House Grimshaw

Cadet Branches: Daijin

House Grimshaw is technically a cadet branch from the now disgraced House Daijin. The latter served as the chancellor to House Alexus, and ruled over the Royal Moon, Atrium, that circles Maradon. After the fall of the House of Alexus, the most powerful noble of the era, Shio Daijin, stepped up to seize the Empire, and saw the rest of the Houses rise up to defeat him and cast him down as a war criminal and usurper. Since then, House Grimshaw rose to take Daijin’s place. Like House Sabine, Grimshaw’s power base lies primarily in humanity’s home and the center of the Alliance, and thus it retained most of its power when the Federation fell.

The Oracular Order saw House Daijin (and thus Grimshaw) as defenders of the status quo. They oversaw the governance of the Maradon Empire, guided the Alexian Emperor, and recorded its history in the great libraries of Atrium. At the same time, they maintained constant vigil against those who would deviate from the Golden Path. House Grimshaw has largely remained true to the Oracular Order’s vision, and more than any House, concerns itself with the purity of its blood. Despite its early struggles, house Grimshaw has become the aristocracy of aristocracy, and stands today as one of the most powerful houses of the Alliance.

Members of House Grimshaw appear no more, or less, attractive than the common folk (though they tend to have more aristocratic features than most), but they have strong, magnetic personalities that draw others to them. Most Grimshaw have vibrantly blue or liquid silver eyes and an intense, almost electric gaze, that seems to crackle of glow when they draw upon their psionic heritage, ergokinesis. Despite their charisma, however, most Grimshaw have cold, calculating personalities. They tend to concern themselves first and foremost with the safety and power of their House and, thereafter, with their adherence to the philosophies of the bygone Oracular Order and, lastly, with ensuring that everyone else adhere to their vision as well.

Grimshaw Titles

House Grimshaw, through its connection to the royal House Daijin, is also a royal house. House Daijin still retains its hereditary dominion over Atrium as Count or Countess. The master of House Grimshaw is always a Duke, and traditionally the Duke of Denjuku and Lord of the Shinjurai. They also have seats at the executive boards of a variety of corporations, not the least of which is Syntech. They also traditionally hold the title of Master of Ceremonies, the sons and daughters of Grimshaw Dukes may title themselves Prince or Princess, and they recently persuaded the Senate to allow some of their rank to hold the title of Defender of the Faith.
They have numerous lesser titles, but tend to have non-martial titles: countess, viscountess and lady.

Most Grimshaw dominion is found throughout the Ancestral Spur.

Notable members of House Grimshaw

The Duke Bale Grimshaw rules the House, and holds more influence and power than any other current Alliance noble. He strongly believes in returning the Alliance back to its roots and restoring the Federation, though he’s willing to forge a truce with the Empire if it gives the Alliance time to solidify its position. A staunch conservative, he opposes any expansion of non-aristocratic power, regularly pushes to expansion of aristocracy privilege, and advocates for a return to the Oracular Order as a state philosophy. He has also begun rehabilitating the image of Shio Daijin, revising his memory from usurper to patriot, and rumor swirls around Bale Grimshaw’s ambition: many suspect he intends to create a second Alexian Empire, with himself at its head.

Shio Daijin remains a controversial figure to this day. After the death of the last Alexian Emperor, his forces moved quickly to secure the Imperial Capital, so seamlessly that some accuse him of orchestrating the murder of the last Alexian Emperor (though he almost certainly didn’t strike the deathblow himself). He then engaged in a powerful crackdown on the last remnants of the Knights of Communion and those Houses that still revolted against the central power, attempting to seize control of the Empire or, according to House Grimshaw, to restore order to the Empire. Either way, he failed and the victors executed him as a war criminal. House Grimshaw, which rose after the fall of Daijin, originally distanced itself from his actions, but today, speak more warmly of their founding house.

Janus Daijin founded the House, and while the specter of Shio Daijin has retroactively tainted his memory, his remains still rest in the imperial necropolis of Maradon with the rest of the old Alexian heroes. He served as adviser and councilor to Alexus, using his considerable psionic power and genius to guide his master to victory after victory, both in matters of war and matters of peace, and he was offered the first daughter of Alexus as his bride. He wielded such psionic power that the Oracular Order, in eugenically engineering House Grimshaw, did not seek to improve them, but to ensure that they bred true to their founder.

