The House Sabine

Cadet Branches: Pavonis, Starlane

Only House Alexus is older and more royal than House Sabine. House Sabine rules Persephone, the homeworld of the Akashic Mysteries. The house believes strongly in the goals of the Akashic order, and bowed to the Akashics Order’s desire to forge them into the consorts of the House of Alexus, the breeding stock of aristocracy, and the source of oracles to serve and sustain the Oracular Order. Because their seat of power, Persephone, is situated in the Glorian Rim, they survived the rise of the Empire largely intact, and remain one of the most powerful houses in the Alliance. And because of their close connections to both the Akashic Order and the House of Alexus, they remain exceptionally well-respected and pure.

House Sabine has a unique eugenic legacy that makes them more likely to produce female children than male children, and when they produce a male child, he usually has a fraternal (female) twin. When a Sabine bride marries a non-Sabine, the girls she give birth to tend to remain true to the Sabine legacy, while the boys she gives birth to tend to remain true to the father’s legacy. House Sabine concerns itself greatly with the purity of their bloodline and adhere closely to the advice of the Akashic Order; even when they do not, they tend to "breed true" and pass on their strong eugenic legacy to their children. Thus, they are almost always excellent spouses to members of other houses.

Because of the shortage of male Sabines, a Duchess traditionally rules the House; the eldest child, regardless of sex, inherits her parent’s titles. House Sabine tends to be protective of its male members, and thus what knights it produces are as likely to be female as male, though male Sabines tend to chafe under the “mothering” they receive from the House, and those Sabine men who escape the motherly bonds of the House tend to go on to prove themselves great warriors and leaders, provided they don’t self-destruct.

House Sabine members tend to be breathtakingly beautiful, even by noble standards, and those who find aristocratic features to be particularly attractive find them amongst the most beautiful men and women the galaxy has to offer. They often have white or silver hair. They move with grace and pick out (and obsess on) fine details. Some of their members tend to be blind (though they often compensate this with “sight beyond sight”) and visions of what could be often haunt them. Other side-effects of their strict breeding include excessive emotional or physical sensitivity, a tendency to greatly prefer the company of people they know, and dangerously suicidal tendencies, especially among male Sabines, a trait other houses sometimes mistake for bravery.

Sabine Titles

House Sabine, thanks to its close connections to House Alexus, is a royal house. They have the Duchy of Persephone, the homeworld of the Akashic Mysteries, and they traditionally receive the titles of Imperial Consort, Defender of the Faith, and the sons and daughters of the leader of the house (or its cadet branches) receive the title “Prince” or “Princess.”

They have numerous lesser titles, but tend to have non-martial titles: countess, viscountess and lady. Sabine women often serve as maids-in-waiting in other houses, especially if they have learned to detect psionic activity, where they serve to watch for any untoward psionic actions against their master. They tend to rule over worlds in the Maelstrom and the Golden Belt (for example, the Countess of Arcadia).

Notable members of House Sabine.

The Duchess Nova Sabine rules the House, and serves as the Speaker in the Senate. She is a strong force for resisting the empire, and for populism. She believes that the aristocracy’s days have largely passed, and that the Alliance needs to allow more rights and privileges to the people. She also believes that the people will rise up against the Empire, that the great sin of the Empire was not the dissolution of aristocratic privilege, but its oppression of its people. She believes that the Alliance’s duty is to assist those who want to be lifted up, to help them gain independence and then to invite them to join the Alliance of their own free will. She believes that more forceful tactics will alienate any potential allies and create more suffering in the universe.

The first Duchess, Sissi Sabine, served as the Imperial Consort and the first Alexian Empress. She married Alexus himself, and all members of house Alexus have some measure of her blood running in their veins. According to lore, none matched her beauty or her virtuous devotion of the Oracular Order, while her enemies argue she was a cunning manipulator who used her position to advance the needs of her house, and her poison to remove her enemies. Both agree that she was among the most powerful oracles the House has ever produced.

House Sabine gave birth to the Galactic Federation through the twins Vance and Valria Sabine. Through Valria’s efforts, the warring houses set aside their weapons and joined together to create the Senate and the Federation. Her brother served as her knight and her protector and died defending her from an assassination attempt. The house still carries on his martial legacy, though his force sword was lost when the Empire rose to power.

