House Kain

Cadet Branches: None

The House of Kain is not a House of Maradon origin. The exact lineage of Lothar Kain, the founder of the House, remains lost in the mysteries of time, but his opponents have thrown accusations like “Bastard” and “Pirate” at him. Lothar Kain ruled Caliban and its ancient, alien orbital fortress with sufficient firepower to stop any armada dead in its tracks, and controlled the only hyperspace route through the Maelstrom, between the Glorain Rim and the Galactic Core. Should Alexus wish to pass, he needed to either defeat Lothar Kain’s fortress, or pay a hefty toll. Instead, Alexus dueled the robber baron to a standstill, and then offered a position as a general at his right hand. He said he refused to kill so great a warrior as Lothar, and promised Lothar would be far richer at his side than as his enemy.

And so, Lothar’s lineage rose to the aristocracy of the Alexian Dynasty. They proved a tough house to tame, however. They followed their own philosophies, barely paying even lip service to the Akashic Mysteries. While the Order managed to improve their genetics somewhat, the members of the House of Kain loved whom they loved, and made a sport of seducing the most desirable of Maradonian women away from the “weak” men of the Maradonian aristocracy (according to a popular Kain legend, Lothar seduced Alexus’ bride, Sissi Sabine, and she bore him a son, explaining why some Kains have white hair to this day; an unlikely tale, but Sabine blood certainly flows through the veins of some of the House of Kain).

When the rest of the Empire slowly descended into debauchery, the ruthless initiation rituals of the House of Kain kept their warriors strong. Upon reaching the age of maturity, a member of the House of Kain must first venture into the wilds of Caliban and face the wild beasts alone with nothing but their wits. After this, they must endure mutilation at the hands of their parents without crying out. If they succeed, their ruined body part is replaced with cybernetics and they’re welcomed into the house. Thus, when the rest of the Houses turned to delicate dueling, the Knights of Kain kept the ancient traditions of Maradonian knighthood alive, and wear the heavy armor and wield the heavy force swords of their ancestors to this day.

Because Caliban stands on the border between the galactic core and the Glorian Rim, Caliban stands at the border between the Empire and the Alliance. Thus far, their ferocious warrior-spirit, considerable fleet and powerful fortress, have kept the Empire at bay. Bypassing Caliban requires more treacherous routes, and attacking Caliban (a convenient choke point for the rest of the Alliance to rally around) has proven too costly for now. The House of Kain argues that the Alliance has not yet fallen to the Empire only thanks to their efforts, and they might be right!

Members of the House of Kain typically have olive or bronze skin, with thick, straight black hair (though hair color varies, and quite a few have white hair), thick lips, hawkish noses and stony features. Even their women tend to be handsome rather than beautiful. They typically tower over other nobility, and wear magnificently beautiful cybernetics.
The House of Kain has no psionic legacy. They can be psionic, but they produce no more psions than the general population.

Kain Titles

The House of Kain has only noble one title: the Archbaron of Caliban. The House of Kain originally held the title of Baron, but its many accomplishments and its place so close to the Alexian emperor more than justified a greater title. However, their ignoble origins made the idea repugnant to conservatives within the aristocracy, and so the Senate compromised, offering them the unique title of Archbaron, which is offers an imputed status of +3. By tradition, the title of Archbaron of Caliban may only be passed from father to son, or by the right of a duel. Should only daughters remain, as far as the rest of Kain is concerned, the title dies with the last Archbaron.
All other members of the House of Kain are knights.

The House of Kain legitimately claims the title of Imperial Knight (now Knight Protector), given their long service as body guards of the Alexian Emperor, and the Blademaster of the Destructive Form is usually a member of the House of Kain.

