Crankshaft-Model Tech-Bot

Considered by most critics to be the “meanest, nastiest robot created by Redjack,” the Crankshaft-model tech-robot is perhaps the most popular Redjack robot outside of its usual market. Crankshafts can fulfill a largely similar role the Hobnob and other tech-bots in that it can fit into the robot control slot on most fighters or corvettes, and it can provide on-the-spot hyperspatial navigation and repairs. It differs from most others in its flexibility, compactness, resilience and it’s ability to perform repairs even without proper supplies.

A Crankshaft is one ugly robot. It has a squat, boxy frame with a single “camera” eye in its “head.” It has two arms with a snake-like design capable of telescoping into and out of the body. Like the Hobnob, it can switch its hands out with a variety of tools, a fire extinguisher tube or a plasma torch, all with a single ready action. Crankshafts ride on a set of two small treads. Finally, all Crankshafts have an internal mini-fabricator, which they can feed with any junk they find lying around by putting the junk through an opening, normally covered by a panel, in the front, processing it, and then returning the desired part to the same frontal compartment (this requires a Machinist roll with the appropriate modifiers and can’t make a part much larger than one lb). This “processing” involves the destruction of the original scrap with a set of tools that anyone witnessing them in action would describe as “horrifying teeth.” In many older Crankshafts, the panel has fallen away, revealing the full set of chompers. Crankshafts are able to use this as a form of improvised self-defense, “biting” for 1d-3 (5) damage.

The Crankshaft obviously serves well in the role of starship maintenance and repair and as a companion to a starfighter pilot. They fit perfectly well into the robot control slot of most fighter and provide adequate hyperspatial navigation; they provide superior cartography, and can assist in mapping out new star systems. Their ability to create parts from any scrap lying around assists them in making improvised repairs to vehicles under their care, and many Crankshafts carry a supply of spare junk “in their belly” to manufacture parts even while in space, in case their fighter needs additional repairs. But Crankshafts also excel at larger ship repair or assisting in the repairs of civil projects. They have the ability to fully retract their arms and to tilt their body completely horizontal to their tracks, which greatly reduces their profile. They can then navigate extremely tight spaces fit only for characters of SM -2 or larger, and use their highly flexible arms to reach extremely difficult places. Consider removing up to 2 points in repair penalties for a Crankshaft attempting to repair something from an awkward position or in an extremely tight space.

Their “mean” reputation largely comes from outsider customers first experiencing the Redjack personality architecture. They are no more “mean” than other Redjack robots, and they can be programmed with the “obedient” personality too, creating a surprisingly compassionate robot that, alas, is still quite willful.

Redjack Crankshaft-model Robot Template

125 points
Cost: $40,000
Weight: 100 lbs
Power Requirement: 1D/week

Attributes: ST 10 [0]; DX 10 [0]; IQ 10 [0]; HT 12* [0].

Secondary Traits: Dmg 1d-2/1d; BL 20 lbs; HP 17* [0]; Basic Speed 5.50 [0]; Basic Move 5 [0]; Will 10 [0]; Per 10 [0]; FP NA [0]; SM -1 [0]

Advantages: Redjack Crankshaft-model Chassis [104]; Artificer 2 [20]; Computer-Brain (1 slot, 4 points, Artificer Skills only -40%) [14]; Universal Upgrades [1]; Versatile [5]

Disadvantages: Psi-Wars Volitional AI [-27]; Standard Redjack Safeguard Programming [-18]; choose -10 points from Redjack Personality Architecture optional disadvantages.

Skills: Beam Weapons (Projector) (E) DX+2 [4]-12; Computer Operation (E) IQ+2 [4]-12; Cartography (A) IQ+2 [8]-12; Law (Alliance Criminal) (H) IQ-2 [1]-8; Machinist (A) IQ+2* [2]-12; Navigation (Hyperspace) (A) IQ+2 [8]-12; Savior-Faire (Servant) (E) IQ [1]-10; Scrounging (E) Per+2 [4]-12; Choose one of Engineering (Civil, Contragravity, Ground vehicles, Starship or Robotics) all (H) IQ+2* [4]-12.

Crankshaft Traits

Redjack Crankshaft-model Robotic Chassis

104 points

Traits: HT +2 [20]

Secondary Traits: HP +7 [14];

Advantages: Absolute Direction [5]; Ambidexterity [5]; Cable Jack [5]; Doesn’t Breathe [20], DR 5 (Can’t wear armor -40%) [3]*; Extra Flexible Arms [10]; Machine [25]; Payload 4 (8 lbs) [4]; Reduced Consumption 3 [6]; Sealed [15]; Sharp Teeth (Cutting; Cannot Parry -40%; Singular (Mouth) -20%; Reduced Damage -1 -30%; Armor Divisor 5, +150%) [4]; Stretching 2 (Arms) [12]; Burning 2d (Armor Divisor (5), +150%; Melee Attack, Reach C, 1, Cannot Parry -25%; Temporary Disadvantage, One Hand -15%) [7]; Telecommunication (Comm System, 100 mile range +30%, Burst +30%, Secure +20%) [18]; Vacuum Support [5].

Perks: Accessories (Mini-Flashlight, Mini Tool-Kits (Electrician; Mechanic, Starship) Personal Computer, Suitcase Minifac) [6]; Compact Frame [1]; Magnetized Tracks [1]

Disadvantages: Affected by Magnetism [-1]; Electrical [-20]; Limited Vision (No Peripheral Vision) [-15]; Maintenance(one person, monthly) [-2]; No Legs (Tracked) [-20]; One Eye [-15]; Restricted Diet (Very Common, power cells [-10]

Crankshaft Upgrades

Electronics Programming

24 points
Hardware Upgrade
Cost: $15,000

Tech-bots often serve on ships or starfighters where they act as a “co-pilot” who handles all the electronics operations, especially sensors and ECM. This upgrade installs a memory module that grants the robot the ability to install any Electronics Operation or Repair skill (any skill associated with the Circuit Sense talent) at typically (A) IQ+3 [4].

Statistics: Circuit Sense 2 [10], Computer-Brain (1 slot, 4 points, Electronics skills only -40%) [14].

Piloting Programming

24 points
Hardware Upgrade
Cost: $15,000

This upgrade adds a memory module complete with all known forms of driving skills and generalized competency for driving; the robot can install any Vehicular Operation skill at typically (A) DX+3 [4]. This upgrade tends to be added to “military” tech-bots intended to be able to handle a wide variety of vehicles; most owners who want their tech-bots to be able to pilot a single craft (for example, their fighter) program their robot with that specific skill, typically Pilot (Appropriate Specialization) (A) DX+2 [8] for $100.

Statistics: Drivers Reflexes 2 [10], Computer-Brain (1 slot, 4 points, Vehicular Operation skills only -40%) [14].

Security Programming

5 points
Hardware Upgrade
Cost: $4,500

Redjack recognizes the importance of security. Crankshaft models come with an upgrade that allow them to maintain, repair and troubleshoot security systems. Critics complain that Crankshafts can use these tools to bypass locks, but Redjack Shipyard representatives point out that this would violate the law, and thus the Crankshaft’s safety protocols.

Perks: Accessory (Mini-Toolkit, Electronics Repair (Security)) [1]
Skills: Electronics Operations (Security) (A) IQ [2]-10; Electronics Repair (Security) (A) IQ [2]-10

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