Sabine Eugenic Legacy

Sabine Eugenic Power-Up [50 points]

Advantages: Sabine Bloodline [1]; Spend up to 49 points on Classic Appearance (Aristocratic) [1], Sanitized Metabolism [1] or on the following packages:

  • Sabine Purity [18]
  • Sabine Grace [16]
  • Sabine Sensitivity [13]
  • Sabine Fertility [1]

Disadvantages: Replace any of your template disadvantages with the following disadvantages (If you have Bloodline Purity 2 or higher, you may choose an additional -5 points worth of the following disadvantages, increasing your disadvantage limit by -5 points!): Bad Sight (Mitigator, Lenses -60%) [-10], Blindness [-50]†, Blindness (Sabine) [-10]†, Distinctive Feature (White hair), Low Pain Threshold [-10], Mental Instability [Varies], Odious Personal Habit (Finnicky) [-5], Selfless [-5*], Shyness (Mild or Severe) [-5 or -10].

Sabine Blindness

† Blindness is disallowed in GURPS Action, and for good reason, as it can be cripplingly difficult to be an Action hero if you cannot see. Even characters like Zatoichi or Blind Fury’s Nick Parker or Daredevil either explicitly have alternate means to see, or are explicitly skilled in overcoming their blindness. In Psi-Wars, characters like Mystics might get by while being blind, but I would ask your GM for permission. Moreover, blindness is -50 points, and thus completely fills up your disadvantage point limit. Consider, instead, the following package:

Blindness (Sabine) [-10 points}

Prerequisite: Sabine Bloodline

Blindness runs in the Sabine Bloodline, and sometimes children are born with eyes as white as their hair. Some such children display unusual talent with ESP and gain a psionic awareness of their environment very similar to Sabine Blindsight. Such Sabines often veil their eyes to hide the fact that they can see without sight.

Awareness 12 allows the character to “see” up to two and a half miles (about the horizon) in a 120° arc before him (like sight); with effort, he can see up to 240° up to the same distance, or 360° up to 50 yards. He needn’t concentrate to activate it, but he must roll his skill to notice any details (like a normal person rolls Perception); and at least once per minute of active use, in the same circumstances that a normal character could simply see something, a Blind Sabine should roll Awareness at least once to see if he’s picking up any details at all. Failure means the Sabine loses precision of her sense and may have a difficult time navigating or be surprised, etc. Characters with Awareness skill 16+ may take No Nuisance Rolls (Awareness) [1], in which case they never need to roll for Awareness except in the same conditions someone would need to roll for Perception. This is a psionic ability, and is subject to the same benefits (extra effort) and drawbacks (anti-psi characters might be invisible to the character, characters with psi-sense can detect the character, and psionic restraint collars will shut down the Awareness, etc).

Advantages: Awareness 12 [31]
Disadvantages: Blindness [-50]
Skills: Awareness (H) Per+0 [4]
Techniques: Extended Arc (H) Awareness+0 [5]

Sabine Purity 18 points

Advantages: Appearance (Beautiful) [12], Bloodline Purity 1 [1], Resistant to Poison +3 [5]

Sabine Grace 16

Attributes: DX +1 [20],
Secondary Characteristics: Basic Speed -0.25 [-5]
Advantages: Bloodline Purity 1 [1]

Sabine Sensitivity 13 points

Secondary Characteristics: Perception +2 [10]
Advantages: Acute Touch +1 [2], Bloodline Purity 1 [1],
Features: Per may be increased to 22 [0]

Sabine Fertility 1 point

Advantages: Bloodline Purity 1 [1]
Features: Altered Sex Ratio (2:1 females to males) [0], Extended Fertility [0], Increased Fecundity [0]

Sabine Mental Instability

The most common mental instabilities for House Sabine are Chronic Depression [-15*], Jealousy [-10] and On the Edge [-15*].