Notable members of the House of Kain

The current Archbaron of the House of Kain is Kento Kain, an ancient knight and a veteran of a century’s worth of war. So many wars have left the indomitable warrior a scarred creature, more machine than man, and he wears extensive external life support built into his armor, which he must always wear. He has only one child, the beautiful and dangerous Asura Kain, who refuses to marry any man who does not prove himself her equal on the field of battle. As such, when his temper gets the best of him, the Archbaron challenges other members of his house to a duel to the death. Should they kill him, they can claim the title of Archbaron, but so far, he has struck down all who have faced him.
Politically, Kento Kain could not care less about whether or not the Alliance reconciles with the Empire. He will rule Caliban no matter what, and the Empire can strip it from his cold, dead hands (which may come sooner than later!). However, Kento sees the elites of the Aristocracy as fops who create privilege for themselves because they’re afraid to face the harsh realities of life that the common people face every day. He doesn’t really support lifting the common people up, as Nova Sabine does, but he does support measures to dismantle aristocratic privilege, and this tends to make him a natural ally for Nova Sabine (it helps that the old man is a little sweet on her).

Kusari Kain, the Hound of Alexus, served as the archbaron during the last days of the Alexian Dynasty, and he represents the pinnacle of honor and devotion for the House of Kain. When Lucian Alexus, the Mad Emperor raged, Kusari Kain calmed him. When the Templars struck the mad emperor down, Kusari Kain and his legions of Immortals hunted them down and his armada scattered the assassin’s followers to the far reaches of the Galactic fringe. When Shio Daijin usurped the throne, he turned that armada around and deposed him. Shatterstar, his force sword, cleaved Shio Daijin’s head from his shoulders. When he held the capital of the Empire in his power, he then turned and left to return to Caliban, allowing the Houses to squabble among themselves over the scraps of the dynasty. The Aristocracy will forever remember his restraint, even if the respect they offer is grudging at best.

The famous founder of the House of Kain, the Bastard Baron, Lothar Kain, remains an enigmatic and controversial figure. As his epithet suggests, he certainly was not of noble birth, and he may well have been a warlord or mercenary that conquered Caliban and infiltrated its alien battle station and successfully tamed it. He had built a small interstellar kingdom, with Caliban as its capital, and he earned few allies with his brutal tactics. Nonetheless, he showed peerless bravery when he faced Alexus Rex and earned a place at his side. According to the lore of the house, he had a prodigious number of children of his own, fathered with illegitimate lovers (despite his bloodthirsty reputation, the House of Kain insist that all of his children were born from love, and the fact that he acknowledged every one of his bastards is offered as proof of this), and that beneath his rough exterior beat the heart of a romantic.

The Eugenic Legacy of Kain

Kain Eugenic Power-Up 50 points

Advantages: Kain Bloodline [1]; Spend up to 49 points on the following packages:

  • Might of Kain [25]
  • Invincibility of Kain [24]

The Might of Kain 25

Attributes: ST +4 [20]
Secondary Characteristics: HP +2 [4]
Advantages: Bloodline Purity 1 [1]
Feature: Ignore rules for Unsupported ST; ST may be increased to 25.

Characters with the Might of Kain who take any cybernetics (or bio-mods) with the Unsupported ST limitation must pay off that limitation; their bodies are sturdy enough and durable enough to take modifications, even local ones, that improve their ST up to 25.

The Invincibility of Kain 24

Attributes: HT +1 [10]
Advantages: Bloodline Purity 1 [1], High Pain Threshold [10], Resistance to Cybernetic Hazards +3 [3]

Resistance to Cybernetic Hazards improves HT on any complications that might arise from integrating cybernetics into the body, and to any affects that might harm cybernetics (explicitly adding to any HT rolls made for resisting surge effects or ergokinetic effects that might shut down or control cybernetics).

Tools of the House of Kain

Kain Background Options:

Given their strict upbringing, members of the House of Kain may add any of the background traits of Survivor with their Aristocratic Background options.
Optional Disadvantages: Bad Temper [-10*], Callous [-5], Impulsiveness [-10*], Lecherousness [-15*], Stubbornness [-5*].

