Dark Communion

The Id Gestalt, or more commonly known as Dark Communion, represents the primal and selfish instincts of bodily appetites and base desire. It is fear, hunger, lust and anger. The Id represents the triumph of the self over all other things, without a thought to long-term consequences or to the impact of the larger institutions of family, nation or faith. Dark Communion seeks dominion, and revels in passion and prioritizes its needs over those of others; it seeks to undermine all things that restrain it, devouring institutions of systems or morality. Dark Communion is hostile to the many. To set the needs of others, especially institutions, above your own, is a profound violation of Dark Communion.

Dark Communion offers immediate and instant power for any who will follow it. It willing offers a quick route to power even to people who do not follow it, to tempt them into joining in revelling is primal joys. It also offers dramatic miracles, such as magnificent storms, and offers instant improvements in moment-by-moment concerns, such as conflict. However, its power comes with costs that can slave someone, addict them, to the power of Dark Communion. Self-indulgence necessarily leads to self-dissolution.


Prerequisites and Costs

Characters with Psychic Healing or Anti-Psi may not learn Dark Communion. Beyond this, Dark Communion requires nothing. It accepts anyone who is willing to embrace it, and demands no discipline.

The Dark Communion Modifier

Dark Communion miracles have a -10% modifier; if it directly opposes a Broken or True Communion miracle, the Broken or True Communion miracle always takes precedence; True Communion has some miracles that can cancel Dark Communion powers.

Dark Communion Petition Modifiers

  • Time spent: -1 if you pray for a single second, +0 if you pray for 1d6 seconds.
  • Ritual: +1 for visibly or audibly meditating while gesturing or pointing to the object of your attention and succeeding at a Meditation roll.
  • Mass Ritual: Communion benefits from the focus and attention of a large group. Gain +1 if at least 25 followers assist you in willing the miracle to happen; increase this to +2 for 100 followers, +3 for 1,000, +4 for 10,000, +5 for an entire planet’s population (at least a billion), and +6 for an entire constellation’s populace (at least a trillion). This requires the active and enthusiastic participation of the followers, and a Religious Ritual roll to harness their energies; at the GM’s discretion, this can be more subtle, with the followers unwittingly assisting you. This generally requires a successful Propaganda roll to manipulate the subconscious minds of so many, and halves the bonus.
  • Dark Sacrifice: +1 per 5 points of psionic energy reserve borrowed from Dark Communion, up to a maximum of your Dark Psionic Distortion level or +4, whichever is better (see the Dark Communion Contract below)
  • Sanctity: -5 for Low Dark Communion Sanctity, +1 for High Dark Communion Sanctity and +2 for Very High Dark Communion Sanctity.
  • Multiple Petitions: -1 for every previous successful invocation in the last day.
  • Path Symbolism:Characters may gain +1 to petition and reaction rolls per Dark Communion Path Symbol invoked (to a maximum of +4) when invoking a miracle associated with that path; or +1 to petition and reaction rolls per two symbols (up to +2) when invoking Dark Communion Miracles not associated with that Dark Communion Path
  • Dark Psionic Distortion: Apply your Dark Psionic Distortion as a penalty to all petition rolls unless you “borrow” enough energy from Dark Communion and sacrifice it to Dark Communion to gain a +1 petition modifier (as Sacrifice, above) or you have a Dark Psionic Distortion Penalty of -10 (in which case, do not apply the penalty).

Dark Communion Reaction Modifiers

  • Selfishness: Apply a -4 to +4 depending on how much the miracle would fulfill the base desires of the mystic and, especially, on how dependent it would make him on Dark Communion, though note the Passion modifier, below; it might replace this as a guideline for positive reactions. As a general rule, fulfilling a passionate disadvantage that the character doesn’t have (such as using a Dark Communion miracle to kill someone when the character doesn’t have Bloodlust) is worth +1; miracles that have a self-sacrifice component, or that support large institutions whose purpose is not the aggrandizement of the character tend to suffer a reaction penalty.
  • Sanctity: -2 for Low Dark Communion Sanctity, +1 for High Dark Communion Sanctity and +2 for Very High Dark Communion Sanctity.
  • Multiple Petitions: -1 per every previously successful invocation of Dark Communion this day.
  • Path Symbolism: Apply the same path symbolism petition modifiers as reaction modifiers.
  • Passion: If the character invokes Dark Communion in the pursuit of a disadvantage that the GM feels is “passionate” (Bad Temper, Bloodlust, Lecherousness, Obsession, Selfish, etc) add +1 to the Reaction Modifer roll per -5 points that the disadvantage is worth, up to a total of +3.
  • Archetypal Reputation: Apply your Archetypal Reputation as a reaction bonus provided you’re invoking a miracle associated with that path.