Grimshaw Eugenic Legacy

Grimshaw Eugenic Power-Up 50 points

Advantages: Grimshaw Bloodline [1]; Spend up to 49 points on Classic Appearance (Aristocratic) [1] or on the following packages:

  • Grimshaw Magnetism [6]
  • Grimshaw Detachment [16]
  • Grimshaw Intellect [16]
  • Grimshaw Power [10]

Disadvantages: Replace any of your template disadvantages with the following disadvantages (If you have Bloodline Purity 2 or higher, you may choose an additional -5 points worth of the following disadvantages, increasing your disadvantage limit by -5 points!): Callous [-5], Distinctive Feature (Silver or vibrantly blue eyes) [-1], Jealousy [-10], Mental Instability [Varies], No Sense of Humor [-10], Overconfidence [-5*], Selfishness [-5*]

Grimshaw Magnetism 6

Advantages: Charisma 1 [5], Bloodline Purity 1 [1]

Grimshaw Detachment 16

Advantages: Bloodline Purity 1 [1], Unfazeable [15]

Grimshaw Intellect 16

Attributes: IQ +1 [20]
Secondary Characteristics: -1 Perception [-5]
Advantages: Bloodline Purity 1 [1]

Grimshaw Power 10

Secondary Characteristics: Fatigue +3 [9]
Advantages: Bloodline Purity 1 [1]
Features: Fatigue may exceed HT by 100% [0]

Daijin Eugenic Power-Up 50 points

As the Grimshaw Eugenic Power-Up, but replace Grimshaw Magnetism with Daijin Focus:

Daijin Focus 6

Advantages: Single Minded [5], Bloodline Purity 1 [1]

Mental Instability

Mental Instability is a secret disadvantage (B120), a lurking “trap” in the genetics that the GM can spring upon a player whenever he wants, provided the player takes the Mental Instability disadvantage. Allow the player to take up to between -10 and -20 points, and then assign a disadvantage worth at least five points less.
The most common mental instabilities for House Grimshaw are Delusion (“Everything is Connected”, or “Secret conspiracies seek to undermine the Alliance”) [-5 to -10] or Paranoia [-10].

Grimshaw Psionic Legacy

House Grimshaw has latent Ergokinesis Abilities. If the character has the Grimshaw Bloodline perk and the requisite Bloodline Purity levels, he may take the following abilities and talents whenever he wishes:
Bloodline Purity 0: EK Shield (PP 33) [4/level]; Electric Vision (PP 33) [8 to 12]; Interface (PP 35) [1], Light Amplification (PP 35) [1], Power Generator (PP 35) [1]; Presence (Pyramid #3-69 p7) [1].
Blood Purity 1: Ergokinetic Interface [10-30], Flash (PP 35) [22+5/level]; Surge (PP 34) [4/level]
Blood Purity 3: Dampen (PP 33) [12/level]; Electric Lash [4/level]; Lightning [7/level].
Blood Purity 4: Ergokinesis Talent +1 to +4 [5/level]

Sample Grimshaw Psionic Power Packages

Grimshaw Deflection 25 points

Prerequisite: Grimshaw Bloodline

The Grimshaw can absorb or deflect enery attacks sent his way, and many focus on batting aside blaster fire with a wave of their hand. Grishaw Deflection provides a DR of 25 against energy attacks (blasters, force swords, lightning or plasma weapons) and can upgrade it to remove all armor divisors from blaster attacks..

Advantages: EK Shield 5 [20]
Skills: EK Shield (H) IQ [4];
Technique: Blaster Absorption (H) EK Shield-2 [1];

Grimshaw Vision 25 points

Prerequisite: Grimshaw Bloodline
The Grimshaw simply sees electricity, that it is present, and how it flows. He may make a skill roll to detect any hidden electrical devices and to gain greater insight into how that device functions and its nature. Apply normal vision penalties (range, darkness, etc). He may even see such devices through intervening matter, such as stone or metal, up to a foot thick.

