House Kain Cybernetics

Kainian cybernetics come from a dedicated foundry that has been constructing bespoke cybernetics since the House of Kain began its initiation rite, and today they create some of the finest, and certainly the most beautiful, combat cybernetics in the galaxy. All Kainian cybernetics are rugged and have a +1 reaction modifier wherever a reaction modifier to cybernetics would be appropriate, thanks to their beautiful styling and expensive metals. These are reflected in the cybernetics as follows: Kainian cybernetics have no unnatural feature (they are obviously cybernetic, but so pleasingly cybernetic and so obviously high-class that people don't treat members of House Kain as having Social Stigma [Cyborg]); they further have reduced maintenance from weekly to monthly. Everything else is a feature and only present if the GM wishes to make a point of it.

Kainian cybernetics have a -22% modifier (-20% electrical, and -2% monthly maintenance).

Note that the House of Kain regularly use other cybernetics, especially from the Heavy catalog. Consider also: Boosted Heart, Reinforced Skeleton, Bionic Spine, Bionic Organ Reconstruction, any bionic hand/arm upgrades and any cybernetic implants.

Bionic Limbs

Kainian Bionic Hand
12 points

Increase the cost of this bionic package to 14 points if the character has the Might of Kain.

Statistics: Arm ST +4 (One arm; Kainian Bionics -22%) [5]; Arm ST +2 (One Arm; Kainian Bionics -22% Unsupported ST -25%) [2], DR 30 (One Hand -80%) [4], One Hand, (Mitigator, Cybernetic -70%) [-4], Injury Tolerance (Unliving, One Hand -80%) [4], Striking Surface [1].

Availability: Major Procedure; $35,000.

Kainian Bionic Arm
36 points

Increase the cost of this bionic package to 38 points if the character has the Might of Kain or a Bionic Spine.

Statistics: Arm ST +4 (One arm, Kainian Bionics -22%) [5]; Arm ST +4 (One Arm; Kainian Bionics -22% Unsupported ST -25%) [4], DR 30 (One Arm -40%) [18], One Hand, (Mitigator, Cybernetic -70%) [-4], Injury Tolerance (Unliving, One Arm -40%) [12]; Striking Surface [1]

Availability: Major Procedure; $60,000.

Two Kainian Bionic Arms
46 points

Increase the cost of this bionic package to 51 points if the character has the Might of Kain or a Bionic Spine.

Statistics: Arm ST +4 (Two Arms, Kainian Bionics -22%) [8]; Arm ST +4 (Two arms, Kainian Bionics -22% Unsupported ST -25%) [6]; DR 30 (Two Arms -20%) [24], No Fine Manipulators (Mitigator, Cybernetic -70%) [-9], Injury Tolerance (Unliving, Two Arms -20%) [16], Striking Surface [1]

Availability: Two Major Procedure; $120,000. If already has one bionic arm, use the availability of one arm.

One Kainian Bionic Leg
24 points

Statistics: DR 30 (One leg -40%) [18], Injury Tolerance (Unliving, One Leg -40%) [12], Missing Legs (Mitigator, Cybernetic -70%) [-6]

Availability: Major Procedure; $25,000

Two Kainian Bionic Legs
50 points

Statistics: Lifting ST +4 (Kainian Bionics -22%) [7], Basic Move +1 (Kainian Bionics -22%) [4], Super Jump (Kainian Bionics -22%) [8], DR 30 (Legs -20%) [24], Injury Tolerance (Unliving; Legs -20%) [16], Legless (Mitigators, Cybernetic -70%) [-9]

Availability: Two Major Procedures; $50,000

Bionic Head/Face replacements

Kainian Bionic Ears
11 points

See Advanced Bionic Ears, UT 209. $10,000

One Kainian Bionic Eye
25 points

Statistics: Accessory (HUD) [1], Nictitating Membrane 10 (One Eye -50%) [1], Hyperspectral Vision (Kainian Bionics -22%, Temporary Disadvantage, No Depth Perception -15%) [16], Telescopic Vision 3 (Kainian Bionics -22%, Temporary Disadvantage, No Depth Perception -15%) [10], One Eye (Mitigator, Cybernetic -70%) [-4]

Availability: Major. $25,000.