If a character suffers a very negative reaction, Dark Communion lashes out dramatically. On a Bad Reaction, Dark Communion makes its displeasure known with ominous signs (a thunder clap, the dimming of lights, the shaking of the earth). On a Very Bad reaction, Dark Communion strikes the character does. This might be literal, with a lightning strike or an unfortunate accident that inflicts (the character’s HP/2)d damage on the character and ignores DR, or more metaphorical, with Dark Communion inflicting some disfigurement that causes up to -4 in reaction penalties.

The Dark Communion Contract

Characters with access to Dark Communion may use a psionic-variation of Assisting Spirits (found in Thaumatology page 90 or GURPS Magic on page 156 under “Demonic Contracts”). For a single psionic effect, a character may access up to his Will + Best Psionic Talent in “free” psionic energy from Dark Communion that can be spent as Energy Reserves (Psionic). At the end of a session in which the character borrowed energy from Dark Communion, he must roll Will + Best Psionic Talent with a penalty equal to the total energy borrowed in that session. On a success, nothing happens. On a failure, the character gains a Dark Psionic Distortion point for every 10 points (or fraction thereof) that he failed by. Whether he succeeds or fails, his borrowed energy total resets to zero.

Dark Psionic Distortion is a leveled disadvantage worth [-3/level]. It penalizes the use of psionic powers or communion under certain conditions. The Dark Psionic Distortion applies a penalty equal to its level to:

  • All True Communion Petition and Reaction rolls
  • All Dark Communion Petition rolls unless the character borrows at least enough energy (5) for a +1 bonus to their petition roll or the character has a -10 Dark Distortion Penalty, in which case it never applies a penalty.
  • All Extra-Effort rolls for psionic powers unless the character borrows at least one point from Dark Communion to power the effect.

It applies no penalties to Broken Communion at all.

Dark Psionic Distortion is recognizable by any character who can look at your aura or anyone who can sense psionic phenomenon. When the character has gained 10 levels of Dark Psionic Distortion, he gains a -5-point Addiction to the Dark Communion (meaning he must invoke it or borrow energy from it, or spend a considerable amount of time in a place with Dark Communion sanctity to fulfill his addiction). At the end of any session where a character with 10 levels of Dark Psionic Distortion borrows energy from Dark Communion, he makes the usual roll at +10. Failure inflicts a 5 point disadvantage appropriate to Dark Communion or, at the GM’s option, it instead creates an automatic Broken Communion Miracle of the GM’s choice (the most common miracle in this case is some version of Corrupt Ground or Plague of Madness inflicted on someone nearby). A character with 10 levels of Dark Psionic Distortion is "cut off" from True Communion until he is able to buy off both his addiction and at least one level of Dark Psionic Distortion! The GM may require some major act of redemption as well before True Communion is ever willing to welcome them back.

Characters cannot "cleanse" themselves of Dark Communion distortion the way they can of Broken Communion taint, but they may buy off the penalties with character points as normal, though the GM may require acts of redemption or a long period of recovery, similar to recovering from an addiction.

In keeping with the independent nature of Communion, Dark Communion needn’t wait for someone to form a connection with it (that is, to purchase the Dark Communion trait) to offer them energy. Dark Communion often tempts the desperate followers of other forms of Communion with the possibility of additional energy. By taking the Dark Communion trait, however, the character has free and regular access to this power, without needing to wait for Dark Communion to offer it that power.

Paths of Dark Communion

Dark Communion Miracles

Minor Blessings

Minimum Reaction: Neutral

Dark Charisma

Learned Prerequisite: Dark Communion 4.
Learned Prayer Cost: 3 points.

See Servant of the God of Lies (Pyramid #3-36, page 10)

Dark Confidence

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 4.
Learned Prayer Cost: 3 points.

As Confidence (Divine Favors page 8).

Hunter’s Eyes

Learned Prerequisite: Dark Communion 4.
Learned Prayer Cost: 1 points.

See Eyes of Hell (Pyramid #3-36, page 10)

Psionic Focus

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 4.
Learned Prayer Cost: 3 points.