Kain Technology

Kainian Grand Force Blade

The House of Kain enjoys considerable strength, both naturally and due to their cybernetics. Thus, they favor bigger, stronger blades. The Grand Force Blade has a heavy hilt, nearly two feet in length, and have create powerful blades. They require 2 C cells, which powers the blade for 1500 seconds. Most Grand Force Blades tend to be simple, rather than stylish, but are generally Fine. Not every member of house Kain wields one; many wield normal force swords, though few would be caught dead with a force saber.
Kainian Grand Force Sword: Dmg 10d+5 (5) burn; Reach 1-3; Parry 0; Cost $80,000, Weight 4, ST 10*.
*Two handed

Metacoltanic Explosives

Metacoltan is a unique material found deep in the bowels of Caliban and is present in the weaponry of the Hammer of Caliban. It is a highly stable form of isomeric explosive. This allows house Kain to miniaturize the nuclear firepower of a torpedo into the smaller, more agile package of a missile, and they also implant them as bomblets. These cost 20× as much as normal missiles.

Weapon Dmg Acc Range Ewt. RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl
100mm Metacoltanic Missile 6d×40 burn ex 3 2000/10,000 25 1 6 11B -8 1
160mm Metacoltanic Missile 6d×70 burn ex 3 1000/25 mi 200 1 8 23M -11 1

Kainian Bionic Catalog

See House Kain Cybernetics

The Relics of Kain

The Shatterstar, Grand Force Blade of Kusari Kain

Associated Communion: True Communion (Righteous Crusader)
Statistics: Terror (the Guilty only, Presence)
Cost: $500,000

The Shatterstar was the mighty force sword of Kusari Kain, the blade used to kill Shio Daijin. It is one of the finest force swords ever crafted (treat as Very Fine, dealing 10d+10 damage), those who bear it become terrifying to the guilty. Even if the victim cannot see the bearer, he feels a mounting sense of dread as the bearer closes in on them. Those the blade deems unworthy to touch also feel that mounting dread if they attempt to touch it or wield it.

The Token of Jaina Sabine

Associated Communion: True Communion (The Bound Princess)
Statistics: Special Rapport (Lover)
Cost: $25,000

According to a tradition, Lothar Kain seduced the beautiful Jaina Sabine, daughter of Sissi Sabine, a story that House Sabine pointedly ignores. Nonetheless, the House of Kain has a locket of the right design, and bearing all the marks of House Sabine of the appropriate age, a gift either stolen or given.

The Token of Jaina Sabine represents one sort of relic that turns up more frequently among the members of the House of Kain. When a daughter of Kain gives a token of affection, or a son of Kain receives one, these tend to form a bond between the two lovers that transcends space and time. As long as one bears the token, the symbol of their love, both have the Special Rapport advantage with one another. Most tokens tend to be small pieces of feminine jewelry, such as rings or bangles, that the man wears on a small chain, preferably hidden beneath his armor.

The Signet of Kain

Associated Communion: Dark Communion (The Rebellious Beast)
Statistics: Longevity; Resistant to Poison +3; Resistant to Disease +3.
Cost: $60,000

Lothar Kain’s signet ring predates his rise to power, but he had been a warlord before he became a baron. The ability of the Archbaron to survive wounds that would kill any lesser man have build legends of the Archbaron’s immortality, and that ability to survive has embedded itself in the ring. Those who bear it tend to live for exceptionally long periods of time, and shrug off disease and poison more easily than most, which, when combined with Kainian ability durability, tends to make them virtually impossible enemies to remove.

House Kain Ancestor Veneration

Kusari Kain

Era: War of the Four Houses

True Destiny: The Faithful Hound

The Akashic Order struggled to integrate House Kain, and would have rather Alexus never elevated them in the first place, but when Kusari Kain slew Shio Daijin, the Akashic Order knew they had a legend they could work with.