Advantages: Electric Vision 2 [12]
Skills: Electric Vision (H) Per [4];
Techniques: Deep Scan (H) Electric Vision +0 [9]

Grimshaw Purge 25 points

Prerequisite: Grimshaw Bloodline, Bloodline Purity 1
Should someone use technology a Grimshaw disapproves of, he may short it out with nothing more than a judgmental glower and a wave of his hand. If the Grimshaw can see it (see Grimshaw vision), he may make a roll against Surge, which the device opposes with HT. If he succeeds, he rolls 5d and and electical devices must make an HT roll at -1 per 2 points of "damage" rolled (though no actual damage is inflicted); adjust this for high HP targets (a 20 HP target suffers -1 per 4 "damage" rolled, etc). On a faiure, it "shorts out" for a number of secconds equal to its margin of failure. This attack ignores DR completely!

By rolling at -2 to hit, the character may also selectively target everything within two yards of himself (+2 yards for every margin of 5 by which he succeeds).

Advantages: Surge 5 [20]
Skills: Surge (H) Will-1 [2]
Techniques: Mass Surge (H) Surge-2 [3]

Grimshaw Glory 25 points

Prerequisite: Grimshaw Bloodline, Bloodline Purity 1

The Grimshaw focuses all ambient light into a single pulse from a single point, usually just behind his head, creating a momentary halo of power. Anyone within 2 yards must roll HT; failure stuns the target (they may roll to recover each second to recover), while those who fail by 5 or more are blinded for minutes equal to the margin of failure. Protected vision grants +5 to resist this roll, and characters with closed eye or who are already blind are immune.

Advantages: Flash 1 [22]
Skills: Flash (H) Will-2 [1]
Techniques: Overwhelm (H) Flash-3 [2]

Grimshaw Fury 25 points

Prerequisite: Grimshaw Bloodline, Blood Purity 3

The Grimshaw conducts electricity directly from his body to lash out at nearby targets. Treat this as a "melee" attack with a range up to 20 yards; roll your Electric Lash skill to hit. The target takes 5d-5 burning damage if hit; the attack ignores all DR from metallic armors (non-composite, non-diamondoid rigid armors) and has an armor divisor of 5 against all other forms of armor. Targets struck by the attack must roll HT at -1 per 2 points of damage inflicted of be stunned (or shorted out, in the case of electrical objects) for a number of seconds equal to their margin of failure.

Advantages: Electric Lash 5 [20]
Skills: Electric Lash (H) IQ [4];
Perk: Power Generator [1]

Grimshaw Shadow 25 points

Prerequisite: Grimshaw Bloodline, Blood Purity 3

By exerting his “shadow,” a Grimshaw can end all technological activity within an area of two yards radius, either around him, or in an area touching him. This causes all electricity it that affected area to stop flowing, causing all electrical devices to simply cease functioning.

Advantages: Dampen 2 [24]
Skills: Dampen (H) IQ-2 [1];

Tools of House Grimshaw

Grimshaw Background Options:

Add the following traits to Aristocratic background:
Traits: Ally (Non-Volitional Sentinel Robot; 125 points; 15 or less; Minion +0%) [6]; Ally (Awoken Sentinel Robot; 250-300 points; 15 or less) [15];
Skills: History (H) IQ-1 [2]; Law (Alliance Aristocratic) (A) IQ [2].
Optional Disadvantages: Fanaticism (Oracular Order, House Grimshaw, or the Alliance) [-15], Hidebound [-5].

Grimshaw Psi-Techniques

Blaster Absorption (Hard)
Default: EK Shield-3; cannot exceed EK Shield
Characters may opt to use this technique instead of EK-shield whenever they’re hit by blaster fire. This applies Hardened 3 to the shield against blaster fire only. This reduces the armor divisor (5) to no armor divisor. Roll after each attack, but only pay the fatigue cost once per minute.

Force Sword Absorption (Hard)
Default: EK Shield-3; cannot exceed EK Shield
Characters may opt to use this technique instead of EK-shield whenever they’re hit by a force sword. This applies Hardened 3 to the shield against force swords only. This reduces the armor divisor (5) to no armor divisor. Roll after each attack, but only pay the fatigue cost once per minute.

Hand Deflection (Hard)
Default: EK Shield-2; cannot exceed EK Shield
The character may concentrate all of his EK shield to his hand; multiply the DR of the EK shield by 5! If the character makes a bare-handed parry, apply this DR to any attacks made against his hand.