Two Kainian Bionic Eyes
25 points

Statistics: Accessory (HUD) [1], Nictitating Membrane 10 [2], Hyperspectral Vision (Kainian Bionics -22%) [20], Protected Vision [5], Telescopic Vision 3 (Kainian Bionics -22%) [12], Blindness (Mitigator, Cybernetic -80%) [-15]

Availability: Major. $50,000.

Kainian Bionic Jaw
6 points

For the purposes of hit locations, treat any attack against the face that isn't explicitly against the Nose, Ears, Eyes or the Skull, or Corrosive attacks to the face, as an attack on the Jaw. It covers everything from the mandible to the lower cheeks.

Statistics: Cannot Speak (Mitigator. Cybernetic -70%) [-4], DR 30 (Jaw -80%) [6], Unliving (Jaw only -80%) [4].

Availability: Major. $30,000.

Kainian Bionic Arm Upgrades

Firebrand Fist
4 points

The hand integrates a heating element that can turn the user’s entire fist into a white-hot brand. This can be used to instantly any flammable item held or touched, or to inflict an additional 3d burn damage after a punch, or with contact to the body.

Statistics: Burning Attack 3d (Melee Attack, Reach C, Cannot
Parry, -35%; ST Based +30%; Kainian Bionics -22%) [4].

Availability: Simple Procedure; $7500

Deflector Arm
1 point

The arm integrates a force buckler (UT 192). This takes a conscious Ready action to enable.

Statistics: Accessory (Force Buckler) [1]

Availability: Simple Procedure; $7500

Cybernetic Implants

Kanian Blaster Analytics System
10 or 14 points

This neural lace interfaces with the sensory cortices of the brain to collect data and analyze ranged attack trajectories. This allows the character to accurately predict where blasters (and other ranged attacks) will strike with lightning speed and thus deflect them with his force sword or force buckler, simulating the uncanny reflexes of psionic characters.

Statistics: Special Exercise (Precognitive Defense against Ranged Attacks Only) [1]; Enhanced Dodge (Aspect, Ranged Attacks only -20%; Kainian Cybernetics -22%) [9]. The upgrade to level two adds Special Exercise (Precognitive Defense against Melee Attacks Only) [1] and removes the Aspect limitation for [13], thus allowing the character to use his enhanced defenses against both ranged and melee attacks for 4 more points. Note that if the character gains Enhanced Time Sense, this replaces these traits!

Availability: Major Procedure; $5,000.

Psyber Shield
13 points

The House of Kain regularly need to deal with telepaths, so often integrate mind-shield circuitry directly into their skulls (especially if they already have reinforced skeletons). This works just like the Mind Shield advantage, including the warning of an attempt against the user. Note that the Cybernetic Implant limitation below works like other cybernetic implants (it can be shorted out), not like the Mind Shield Cybernetic limitation!

Statistics: Mind Shield 4 (Kainian Cybernetics -22%) [13]

Availability: Major Procedure (Simple if character has Reinforced Skeleton); $5,000

5 points

see UT 210. Minor Procedure. $5000.

Metacoltanic Bomblets
1 point

Members of the House of Kain often implant bomblets all throughout their body (typically one in each limb and a larger one in their torso), which they wire directly to their nervous system using carefully surge protected wiring. The result is “foolproof” set of bomb implants directly under their control, which can be set to explode on command, or on a timer, and deactivated, all with a thought from the user. They arm their bomblets with Metacoltan, a substance native to Caliban with the equivalent explosive power of an isomeric weapon. A single bomblet can be focused into a singular blast that deals 6d×3(10) cr ex against a target, and dealing 6d damage to the cyborg (as well as destroying the limb with the implanted bomblet); alternatively, the cyborg can explore the bomblet at full power, dealing 6d×30 cr ex, or explode all internal bomblets dealing 6dx60 cr ex. Most Kainian nobles use their explosives to (spectacularly) avoid falling into enemy hands, or to take their enemy out with them.

Statistics: Accessory (Explosive) [1]

Availability: Major Procedure; $15,000

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