The Akashic Order presents Kusari Kain as the exemplary member of House Kain. He subordinates himself to the will of the Order and the other nobility. He sees his place as a knight, rather than a lord. He hunts the enemies of the Akashic Order and the Alliance with ruthless, machinelike efficiency. He knows his place, as the weapon of the Alliance.
Those who have the Destiny (Faithful Hound) can expect to hunt down the enemies of the Alliance, slay them, and to never die while in direct service to the Alliance, no matter how grievously wounded.


Kusari Kain worked tirelessly to hunt down the enemies of the old Alexian Dynasty, and that drive to preserve the power of the nobility with devoted, violent service, remains in his descendants to this day.

Descendents who follow Kusari Kain must take the Obsession (Slay the enemies of the Alliance) [-10].


  • The descendant is spiritually troubled. In his wandering, he meets a wise master, who assists him in overcoming his spiritual trouble. The descendant swears undying loyalty to the wise master.
  • A great enemy threatens the boon companion or wise master of the descendant while the descendant is away. The descendant must abandon his current quest, allies and friends to rescue his boon companion or wise master. He returns to find much of the Boon Companion or wise master’s property destroyed, but is able to rescue them.
  • The descendant realizes that to succeed at his quest, he will need a legendary artifact. However, none presents itself, but his wise master directs him to several places where he can collect fragments of an artifact and then he returns with them, and reforges them into a new legendary artifact, which becomes his signature item.
  • The wise master, having been betrayed by a traitor, sees how that treachery threatens the stability of his domain and the stability of the galaxy. He commands the descendant to hunt down and kill the traitor. The descendant agrees, and arrives at wrongfully acquired stronghold of the traitor to find a small army arrayed against them. He kill them all, and then executes the traitor.
  • The wise master unrighteously commands the descendant to hunt down and kill a good man. The good man, when confronted, refuses to fight back and instead offers an explanation for his actions and reveals the unrighteousness of the wise master’s request. The descendant chooses to follow his master’s command and slays the good man.

Associated Miracles

Kainian Grit

Minimum Reaction: Neutral
Learned Prerequisite: Blood Purity 1, either Communion 4 or Archetype.
Learned Prayer Cost: 3.

The Descendant pursues his prey with ruthless efficiency. He gains Tough Guy 3 for one hour or until it has assisted him at least once, which ever takes longer. This talent is cumulative with any existing talent, and may exceed +4.

Statistics: Tough Guy 3 (Divine, Path -15%) [13], Rule Exception (This talent may exceed +4) [1]

Divine Hunter

Minimum Reaction: Neutral
Learned Prerequisite: Blood Purity 1, Communion 4 or Archetype.
Learned Prayer Cost: 3 points.

This miracle grants the descendant perfect knowledge of the direction of his target. It only works with targets the character has attuned to (by meditating with something that belonged to them), and the character can only have a single target at a time.

Statistics: Super Memorization 1 (15) (Divine Path -15%, single form of Detect only -80%) [15]; Detect (Single living target only; Cosmic, no die roll required +100%; long range 2 +100%, No Analysis -10%)

Unstoppable (Enhanced)

Minimum Reaction: Good
Learned Prerequisite: Blood Purity 2, Communion 7.
Learned Prayer Cost: 6 points.

The mystic gains High Pain Threshold and a DR of 20 (hardened x3) against all attacks for the next 3d seconds, and for the duration of this effect, the character takes no visible damage, and is seemingly invincible. If this is taken as a learned prayer, it can only be used once per session.

For the next 3d seconds, the descendant gains High Pain Threshold, DR 20 (hardened x3), takes no visible damage and is unkillable until he reaches -10xHP, unless he is wounded with an attack that originates from Communion. Furthermore, in addition to his High Pain Threshold, he gains +3 to resist unconsciousness. Finally, when the power wears off, the character must check for death based on his current state, but even if the roll fails, even if he’s automatically dead (-5xHP), the character merely falls unconscious and is not dead unless someone deals a death blow.