Grimshaw Technology

Empty Blades

Grimshaw knights often learn the Power Generator perk, and use it to power specially design force swords that don’t contain any power cell. Instead, the user spends 1 fatigue to power it for one minute. This prevents anyone not a Grimshaw from using the force sword against the Grimshaw. It also means the blades can be (even) lighter.

Grimshaw Relics

The Riddle-Sphere

Associated Communion: True Communion (The Exiled Master) or Broken Communion (Madness)
Statistics: Ally (The “ghost” of Janus Daijin), Universal Psionics, Visions (Overwhelming), Legendary Reputation (Exiled Master or Madness) +1
Cost: $1,000,000

Janus had in his possession an ancient device that predated the Alexian Empire, and used lost technology (likely similar to the Citadel of Caliban), which he called “the Riddle Sphere.” The Riddle Orb is a silvery sphere that weighs 20 lbs and is small enough to carry in two hands, but unwieldy. It seems to have some internal power source that draws on ambient psionic energy and it interfaces with the wielder through a psionic or neural connection upon touching it. To wield it, one must unlock it by mastering its strange security features and its “riddles” by exploring the mental landscape it presents and solving its puzzles. These typically require IQ rolls or Expert Skill (Psionics), but can require any skill the GM requires (or be played out). Once unlocked, the Riddle Orb typically grants the wielder awareness of distant places throughout the galaxy and allows him to use his psionic powers in those remote places without any regards for distance. It may have additional powers.
Janus Daijin embedded his consciousness (or was trapped by the Riddle Sphere) and his mind still lurks within the Riddle Sphere. He typically offers his insights to the wielder (treat him as IQ 18 and with access to at least Administration-18, Expert Skill (Psionics)-18, Politics-18, Strategy-18 and Teaching-18, though he no longer has access to his psionic powers, he can tutor others in it), and he’s extremely interested in the state of House Daijin. His advice is almost certainly biased towards his own interests, which seem to be the restoration of House Daijin, but it might involve other hidden agendas, and he may have gone mad.
Over time, the Riddle-Sphere has become steeped with both Janus’ mind and with the legends that swirl around it, becoming a true relic of Communion. It’s exact nature is up to the GM: if it’s a benign guide, then it serves the path of the Exiled Master. If Janus has gone mad and has a malevolent agenda, then it serves the Path of Madness.

The Crown of the Usurper

Associated Communion: Dark Communion (The Mystic Tyrant) or True Communion (the Righteous Crusader)
Statistics: Sense Sin, Legendary Reputation (The Mystic Tyrant or the Righteous Crusader) +1
Cost: $250,000

When Shio Daijin took the Alexian throne, he refused the Alexian crown, claiming he sought only to restore order and to purge the Empire of those who would destroy it. Thus, he crafted a new crown of diamondoid, a simple band of gleaming, starlit black. After his death, House Grimshaw took possession of the crown and keep it locked away in their secret vaults.

The Crown of the Usurper has gained a tricky reputation. According to legend, Shio Daijin could see into the hearts of men. His enemies claimed he used this to tempt the wicked to join him, while his apologists claimed he used this power to hunt down the wicked and destroy them. Those who wear this crown gain the same ability. The Legendary Reputation gained by the wearer depends on the GM: if Shio Daijin was true to his word, then he was a Righteous Crusader, otherwise, a Mystic Tyrant; alternatively, the GM may decide that the wearer shapes the legend of the Crown of the Usurper: a righteous wearer becomes a crusader, and a monster becomes a tyrant.

The Grimshaw Signet

Associated Communion: True Communion (The Righteous Crusader)
Statistics: Data Retrieval 1; Interface; Genetic Override
Cost: $60,000

The Grimshaw Signet ring is always worn by the Duke of House Grimshaw, and was a gift from the Duke of Daijin to the first Grimshaw, Ren Grimshaw. Though it has become a true relic (one seeped with the imagery of the Path of the Righteous Crusader), it has long contained complex psychotronic machinery within it. In the hands of a Grimshaw, it can interface with any computer or device that he touches with the ring, allowing him to read any data within the device, and to control it (though he has no unique hacking skills); it also allows the Grimshaw to bypass any aristocratic biometrics, allowing him to “read” as a member of any house. This last is one of the great secrets kept by house Grimshaw, though by now most of the major houses have at least a suspicion of the signet’s true powers.

