense of Humor [-10], Overconfidence [-5*], Selfishness [-5*];

Skills: Add the following optional skills to your lens: Area Knowledge (Denjuku, Atrium or the Ancestral Spur) (E) IQ+1 [2].

House Sabine

Powerful, influential and beloved by the people, this matriachial house rules over the mist-swathed world of Persephone, strongly influences the Akashic Order and excel at ESP and prognostication.

See House Sabine for more details.

Advantages: Bloodline (Sabine) [1]; add the following as optional traits to your lens: Classic Appearance (Aristocratic) [1], Immunity (To a single Persephone poison) [1], The Sabine Caress [1], Sabine Fertility [1], Sabine Grace [16], Sabine Purity [18], Sabine Sensitivity [13], Sanitized Metabolism [1], Special Rapport (Twin) [5] or any psionic abilities listed in the Sabine Psionic Legacy

Disadvantages: Add the following to your template lens as options: Addiction (Dreaming Nymph) [-10], Bad Sight (Mitigator, Lenses -60%) [-10], Blindness [-50]†, Blindness (Sabine) [-10]†, Distinctive Feature (White hair), Low Pain Threshold [-10], Mental Instability [Varies], Odious Personal Habit (Finnicky) [-5], Selfless [-5*], Shyness (Mild or Severe) [-5 or -10].

Skills: Add the following optional skills to your lens: Area Knowledge (Persephone or the Maelstrom) (E) IQ+1 [2], Gesture (E) IQ+1 [2], Poison (H) IQ-1 [2].

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