Sabine Psionic Legacy

House Sabine has latent ESP Abilities. If the character has the Sabine Bloodline perk and the requisite Bloodline Purity levels, she may take the following abilities and talents whenever she wishes:
Bloodline Purity 0: 20/20 Hindsight (Pyramid #3-69 p6) [1]; Combat Sense (PP 37) [24/level]; Dream Ally (Twin; Pyramid #3-69 p6) [1]; Exposition Sense (PP 42) [1]; Haunting Death (Pyramid #3-69 p6) [1]; I Feel Them Watching Me (Pyramid #3-69 p7) [1], Psi Sense (PP41) [8 to 32]; Visions (Dream, Second Sight, Aspected (Death), Overwhelming; PP 39) [5 to 15].
Blood Purity 1: Awareness (PP 39) [9 + 2/level]; Psidar (PP 41) [9 to 29], Psychic Hunches (PP 42) [14-51].
Blood Purity 3: Prognostication(PP 37) [18 to 78]
Blood Purity 4: ESP Talent +1 to +4 [5/level]

Sample Sabine Psionic Power Packages

Sabine Battle Trance 25 points

Prerequisite: Sabine Bloodline
The space knights of House Sabine tend to master their battle trance, in which they know what will happen in a battle before it occurs. Roll once per turn when you are attacked (even a surprise attack!). Success lets you make an active defense against the attack with a +1 bonus; margin of success determines how many active defense rolls gain that +1 bonus this turn.
Advantages: Combat Sense 1 [24]
Skills: Combat Sense (H) IQ-2 [1];

Sabine Psi-Sense 25 points

Prerequisite: Sabine Bloodline
Advantages: Psi Sense 3 [22]
Skills: Psi Sense (H) Per-2 [1];
Techniques: Exclusion (H) Psi-Sense+0 [2]

Sabine Blindsight 25 points

Prerequisite: Sabine Bloodline, Bloodline Purity 1
House Sabine can “see without seeing.” Those with sufficient blood purity learn to see without their eyes, gaining psychic awareness of a 120° degree in front of them to a range of 50 yards.
Advantages: Awareness 6 [19]
Skills: Awareness (H) Per [4]
Techniques: Choose either Deep Scan (H) Awareness-2 [2] or Extended Arc (H) Awareness-5 [2]

Sabine Aura Reading 25 points

Prerequisite: Sabine Bloodline, Bloodline Purity 1
House Sabine can “see” psionic abilities as an aura. With a successful psi-dar roll, they can “see” the nearest psionic ability, and may make a second skill roll to determine what power the psi has.
Advantages: Psidar 3 [19]
Skills: Psidar (H) Per [4]
Techniques: Extend Range (H) Psidar-3 [2]

Sabine Oracular Gift 25 points

Prerequisite: Sabine Bloodline, Bloodline Purity 1
The purest of House Sabine have the oracular gift, which allowed the Oracular Order to harvest their numbers to fill out their ranks. This ability allows the Sabine to meditate for 10 minutes and then spend 1 fatigue to make a skill roll to see the future.
Advantages: Prognostication 2 [23]
Skills: Prognostication (H) IQ-1 [2]

Tools of House Sabine

Sabine Background Options:
Add the following traits to Aristocratic background:
Traits: Immunity (To a single Persephone poison) [1], The Sabine Caress [1], Special Rapport (Twin) [5]
Skills: Gesture (E) IQ+1 [2], Poison (H) IQ-1 [2]
Optional Disadvantages: Addiction (Dreaming Nymph) [-10]

The Sabine Caress

Like many houses, House Sabine has a “secret” form of communication that allows its members to speak to one another with minimum interference. Given that some members of house Sabine, including the famous founder, Sissi Sabine, the preferred means of secret communication is house Sabine. Members of house Sabine will touch (or kiss) one another upon meeting, generally on the face, the hand or the upper arm, which most outside observers will take as mere affection between family members. The precise placement of the kiss, the duration of the kiss, and the presence and duration of repetition can convey meaning. This meaning is no more than what the Gesture skill could convey, typically things like “I am in danger” or “Trust nothing of what I say” or “You are in a safe place” or “the next name I speak will be the traitor.” Communicating with the Sabine Caress requires the Sabine Caress perk (representing a highly specific language fluency), and use of the Gesture skill.