Entering into a state of Dark Communion can greatly enhance one's own connection with his psionic gifts. This miracle grants +3 to any single Psionic talent, chosen when the prayer activates. These bonuses last for one hour, or long enough to make use of a bonus roll, which ever is longer.

Statistics: One single defined Psionic Talent 3 (Divine -10%) [14] + Rules Exclusion: May Exceed the +4 Talent Cap [1]. Note: you must choose which Psionic Talent this applies to when you either activate this miracle as a Specific Prayer, or when you purchase it as a learned prayer.


Learned Prerequisite: Dark Communion 5.
Learned Prayer Cost: 4 points.

For the next 3d seconds, the mystic gains High Pain Threshold and a DR of 20 (hardened x3) against all attacks, takes no visible damage, and is seemingly invincible. If this is taken as a learned prayer, it can only be used once per session.

Statistics: New variant of Blessed derived from Blessed Be (Pyramid #3-78) [17] which grants the following advantages: DR 20 (Hardened 5 +150%, Force Field +20%) [54], High Pain Threshold [10] and No Visible Damage [1].

Heart’s Desire

Learned Prerequisite: Dark Communion 5.
Learned Prayer Cost: 4 points.

Upon calling up this miracle, the character immediately learns the direction to his “heart’s greatest desire.” He does not know what this is, or how far away it is, only what direction he needs to go to get it. If the character has an obsession or an obvious heart’s desire (such as killing the man who murdered his father), then he may well have a good guess as to what it is. Ultimately, though, Dark Communion itself decides what the character’s true desire is. This might not be the actual subject of the character’s greatest passion, but perhaps a key to acquiring it (ie, the only weapon that can kill the man who killed the character’s father). The GM ultimately decides, but should consult with the player.

Statistics: Detect (“That which I most desire”; Cosmic, works at interstellar ranges +50%; Comic, no die roll +100%; Dark Communion -10%; Nuisance, No Analysis -10%; Long Range 2 +100%) [17]

The Tao of Dark Communion

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 6.
Learned Prayer Cost: 5 points.

The character may commune with the general, collected wisdom of all galactic sapients and thereafter just know how to accomplish something. Sometimes, he even retains a fragment of this knowledge! Once per day, after invoking this miracle, you may use any skill that you don't know at IQ or DX for one roll (or for a series of closely related tasks, at the GM's discretion). If he has any spare character points, he may spend one on this skill, learning it instantly, though for the first month he's at -2 and cannot spend any further points on it.

Statistics: Wild Talent (Divine -10%, Retention +25%) [23]

The Wisdom of Dark Communion

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 6.
Learned Prayer Cost: 5 points.

As Divine Guidance (Divine Favors p10), but you may replace Theology with Philosophy if you wish.

Major Blessings

Minimum Reaction: Good

Hunter’s Eyes (Enhanced)

Learned Prerequisite: Dark Communion 7.
Learned Prayer Cost: 6 points.

See Eyes of Hell (Enhanced) (Pyramid #3-36, page 11)

The Tao of Hyperspace

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 7.
Learned Prayer Cost: 6 points.

As Traveler's Blessing (Divine Favor page 10).

Sense Dark Communion

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 7.
Learned Prayer Cost: 6.

The character can connect with Communion to get a better sense of the state of the local Communion (whether it is particularly Ego- or Id-aspected, etc). Distance is nearby (how far this goes is up to the GM, but within a city, or within a relatively small region is acceptable). It also whether any Communion Miracles are currently active in the area. The character may meditate upon the state of the local Communion with a Meditation roll to gain greater insights into what might be causing a disturbance of the nature of on-going Communion miracles.

Statistics: Detect Communion (Divine -10%, Cosmic, no die roll required +100%) [29]

Unstoppable (Enhanced)

Learned Prerequisite: Dark Communion 7.
Learned Prayer Cost: 6 points.

For the next 3d seconds, the character gains all the benefits of Unstoppable, with the added benefit of being unkillable until he reaches -10xHP, unless he is wounded with an attack that originates from Communion. Furthermore, in addition to his High Pain Threshold, he gains +3 to resist unconsciousness. Finally, when the power wears off, the character must check for death based on his current state, but even if he’s automatically dead (-5xHP), the character merely falls unconscious and is not dead unless someone deals a death blow.

Statistics: As unstoppable, but add Hard to Subdue +3 [6] and Unkillable 1 (Achilles Heel, Divine Attacks, -10%) [45], for [29].

