Gypsy Moth-Class Blockade Runner


ST/HP Hand/SR HT Move Lwt. Load SM Occ DR fDR Range Cost Loc Stall Total Chase Rolls
220 +3/4* 13 3/300* 90 40 +6 9ASV 50† 500 NA (Rating 2) $75M 2Wi4RL 30* +16

*The Gypsy Moth has dynamic, responsive, reconfigurable wings which allow vectored thrust with the ion thrusters. The listed statistics are for “high speed” mode. When in high manueverability mode, handling increases to +4/4, Move drops to 3/150 (+11) and Stall drops to 15; in this mode, the chase bonus drops to +15.

†Nanopolymer armor. Additionally, it has a Force Screen that provides 500 ablative, hardened DR.


Gypsy Moth as Signature Ship

A Gypsy Moth costs 15 points to purchase a signature ship. It comes with a minimal crew of skill-12 minions and a handful of named NPC hirelings and/or robots.


  • Ultrascanner Open Mount: 150-mile search range, 15-mile scan range; low probability intercept (detectable at 225 miles); 360° rotation.
  • Targeting Computer: +5 to hit target with a scan-lock.
  • Hyperspectra Distributed Senseorsl Sensors: +9 nightvision, +3 to notice details; ×8 magnification (up to +3 to aimed attacks, if the vehicle aims for three turns).
  • Tactical Computers: +2 to Tactics for drones only and free Coordinate action for a Neurally interfaced pilot to apply a Coordinate action for their drones.
  • Distortion Jammer: -4 ECM penalty for missiles; +2 to jam missiles.
  • Tactical ESM: +1 to dodge missiles.
  • Large FTL Communication Array: 30-parsec range.
  • Large Holographic Radio: 10,000 mile range (orbital);
  • Neural Interface: The pilot must be able to neurally interface with the vehicle to properly operate it. This doubles as an escape pod (the entire neural interface cockpit detaches and launches).
  • Security and Safety: Simple Locks; 9 Trader Escape Pods.
  • Trader Drive: Rating 2; requires 4 hour recharge between jumps. Applies a -4 to Navigation (Hyperspace), but halves all other navigation penalties!
  • Fusion Reactor: 50 years endurance
  • Trader Tech: Characters without the High TL trait or Cutting Edge Training (Trader Tech) perk attempting to maintain or repair this vehicle apply a -5 to their Mechanic skill.

Trader Frgate Accommodation and Facilities:

  • Accommodations: 4 cabins and one bunk.

Trader Defense Frigate Complement

  • 2 Trader Combat Drones: The combat bay drones are shielded against sensors (-6).
  • 1 Myrmidon-Class Combat Robot (for internal defense) and Distributed Computing Nodes


The Gypsy Moth has two forward mounted, fixed, linked Mesotronic fighter canons for a total ROF of 16 (+3) and one turret mounted “tail gun” (total ROF 8 (+1)).

Weapon Dmg Acc Range Ewt. RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl
Fighter-scale Muonic Cannons 3d×5(10) burn 9 1 mi/3 mi 1200 8 200 M -10 2

Look and Feel

Like many Trader vehicles, the Gypsy Moth has an insectile profile. While docked, it rests on four legs. It has a blunt “nose” covered in large, red, distributed hyperspectral sensors. To either side of this nose jut the main cannons, and just beneath them a couple of small bays which hold the combat drones. Boarding docks descend from the central body, and those that enter find an array of well-appointed cabins and a galley stocked with food vats and usually a few leather-eel aquariums and an engineering section further to the rear. Small nodules run along the underside of the central body, visibly connected to the internal cabins: these are the Trader escape pods. The rear has a cargo loading ram beneath the long tail, which contains the main cargo bay, and the tailgun makes up the absolute rear, like a “stinger.” A cluster of ion drives straddle the tail like exaggerated hips. The wings of the vehicle “fold up” into a great bundle of nanopolymer sheets.

When the vehicle is ready to take off, the Trader Navigator takes up his position in the upper cockpit, equippend with a neural interface and position between the two mesotronic cannons. A secondary cockpit is mounted just below the neural interface, and uses more familiar, computerized controls. This cockpit is intended for pilots who lack neural interfaces, or for co-pilots who wish to take some of the load off of the Navigator. The Navigator can override all the controls of the secondary cockpit and both cockpits can control all aspects of the vehicle; the secondary cockpit often doubles as the tailgunner! Once all vehicle checks have completed and the bays closed, the “wings” spread. Their underside contains several ion thruster exhaust porst, allowing for vectored thrust. The wings shift to a “flared,” highly maneuverable configuration and launches with minimal forward thrust required. Once the vehicle has launched, it re-orients its wings into a backward-facing, downward-slanted high-speed configuration and all ion thrusters fire together to get it up to its full speed. Many who see the rippling complexities of the wings with their blue, ion-thruster glow under them, describe it as “beautiful” and “elfin.”

The Gypsy Moth comes two combat drone bays. More than most Trader vehicles, these vary based on the need of the vehicle. Actual combat drones tend to be common, especially if the Gypsy Moth expects to face fighters, as it doubles the number of cannons it can bring to bear on its targets, or allows it to engage its enemy with combat drones while making its escape. Other common strategies include decoy drones during a blockade run, to distract patrols just long enough for the Gypsy Moth to slip past the patrols either undetected, or moving too quickly for them to do anything about it. They often carry cargo drones, large enough to carry a full person with several days of life support. The Gypsy Moth will launch the cargo drones with contraband on a totally different trajectory than itself, pass inspection, and then rendezvous with the drones after, or even just send the drones directly to the target, or inform the target where he can pick up the drone with the cargo.

The primary purpose of the Gypsy Moth in Trader fleets is trade. They seek to bring supplies or trade goods to targets far beyond the reach of the Trader Arks. They often flit through the galaxy, spending years away from their main guildfleet until they’ve completed their transactions and return home. They also tend to carry dignitaries from the Trader Ark to whatever planet they wish to represent themselves, acting as de-facto shuttles. For most aliens and humans in the galaxy, the Gypsy Moth is the most commonly seen piece of Trader technology.

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