The Poison-Blossoms of Persephone

The Sabine homeworld of Persephone contains many beautiful but deadly flowers, called the Poison-Blossoms of Persephone. While not all members of House Sabine are born on Persephone, or even visit it, many have gardens of poison blossoms and learn how to identify and use them at a young age. The House uses these poison blossoms in their heraldric imagery and even weaves its wedding bouquets out of them. While other houses might not know the particulars of specific poison blossoms, they certainly know of them, and know what they symbolize for the house: the members of House Sabine have a dangerous sort of beauty.

Dreaming Nymph: Also called the enlightening poison, this flower grows near the caves of Persephone, and its people associate it with the “devils of Persephone.” It has six black and violet petals, pointed in a star pattern, and has a light, aquatic, lemony scent. After taking a dose, it provides +2 to all ESP rolls for the next hour and grants the user Visions (Overwhelming); after the first ten minutes, and every ten minutes thereafter for the next hour (6 cycles), the user must roll HT-2 or suffer 1d fatigue damage. After losing ½ FP to the poison the user begins Hallucinating (B429). Dreaming Nymph can be counteracted with an anti-toxin kit or with purge. Dreaming Nymph is addictive. $50/dose.

Fool’s Bane: Also called the laughing poison, this flower has a bell-like blossom with a red “checkered” pattern, and smells of sweet, cloying honey. The nectar of the Fool’s Bane blossom can provide an excellent sweetener (if harvested very carefully), but all parts of the actual plant itself are poisonous. The laughing poison, which can be used as digestive or follow-up agent, has a 1 hour onset and can be resisted with an HT roll and inflicts 1d fatigue damage every hour for up to 8 hours. When the victim has lost 1/3 HP to the poison, he is Tipsy (B428), and when he’s lost 2/3rd HP to the poison, he becomes Drunk (B428). This is not alcohol, though many mistake it for such. Sabine youths will sometimes use it as a prank, though the laughing poison can kill. More adult, and dangerous, members of House Sabine use it to make a political rival look foolish. Fool's Bane can be counteracted by anti-toxin kits and purge. $10/dose.

Golden Whin: Also called the chaining poison, Golden Whin comes in an enormous, and carefully cultivated, variety. Most breeds of Golden Whin come in collections of white flowers with speckles or lines of glittering gold, or yellow-gold flowers mottled white; most Golden Whin have a coconut-like scent. Only the root of Golden Whin is poisonous, and the blossom’s nectar contains the natural antidote to its own toxins. The toxins of the Golden Whin, which may be a blood agent, digestive agent or a follow-up agent, poison very slowly and painfully. It has an onset of 15 minutes, can be resisted with an HT-2 roll, and inflicts 1d toxic damage every hour for 24 cycles (one day). After onset, the victim suffers Moderate Pain (B428), after losing ½ HP this increases to Severe Pain (B428) and after losing all HP this increases to Terrible Pain (B428). The poison reacts badly to most antitoxins and to purge unless one knows the exact breed of Golden Whin, and the Sabines have intentionally bred hundreds of variants of Golden Whin: unless the exactly right anti-venom (or the nectar of the blossom) is used, anti-toxin kits and purge increase the HT penalty by -1, to a maximum of -4. Thus, wicked-minded Sabines use the chaining poison as a form of blackmail, explaining the victim’s plight and informing him that they, alone, have the cure; they make their demand and then leave him in his pain until he agrees or dies. $20/dose.

Sabine Relics

The Veil of Sissi

Associated Communion: True Communion (The Bound Princess)
Statistics: Destiny +2, Visions (Aspected “My Destiny”; Overwhelming), Legendary Reputation (Bound Princess) +1
Cost: $100,000

Sissi Sabine, founder of the House Sabine, wore this black veil of lace over her eyes when she married Alexus, and to his funeral. The veil has been passed down from princess to princess, always to the eldest daughter of the current Duchess, as a reminder of her duties to the house.
The veil itself is a small strip of responsive buzzcloth small enough to fit into one’s pocket (SM-6); worn over the eyes, it both obscures the vision of the wearer (-1 to vision rolls) and obscures the face of the wearer; it is a fashion original, both to the fine intricacy of its design and the authenticity of such an ancient and prestigious artifact.