Statistics: New variant of Blessed derived from Blessed Be (Pyramid #3-78) [14] with grants the following advantages DR 20 (Hardened 5 +150%, Force Field +20%) [54], High Pain Threshold [15], No Visible Damage [1], Hard to Subdue +3 [6] and Unkillable 1 (Achilles Heel, Divine Attacks, -10%) [45]

Lothar Kain

Era: The Rise of Alexus

Dark Destiny: Bloodthirsty Warlord

The Akashic Order never liked Lothar Kain. They saw Alexus Rex as making a deal with a devil when he allowed him into the ranks of Maradonian Nobility. As such, the Akashic Order goes out of its way to present the memory of Lothar Kain in as sinister a light as it can. It portrays Lothar Kain as a ruthless conqueror and bandit who left destruction and suffering in his wake. They then emphasize to the members of House Kain that if they follow Lothar’s path, they will likely suffer a similar fate.

Unfortunately for the Akashic Order, many members of House Kain fail to see the drawback of this.

Those with the Destiny (Bloodthirsty Warlord) can expect to achieve great success on the field of battle, to crush their enemies, to drive them before the descendant and to hear the lamentations of their women. They can also expect their victories to be bloody and terrifying.


Lothar Kain had a complicated relationship with the Maradonian aristocracy. He both despised their weakness, but craved the chance to prove himself better than them. This ideal still pulses deep within the veins of most members of House Kain.

Descendants who follow Lothar Kain must have Obsession (Be recognized as the greatest of nobles) [-10].


  • The descendant faces an impossible battle. He can choose to surrender, make a great sacrifice to buy his allies some time, or he can engage in massive slaughter of innocence to achieve victory. He chooses to engage in slaughter, wins, gains access to a reward, and is honored by the moral authority.
  • The descendant wins a great military victory. His newly acquired spoils contain a corrupted legendary artifact. The descendant cannot unlock that power alone, however. He must seek a boon companion to sacrifice to the legendary artifact, which will give him mastery over it. He doe so, corrupting or slaying the boon companion and, in so doing, gains great power with no real consequences to himself.
  • The descendant faces a worthy rival, who represents the moral authority, in battle. The two fight to a standstill. Rather than finish the battle, the rival offers to allow the descendant to join forces with him and to be honored by the moral authority, in exchange for great power and prestige. The descendant agrees.
  • Many virtuous suitors vie for the attention of a beautiful, virtuous youth. The descendant uses underhanded tactics to tempt and seduce the beautiful, virtuous youth. He succeeds, but she is corrupted by his love. Nonetheless, she proves to be a powerful and capable Boon Companion. As a result, at least one of the suitors becomes a rival.
  • The moral authority requests that the descendant undertake a quest to recover a legendary artifact on their behalf, and promises riches and prestige when he succeeds. He journeys far from home, acquires the artifact and returns. He finds that the moral authority has betrayed him in the meantime and has taken his home from him. When confronted, the moral authority confesses that they thought he would betray them and agree to return his home in return for the legendary artifact. The descendant may either trade the legendary artifact for the return of his home, or he may wage war upon them, defeat them, and keep the legendary artifact for himself. Either way, the moral authority will portray him as a villain.

Associated Miracles

Dark Warlord

Minimum Reaction: Neutral
Learned Prerequisite: Blood Purity 1, either Dark Communion 4 or Archetype.
Learned Prayer Cost: 3.

The descendant excels at the pursuits of war. He gains Born Warleader 3 for one hour or until it has assisted him at least once, which ever takes longer. This talent is cumulative with any existing talent, and may exceed +4.

Statistics: Born Warleader 3 (Divine, Path -15%) [13], Rule Exception (This talent may exceed +4) [1]

Dark Prowess

Minimum Reaction: Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Blood Purity 2, Dark Communion 8
Learned Prayer Cost: 9 points

As Power of the Abyss (Enhanced) (Pyramid #3-36, page 11) but with the additional Path modifier and without DR 1. This reflects the Lothar Kain’s enormous physical potential.