House Grimshaw Ancestor Veneration

Tae Grimshaw

Era: The Alexian Dynasty

Destiny: Aristocratic Inquisitor

Tae Grimshaw first gained the notice of Tanaquil Alexus when she uncovered a conspiracy against the Elegant Empress and suffered at their hands. Tanaquil gave Tae the power she needed to root out the conspiracy and ruthlessly defeat them, which she successfully did. The Akashic Order holds Tae up as finest example of a Grimshaw, who keeps the rest of the Maradonian houses pure and true to their purpose on the Golden Path. They began to emphasize Tae over Janus Daijin after Shio Daijin betrayed the Maradonian Houses by attempting to seize power.

Those who have the Destiny (Aristocratic Inquistitor) are destined to find conspiracies and destroy them, to destroy tools of forbidden power, to drive back the ideological enemies of the Akashic Order, and to increase the purity of the Akashic Order.


Tae Grimshaw worked with Tanaquil Alexus to uncover conspiracies against the Alexian Empire, and her Grimshaw descendants carry on this tradition. Modern descendants of Tae Grimshaw feel driven to uncover real or imagined conspiracies against the Alliance, or against the power of the Maradonian Houses.
Descendents who follow Tae Grimshaw must have Obsesssion (Uncover conspiracies against the Alliance) [-10].


  • The Descendant uncovers evidence of a conspiracy against the moral authority. She attempts to reveal the evidence to the moral authority, the conspiracy attacks her, scars her and takes the evidence. However, the moral authority recognizes her efforts and appoints her to a position of power.
  • The Descendant faces and defeats a powerful member of the conspiracy and retrieves a corrupted legendary artifact. With the blessing of the moral authority, she purifies the legendary artifact and takes it for her own.
  • The Descendant uncovers evidence that a boon companion is a member of the conspiracy. The boon companion offers to allow her to join, and offers her either great power or his love. She refuses, reveals the boon companion’s treachery to the moral authority, and condemns the boon companion herself.
  • The Descendant faces and defeats the conspiracy’s master in battle and destroys the conspiracy. For her deeds, she receives honor and high position from the moral authority.
  • Fragments of the conspiracy remain even after its death. When the descendant is exultant in her victory, an assassin attempt so kill the descendant. The descendant successfully slays the assassin, finally ending the threat of the conspiracy for once and all, but then dies (literally or symbolically) of her wounds.

Associated Miracles

Truth Seeker

Minimum Reaction: Neutral
Learned Prerequisite: Blood Purity 1, either Communion 4 or Archetype.
Learned Prayer Cost: 3.

The Descendant excels at uncovering conspiracies. She gains Truth Seeker 3 for one hour or until it has assisted her at least once, which ever takes longer. This talent is cumulative with any existing talent, and may exceed +4.

Statistics: Truth Seeker 3 (Divine, Path -15%) [13], Rule Exception (This talent may exceed +4) [1]


Minimum Reaction: Good
Learned Prerequisite: Blood Purity 2, Communion 7.
Learned Prayer Cost: 6 points.

Communion blesses you with momentarily perfect insight into the world around you, pulling back the fog of ignorance and fear. For the next 3d6 seconds, gain Unfazeable, Enhanced Time Sense and +1d6 IQ (including Will and Perception). This explicitly improves your psionic skills and extra effort rolls.

Statistics: New variant of Blessed derived from Blessed Be (Pyramid #3-78) [26]

Sense Sin

Minimum Reaction: Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Blood Purity 2, Communion 9
Learned Prayer Cost: 10 points

As See Evil from Divine Favor page 12, except it detects that which the Descendant's moral authority deems inappropriate, and not just what they've done, but what they're capable of doing (That is, you'll detect not just whether someone has committed murder, but also that they have bloodlust, and so that it's in their nature to commit murder).

Statistics: Sense Sin (Divine: Path -15%, Cosmic, no die roll required +100%, Vision based, reversed -20%) [50]

Shio Daijin

Era: War of the Four Houses

Destiny: Usurper

Shio Daijin kicked off the War of the Four Houses when he attempted to seize the Alexian throne for himself. As such, the Akashic Order holds Shio Daijin up as an example of what happens to those whose ambition drives them to derail the Golden Path and to usurp their position. The fall Shio shamed the House Daijin, and thus House Grimshaw became the dominant branch of the House.