When worn over the eyes of someone with no particular destiny, the cloth remains inert, though beautiful. If worn over the eyes of someone with Destiny, the Veil will, at random moments, show the wearer overwhelming visions of that destiny (Mentally Stunning her), and what she needs to do next to fulfill it. It also strengthens her Destiny, granting her +2 Destiny, which may take her above Destiny 3!

Vervain, The Lost Force Sword of Vance Sabine

Associated Communion: True Communion (The Bound Princess)
Statistics: Higher Purpose (Rescuing Princesses), Sacrificial Parry
Cost: $75,000

Vance Sabine wore this beautifully crafted force sword when he acted as his twin sister’s bodyguard, and he died bearing it, and has been passed down to the eldest male heir of the House ever since, until its bearer died defending his sisters from an Imperial purge. It has a gold-chased, ivory handle and generated a violet blade. Those who wield the blade gain a higher purpose bonus when attempting to rescue or aid any princess, and may always make a parry to defend another nearby. Otherwise, it works like a Foundry Force Sword (dealing 8d+4 burning damage)

The Sabine Signet

Associated Communion: True Communion (The Bound Princess)
Statistics: Aspect 3
Cost: $60,000

When Valria Sabine brought the whole of the Federation together, she wore the Sabine Signet ring. While she was not the first to do so, the unmistakable imprint of her ring in the wax of the Federation agreement, the founding document that the Alliance holds so dear, has forever associated her with it. Those who bear the ring gain Aspect 3 (PP 61)

House Sabine Ancestor Veneration

Sissi Sabine

Era: Rise of Alexus

Destiny: the Faithful Princess

The Akashic Order holds Sissi Sabine up as the ultimate example that all Sabine’s should follow as their “True Path.” She sacrificed her needs, love and happiness to see to the furthering of the Akashic Order’s goals. Characters with the Faithful Princess destiny are destined to empower the Akashic Order, to be rescued when in danger, to have people fall in love with her, to have their sacrifices make a meaningful impact on the world.


Sissi Sabine’s driving passion, more than even her own well-being, was to support the Akashic Order, but she also mothered the Alexian line. To Sissi, the Alexian line was the Golden Path. She did whatever she could to improve the situation of her children, and considered that first and the needs of the Golden Path second.

Descendents who follow Sissi Sabine must have Obsesssion (Restore Alexian Line) [-10].


  • The Descendent, bound by duty, gains access to a unique conspiracy that would allow her to escape her duty, empower herself, and gain the services of a wicked Boon Companion. She refuses the temptation, unravels the conspiracy, betrays the Boon Companion and faithfully returns to her duty.
  • The Descendent, bound by duty, will meet the man she is destined to marry, and will not feel about him as he does about her. Nonetheless, she will accept her fate and marry. In so doing, she gains a Boon Companion.
  • The Descendent faces a grave enemy that threatens to overpower her. She has the insight necessary to escape, but allows herself to be captured instead, knowing that her suffering at his hands will motivate her allies to come together in a great show of force and defeat the threat, which will result in greater power in her chosen faction in the long run.
  • The Descendant, when faced with heretical diversion from the Golden Path, speaks out against the heretic. This shames a Boon Companion, but also reminds those around her of the need to remain true and converts at least one doubter to the side of the Akashic Order.
  • The Descendant will have a child with great power and destiny, but tragedy will befall that child, and the Descendant will witness it. Nonetheless, the Descendant is duty-bound to have said child, and to do nothing to avert the destined tragedy.

Associated Miracles

Esper Focus

Minimum Reaction: Neutral
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Blood Purity 1, either Communion 4 or Archetype
Learned Prayer Cost: 3 points.

According to legend, Sissi Sabine was the most powerful Esper born to the Sabine line. Those who carefully emulate her gain a fraction of her insight. This miracle grants +3 to ESP. These bonuses last for one hour, or long enough to make use of a bonus roll, which ever is longer.
Statistics: ESP Talent 3 (Divine -10%) [14] + Rules Exclusion: May Exceed the +4 Talent Cap [1].