Psychic Nova

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 8.
Learned Prayer Cost: 9

Once per day, the Psion can draw upon the power of Dark Communion. It floods him with power, allowing him to achieve exceedingly impressive, though not impossible, feats. This grants the Psion a one-time Psionic Energy reserve of 24, enough to allow for Godlike Extra Effort up to 12 times the power of the character's normal use of Extra-Effort… or whatever else the Psion likes. However, after the power has been used up, or an hour passes (whichever occurs first), the power is gone.

If this power is taken as a Learned Prayer, the Energy Reserve regenerate at a pace of one point per hour (thus, a full day to completely fill up again)

Statistics: Psionic Energy Reserves 24 (Divine -10%, Slow Recharge, 1 point/hour -20%, Nuisance: Can only be used when completely filled -10%) [44]

Desecrate Ground

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 9.
Learned Prayer Cost: 10 points.

As Consecrate Ground (Divine Favor page 12).

Sense Passion

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 9.
Learned Prayer Cost: 10

Upon invoking this miracle, the psion becomes aware aware of the direction and intensity of the nearest “passionate” individual (That is, someone with at least -10 points in a “passionate” disadvantage). He may make a further Philosophy roll to gain greater insight into the nature of that passion, what drives that particular individual. This power resembles empathy, except it only covers the selfish, primal emotions that tend to drive the id (fear, lust, anger, ambition, etc), and it points the character in the direction of that passion and deeper insight can reveal the source, and target, of that passion. Range is not an obstacle.

Statistics: Detect Passion (Divine -10%, Cosmic, no die roll +100%, Long Range +50%) [48]

Miraculous Power

Minimum Reaction: Very Good

Dark Regeneration

Learned Prerequisite: Dark Communion 10.
Learned Prayer Cost: 12 points.

See Vampiric Touch (Pyramid #3-36, page 13); Against mooks, a simple grapple is sufficient to begin the effect, and one use heals the character 2d6 HP and kills the mook.

Desecrate Ground (Enhanced)

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 11.
Learned Prayer Cost: 18 points.

As Consecrate Ground (Divine Favor page 14). Use Meditation rather than Religion Ritual.

Moment of Dark Truth

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 11.
Learned Prayer Cost: 18 points.

This miracle may be prayed for before making any non-prayer success, damage or reaction roll. The player may dictate the results as fate aligns perfectly behind him. As a learned prayer, this may be used once every hour.

Statistics: Super Luck (Divine -10%) [90]

Dark Storm

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 12.
Learned Prayer Cost: 22 points.

The psion must commune for an hour. Upon completion, he may roll Meditation and, if successful, he changes the weather for the worse. This allows him to summon up a storm that applies a +1 to -1 to most rolls: Generally, the weather is more likely to harm than to help, but negotiate the exact details with your GM (for example, a sudden flash of lightning might grant a +1 to an intimidation roll, for dramatic effect). The effect extends out for a radius of half a mile. You may control the weather for up to 15 minutes after you stop meditating, but each attempt requires another Meditation roll, and any roll of 14 or higher (including the activation roll) means the weather runs out of your control. 15 minutes after your control ends, the storm will slowly abate at its own pace.

Statistics: Control 3 (Weather; Divine -10%, Natural Phenomenon +100%, Emanation -20%, Immediate Preparation Required, one hour -75%, Aspect, stormy weather -20%, Malf 14 -15%, Persistent +40%, Extended Duration 15 minutes +80%) [108]

World-Shaking Miracles

Minimum Reaction: Excellent


Learned Prerequisite: Communion 13.
Learned Prayer Cost: 26 points.

See Divine Favor page 15

Dark Regeneration, Enhanced

Learned Prerequisite: Dark Communion 14.
Learned Prayer Cost: 30 points.

See Drain Soul (Pyramid #3-36, page 15);

Desecrate World

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 14.
Learned Prayer Cost: 30 points.

As Consecrate Ground (Divine Favor page 14), only with the area increased to 4000+ miles (this area is the radius of a circle, thus the full diameter twice this, and the Earth's diameter is less than 8000 miles). The character must first orbit the world to enact the miracle. Use Meditation rather than Religion Ritual.

History-Shaping Miracles

Minimum Reaction: Excellent, and applies a -3 to reaction rolls for further requests


Learned Prerequisite: Communion 16.
Learned Prayer Cost: 38 points.

See Pyramid #3-36, page 15

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