Today, the legacy of Shio Daijin has grown more complex. Some Daijin argue that with the death of the Alexian line, perhaps Shio could have done what was necessary to restore the Golden Path and rebuild the Dynasty. Alternately, they see what he was doing as attempting to restore order, rather than seizing power.

Characters with the Destiny (Usurper) can expect to gain numerous allies, to gain access to conspiracies, and to receive opportunities to attain a great position of power via unlawful means.


According to tradition, Shio Daijin wanted to be Emperor, and this naturally drove him to commit the acts that he did. Naturally, all descendants of Shio Daijin feel the same and push to gain greater and greater power and have endless ambition. A more recent, apologist view sees Shio Daijin as slandered for his attempt to restore order to a chaotic galaxy.

Descendents who follow Shio must have either Obsesssion (Rule the Galaxy) [-10] or Obsession (Restore the Alexian Dynasty) [-10].


  • Over the course of an adventure, the Descendant uncovers a threat to the moral authority. He returns and warns his peers of the threat. His peers, suspicious of his motives, disregard his warning and accuse him of attempting to manipulate him, all except for one, who become a boon companion.
  • As the Descendant prepares to meet the threat, jealous peers attack (literally or metaphorically) the allies of the Descendant, unintentionally assisting the threat. The Descendant must choose. He either allows the tragedy to unfold, in which case he will lose his boon companion and many innocents will die, but he will regain the respect of his peers, or he makes a pre-emptive strike, in which case he commits an atrocity and is vilified by his peers, but protects his allies and his boon companion.
  • The Descendant learns that without the help of his peers, he can never avert the threat. Because his peers will not voluntarily work with him, his only recourse is to seize power over them and force them to assist him. If he attempts to do so, he succeeds.
  • While at his most powerful, the Descendant meets a beautiful youth. The youth offers herself as a bride to the Descendant. If he accepts her, she will give him an heir that will outlast his regime, but she will also betray him, as she seeks marriage only for power.
  • As the threat reaches its climax, the peers of the Descendant move against him. The Descendant must choose: either he allows them to defeat and kill him, in which case his legacy will continue and the threat will be defeated, or he faces them and defeats them and retains power, in which case the threat fully manifests. It will not harm the Descendant or his allies, but it will destroy the peers of the Descendant and ruin their moral order.

Associated Miracles

Daijin Statesman

Minimum Reaction: Neutral
Learned Prerequisite: Blood Purity 1, Dark Communion 6
Learned Prayer Cost: 5.

The Descendant excels at statecraft. He gains Intuitive Statesman 3 for one hour or until it has assisted himi at least once, which ever takes longer. This talent is cumulative with any existing talent, and may exceed +4.

Statistics: Intuitive Statesman 3 (Divine, Path -25%) [23], Rule Exception (This talent may exceed +4) [1]

Restore Order

Minimum Reaction: Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Blood Purity 2, Dark Communion 7
Learned Prayer Cost: 6 points

Once per session, the Descendant may restore proper order merely by wishing it so. After completion of this prayer, a coincidence happens (that the player himself may choose) that sets the world back on its proper course, and reduces tension.

Statistics: Serendipity (Divine, Path -15%, Wishing +100%, Aspect: Return the world to its proper state -20%) [26]

Aura of Focus

Minimum Reaction: Good
Learned Prerequisite: Blood Purity 2, Communion 9.
Learned Prayer Cost: 11 points.

After making a successful meditation roll, Communion empowers the Descendant with +3 willpower, as well as all allies he wishes to empower who are nearby (generally up to 2 yards away, though the mystic may apply a -5 to his Meditation roll to expand it out to 4 yards away). On a failed meditation roll, the Descendant can spend a point of fatigue (or psionic energy reserves) and try again on the next turn. This lasts for the remainder of combat, or an hour, whichever is shorter.

Statistics: Aura of Focus 3 (see Pyramid #3-19 page 8)

Janus Daijin

Era: Rise of Alexus

Destiny: Strange Sage

The Akashic Order has a complicated relationship with Janus Daijin. He predates the strong bond between the Akashic Order and the Alexian Dynasty, and his unusual behavior and unorthodox beliefs challenge the Akashic Order, but at the same time, he had an undeniable influence on the first Alexian Emperor, features strongly in their legends and has the respect of both the Daijin and the Grimshaw, from whom they descend. So the Akashic Order carefully portrays him in terms of an eccentric sage, and advisor to Alexus who tread previously untrodden roads. Fortunately, with the fall of the Daijin, the Akashic Order can afford to push Janus into the background and emphasize other members of the line, such as Tae Grimshaw.