Pure Beauty

Minimum Reaction: Neutral
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Blood Purity 1, either Communion 4 or Archetype.
Learned Prayer Cost: 3 points

According to legend, Sissi was the most beautiful of all the Maradonian aristocracy. For a moment, her ancestor can share in some of that transcendent beauty.
Statistics: Appearance (Trascendent, Glamour Will-5%, Divine, Path -25%) [14];

Prayer of Hope

Minimum Reaction: Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Blood Purity 2, Communion 7
Learned Prayer Cost: 6 points

After finishing the petition roll in which the character expresses (silently or verbally) her wish for what should happen, she may make a roll against IQ-based Meditation. This roll cannot fail. She applies her margin of success (with a minimum of +1) as a bonus to a roll that someone else makes, provided his actions closely resemble that which she prayed for. This may not apply to combat rolls.
Statistics: Visualization (Divine: Path -15%, Blessing +0%, Reduced Time, 1d6 seconds +80%, Cosmic, No Die Roll Required +100%) [27]

Jaina Sabine

Era: The Alexian Dynasty

Destiny: the Manipulative Witch

The Akashic Order portrays Jaina Sabine as a wicked woman who manipulated those around her for her personal gain. Jaina sought forbidden and wicked powers so that she could avenge herself against minor insults, and twist the hearts of beautiful men so that they loved her, and then abandoned those suitors for the deeply inappropriate Lothar Kain. They hold her up, and her exile from House Sabine, as an example of what befalls those who betray the Akashic Order in pursuit of forbidden power.


Jaina Sabine pursued mystical enlightenment and forbidden power. She tamed the Hammer of Caliban and learned the secrets of the Devils of Persephone despite the wishes of the Akashic Order. Those who follow Jaina Sabine tend to be driven by the same hunger to increase their knowledge and power, no matter the cost to their social standing or the wishes of the Akashic Order.

Descendents who follow Jaina Sabine should have Obsession (Attain Mystical Power) [-10].


  • Many men pursue the Descendant, but one is unsuited for her, due to a lack of virtue and position. The descendant chooses the “wicked” suitor over the “righteous” suitor. Her choice proves correct when the “wicked” suitor proves to be a true, boon companion, nonetheless she suffers the scorn of her peers.
  • The Descendant stands on the threshold of a haunted place that contains a forbidden power. The peers of the Descendant warn her of the danger of both. The Descendant chooses to enter the haunted place and gains mastery over both it and the forbidden power, but only by allowing it to corrupt her in the eyes of her peers.
  • The Descendant suffers insult or injury from one of her peers. She chooses to take revenge, and uses a forbidden power to do so. She successfully takes revenge, but her duplicity is revealed by the allies of her enemy; they successfully slander her as an unjust monster, and paint the target of her revenge as an innocent victim. Her peers believe the slander.
  • A threat faces the family and peers of the Descendant. She offers to assist with her forbidden power, but her peers reject her offer, fearing that they will be tainted by her power. Because of their stubbornness, they suffer defeat, and the Descendant is unable to assist. She loses at least on loved one from her old life.
  • The peers of the Descendant reveal her crimes. They condemn her, except for the beloved peer, who still sees “good” in her. Her peers seek to exile or kill her. The Descendant has new allies, those associated with her forbidden power or her wicked suitor, who rescue her. In so doing, a beloved peer is wounded, or sees something that convinces him that she is truly guilty. She loses her beloved peer.

Associated Miracles

Dark Beauty

Minimum Reaction: Neutral
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Blood Purity 1, Dark Communion 4 or Archetype
Learned Prayer Cost: 3 points

Jaina Sabine had the power to twist men’s heart with her great beauty. Her descendants can invoke the same transcendent beauty.

Statistics: Appearance (Trascendent, Glamour Will-5%, Divine, Path -25%) [14];


Minimum Reaction: Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Blood Purity 2, Dark Communion 7
Learned Prayer Cost: 6 points

Upon completion of this miracle, during which the Descendant visualizes/describes the failure of the target, the Descendant rolls IQ-based Meditation. Success applies a penalty to the target's actions as long as they more-or-less resemble the moment he described.