Statistics: Blessed 6 (Heroic Feats; Divine, Path -25%) [45]

Dark Glory

Minimum Reaction: Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Blood Purity 2, Dark Communion 8
Learned Prayer Cost: 8 points

As Dark Glory (Pyramid #3-36, page 11) but with the additional Path modifier and a -2 to fright checks..

Statistics: Terror 2 (Divine, Path -25%) [38]

Kira Kain

Era: War of the Four Houses

Free Destiny: Romantic Adventurer

Kira served a Grimshaw master during the war of the Four Houses, and when he died, she set out to avenge him. On her long quest, she had wild adventures across the galaxy, uncovering treasures, defeating vile enemies, and she once ruled a planet as a living goddess for a very brief and ill-fated escapade. The whole time, she found herself just a few steps behind the increasingly intriguing and romantic assassin. Eventually, when she caught up with him, he successfully convinced her that it wasn’t her fight, and asked her to join him.

The Akashic Order used to hold Kira up as an example of what happens when a Kain abandons his duty, but this tended to have the opposite effect on members of house Kain, so they’ve just quietly discouraged her veneration, and the leader of house Kain largely agree, as stories of how great life if once you leave the service of the Alliance is counterproductive to Kainian goals.

Those who have Destiny (Romantic Adventurer) can expect to never have a boring life, to gain success at wildly improbable ventures, and to see fate conspire to keep them moving on to their next adventure.


Kira had an obsessive goal, but abandoned it. Her legacy is less of a goal, and more of a mind-set.
Those who follow the path of Kira Kain must have Impulsiveness [-10].


  • The descendant serves a master in a time of war. The enemies of the master hire an assassin to slay the master. The descendant tries to protect her master, but fails. She swears an oath of revenge. In so doing, she is able to escape any lingering duties or bonds she might have had.
  • While far from home, the descendant encounters a magnificent vice. The moral authority had warned her not to partake, but they are far away, so she does. While under the influence of the vice, she encounters a sworn enemy, but because of her vice, she is unable to defeat him and he escapes. She suffers no additional consequences, and gains some great insight thanks to the encounter.
  • While far from home, the descendant finds a map to a lost treasure, one her rival also seeks. Both pursue the treasure and arrive to acquire it at the same moment. The descendant wins the battle, but must choose between acquiring the treasure or defeating the rival. She chooses acquiring the treasure.
  • While far from home, the descendant discovers a beautiful youth who is destined to rule a local Moral Authority and is in great peril. The descendant rescues the beautiful youth, who instantly falls in love with her. The beautiful youth requests her assistance in restoring the moral authority, and she agrees, succeeds, and is acclaimed a hero. The beautiful youth offers to let her rule beside the beautiful youth, but seeing that she would become too tied down in the complicated politics of the world, she refuses.
  • While far from home, The descendant tracks down an enemy she has sworn to defeat after a very long and rewarding journey. She defeats him, but he explains that he was never her enemy, and offers to let her join him. She chooses to let him live, but refuses to join him.

Associated Miracles

Dark Courage

Minimum Reaction: Neutral
Learned Prerequisite: Blood Purity 1, either Dark Communion 4 or Archetype.
Learned Prayer Cost: 3 points.

The descendant fears nothing, except possibly for unspeakable cosmic horrors. She is immune to all fright checks. This miracle lasts for an hour or until it has helped her at least once, whichever takes longer.

Statistics: Unfazeable (Divine Path -15%) [13]

The Tao of Hyperspace

Minimum Reaction: Good
Learned Prerequisite: Blood Purity 2, Dark Communion 7.
Learned Prayer Cost: 6 points.

As Traveler's Blessing (Divine Favor page 10).

Free Movement

Minimum Reaction: Neutral
Learned Prerequisite: Blood Purity 1, Dark Communion 5
Learned Prayer Cost: 4 points.

After making a successful Meditation roll, the descendant suffers no DX penalties for unstable terrain of any sort. This lasts for the remainder of combat, or an hour, whichever is shorter.

Statistics: Terrain Adaption (Divine Path -15%, Active +300%) [20]

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