Those who have Destiny(Strange Sage) can count on having interesting lives, will encounter strange technology, lore and relics, and can expect to be called upon desperate rulers in need of their unconventional wisdom.


The memory of Janus has faded over time, for he was already old, very old, when Alexus was on his rise, and the House Daijin may well be the oldest of Maradonian houses. Those who follow the Path of Janus find that they’re not particularly driven to do anything at all, except what they wish. Thus, no two such descendants are alike. However, the strange ways of Janus does creep into their lives, creating strange evens, drawing weirdness to them, and even twisting them to make them something other than human.
Instead of gaining an obsession, those who invoke the miracles of Janus instead suffer Corruption. Neutral miracles inflict 1d Corruption, Good reactions inflict 2d Corruption, Very Good reactions inflict 3d Corruption, and Excellent or better inflict 4d Corruption.


  • A great evil threatens the Descendant’s home. None of his peer has the courage to face the threat, and so the Descendant volunteers. He departs his home on a quest that will successfully avert the danger, but he finds that he can never return. If he does return, he finds that his home rejects him.
  • Upon defeating a great evil, the Descendant uncovers a corrupt artifact or corrupt lore, which empowers the great evil and will allow it to rise again unless contained. The Descendant finds he cannot destroy it, so instead contains it. While so contained, the corrupt artifact both empowers and slowly corrupts the Descendant.
  • The Descendant meets a beautiful youth (virtuously pure and/or physically desirable) and falls in love. However, the Descendant discovers that to be with the beautiful youth, he must either corrupt the youth or use his corrupt power against the youth. The Descendant chooses to remain alone instead.
  • Because of his wisdom and power, the moral authority offers him a place of power and asks for his advice. The advice the descendant gives is considered abhorrent by the moral authority. If the moral authority ignores this advice, it will fall.
  • Death looms for the descendant, and the corrupt artifact offers him the power to escape death and gain a form of immortality. To forestall some future evil, the Descendant accepts and returns at a future date. However, he discovers the price of immortality is unredeemable corruption.

Associated Miracles

Unspeakable Knowledge

Reaction Required: Neutral
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Blood Purity 1, Broken Communion 6
Learned Prayer Cost: 5 points
Corruption: 3

Upon completion of this prayer, the Descendant opens his mind to the universe. The GM can thereafter give him whatever knowledge he seeks, but the knowledge that the character gains is in such a format that the Descendant cannot express this knowledge to any character who lacks the Broken Communion advantage.

Statistics: Oracle (Inspired +100%, Broken Communion Path -25%, Nuisance, unable to communicate truths found -10%) [25]

Daijin Nova

Minimum Reaction: Neutral
Learned Prerequisite: Blood Purity 1, Broken Communion 4 or Archetype
Learned Prayer Cost: 1

The unbridled power of Janus Daijin flows into the character. The character gains 25 energy points that must be immediately spent on a single use of psionic power. Even when the character buys this as a Learned Prayer, they must still spend 1 impulse buy point to activate it. Alternatively, characters with Dark Communion my purchase it as Psychic Nova instead.

This power inflicts no Corruption!
Statistics: Optional Rule (Points for Energy)[1]

The Lore of Janus

Reaction Required: Very Good
Learned Prayer Prerequisite: Blood Purity 3, Broken Communion 10 or Archetype
Learned Prayer Cost: 4 points
Corruption: 1

Janus had collected a wide array of subtle, small tricks that allowed him to surprise his opponents or to gain access to insights others lacked. As a miracle, or a learned prayer with Broken Communion, this allows Janus to have a single use of any psionic power worth up to 15 points, rolling with a skill equal to his IQ. As a learned prayer (with the Archetype advantage), the Descendant can use this power once per day to gain any psionic power worth 5 points of less, rolling with a skill equal to IQ. What is a “single use” is up to the GM, but should generally constitute no more than an hour of an active power.

Statistics: Wild Talent (Aspect, Psionic only -20%, Divine, path -15%) [13], as alternative ability, and Unusual Background (May use Archetype as basis for Psychic Wildcard Power) [1], as a static trait.

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