Statistics: Visualize (Divine, Path -25%, Curse +100%, Reduced Time 1d6 seconds +80% [26]

Untameable Spirit

Minimum Reaction: Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Blood Purity 2, Dark Communion 7
Learned Prayer Cost: 7 points

Jaina could not be controlled, tamed or manipulated. For details on how this works, see Self-Mastery from Powers: the Weird, page 34. As a general or specific miracle, it lasts for one hour, or until it has protected the Descendant at least once, whichever takes longer.

Statistics: Immunity to External Influences (Divine, path -25%) [34]. applies her margin of success (with a minimum of +1) as a bonus to a roll that someone else makes, provided his actions closely resemble that which she prayed for. This may not apply to combat rolls.

Valria Sabine

Era: War of the Four Houses

Destiny: the Rebel Queen

The Akashic Order struggles with the legacy of Valria Sabine. She refused to be the wilting flower, the puppet for the Order, and she refused to work to restore the Alexian dynasty. Instead, she fought for what she believed in, rescued herself, and defied the original order to bring about a principled stand for greater equality for everyone. Nonetheless, as the founder of the Federation, she attracts many admirers, especially in her own house.

The Rebel Queen Destiny means the character is destined to see the injustice the people must endure, to face danger that she can rescue herself from, and to receive the acclaim of the people and a position of power where she can right those injustices (though whether she actually does…)


Nothing moved Valria Sabine quite like the suffering of those around her. She willingly sacrificed her own aristocratic privilege to tend to the weak or weary, and respected and admired those of lesser station than herself. She envisioned a Galaxy where all were equal and where the War of the Four Houses had ended.
Descendents who follow Valbria Sabine should have either Obsession (Restore the Federation) [-10] or Obsession (End Injustice in the Galaxy) [-10].


  • The Descendant, when faced with injustice caused by the very social system that empowers her, refuses to turn a blind eye. She rescues the victim of injustice, who becomes a Boon Companion, and faces the scorn of her peers.
  • When faced with impossible odds, the Descendant gathers up what a rag-tag band of victims and offers them words of encouragement. They together cannot hope to defeat the overwhelming opponent, but she nonetheless instructs them on how to defend themselves and they face down the enemy. They secure enough time to allow reinforcements to arrive, and achieve a major military victory, but at the cost of many lives (not the Descendant’s though).
  • The Descendant faces a grave foe who threatens her chosen faction, and is captured by them. Rather than allow members of her faction to face the grave enemy, she defies her captors, defeats them, and emerges victorious, carrying some vital advantage she can use to strengthen her faction.
  • The Descendant sees an opportunity to denounce the very social system that empowers her and she rises up to do so. Her speech shakes the foundations of that social order, and brings allies to her side. She must abdicate a great portion of her power, but in so doing, she creates a new social order on the ashes of the old social order.
  • The forces of the old order seek to destroy the new order forged by the Descendant, in a last ditch effort. The Descendant has sufficient power to overcome them, but doing so will cost her her life, or that of her boon companion. The new order must be born of blood.

Associated Miracles


Minimum Reaction: Neutral
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Blood Purity 1, either Communion 4 or Archetype
Learned Prayer Cost: 3 points

Valria Sabine always stood by her principles, and the descendant can have similarly unshakeable resolve. The descendant may give in to temptation, but only of her own accord: Any attempts to use any influence skill to force her to do something automatically fail.

Statistics: Indomitable (Divine: Path -15%) [13]

Words of Truth

Minimum Reaction: Neutral
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Blood Purity 1, Communion 5
Learned Prayer Cost: 4 points

See Sermonize, Divine Favor page 9

Aura of Courage

Minimum Reaction: Good
Learned Prerequisite: Blood Purity 2, Communion 9
Learned Prayer Cost: 11 points.

After making a successful Meditation roll, Communion imbues the Descendant and all nearby (within 2 yards) of complete immunity to fear. The Descendant may apply a -5 to his Meditation roll to expand the effect out to 4 yards away. On a failed meditation roll, the mystic can spend a point of fatigue (or psionic energy reserves) and try again on the next turn. This lasts for the remainder of combat, or an hour, whichever is shorter.

Statistics: Aura of Courage 7 (see Pyramid #3-19 page 6)

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