Coda Resolute

Alternate Names: Maradonian Pistol Dueling, the Cult of the Resolution.

The Maradonian Aristocracy have long used the ARC “Resolution Pattern” heavy blaster as a preferred side-arm, despite the obvious drawbacks of its highly limited ammunition. They use it not just out of love of the elegant curve of the grip or the design of the barrel, but out of a sense of tradition. The Resolution has been with the Maradonian military, in one form or another, since the end of the Alexian crusade.

The Resolution hit its peak popularity during the peaceful heights of the Galactic Federation. Many lesser nobles sought a means to engage in the dueling culture of the Maradonain elite, but without the grueling training required to wield a force sword. They chose the Resolution as their weapon of choice and began to engage in pistol duels. This evolved into an intricate dueling culture, with its own special rules and regulations, the “Coda Resolute,” and even, for a brief time, became a sport. It became quite popular for about a century, as it was a much more accessible form of dueling and more “modern” when compared to the force sword. However, with the collapse of the Federation into war, the dueling culture reverted to the more practical force swordsmanship. The Coda was largely relegated to a past fad, but it remains popular in some pockets of the Alliance, especially among House Korenno, House Harrow, some of the untitled elites, such as ARC management or Alliance officers, and a variant remains popular with House Kain.

The rest of the galaxy sees Code Resolute, when they’re aware of it at all, as a curiosity. Most associate Maradonian martial arts with the force sword, and not with slinging a blaster. Experts in blaster techniques find it inferior to the more famous styles, such as Shineido, Combat Geometrics and the Way of the Rim. Even so, it has some proponents, including those who love pieces of Maradonian history, those who believe some of the more extreme claims about the power of the Resolution-pattern blaster, and those who learn some of the variations of the Code that teach how to use it as a side-arm that pairs with the Force Sword.

The Coda teaches the blast-slinger to carefully aim with his arm fully extended, one foot behind the other in a fencing stance that extends a line from his firing hand all the way to the opposite foot. It excels at sighted shots, and reaches a great deal of patience when firing. The result is exceptional marksmanship, but such blast-slingers tend to fair better at making precision tricks or target shooting than in real combat, though those that perfect the art of ignoring real combat occasionally achieve spectacular results. Some, especially those from House Kain or House Korenno, learn to use it as a side-arm that they pair with their force sword. This is especially common with the Swift Form, with the fighter using a Force Blade in their main hand, and the Resolution-pattern blaster in their left, to attack people at range.

The Coda Resolute as Martial Art Style

5 points

Required Skills: Beam Weapons (Pistol), Connoisseur (Blasters), Games (Dueling), Savoir-Faire (High Society)

Techniques: Plinking, Targeted Attack (Beam Weapons (Pistol)/Vitals)

Perks: Cinematic Knockback (Beam Weapons (Pistol)), Cult of the Gun (Resolution-Pattern Blaster), Dead Eye, Gun Schtick (Beam Weapons (Pistol); Next Time It’s Your Head or Twirl), Hyperspecialization (Connoisseur, the Resolution-Pattern Blaster), Just Winged Him (Beam Weapons (Pistol)), Rope Shooter (Beam Weapons (Pistol)), Trick Shooter (Beam Weapons (Pistol); Aerial Target Shooter).

Optional Advantages: Fearlessness, Unfazeable

Optional Disadvantages: Code of Honor (Gentleman’s) [-10], Delusion (“Resolution-pattern blasters are the best blasters ever made”) [-1 to -5], Likes (ARC Tech) [-1], Odious Personal Habit (Smug or Condescending) [-1 to -5], Selfish [varies]

Optional Perks: Off-Hand Weapon Training (Beam Weapons (Pistol)), Walking Armory

Optional Skills: Fast-Draw (Pistol)

Optional Techniques: Close-Quarters Combat, Dual Weapon Attack (Beam Weapons (Pistol)), Thumbing

Coda Resolute Traits


Cinematic Knockback: see GURPS Gun-Fu page 17.

Dead Eye: Don’t worry about the Precision Aiming rules; every level of Dead Eye allows the character to gain an additional turn of aiming for an additional +1 to their maximum aim.

Cult of the Gun (Resolution-Pattern Blaster): The Resolution-Pattern Blaster has some absurd claims made about its deadliness. Its proponents argue that it’s “larger apeture” allows it to deal more damage. Multiply post-DR injury by 1.5 (as though the weapon was a pi+ weapon); in addition, if the character uses a Mark IV Resolution Pattern, increase its Malf to 16. the GM may require the character to have Gunslinger or a Weapon Bond to take advantage of this perk.

Gun Schticks: See GURPS Gun-Fu page 19.

Just Winged Him: See GURPS Gun-Fu page 20.

Off-Hand Weapon Training: See GURPS Gun-Fu page 20.

Rope Shooter: See GURPS Gun-Fu page 21.

Trick Shooting: See GURPS Gun-Fu page 22.


Close-Quarters Battle
Prerequisite: any shooting skill
Default: prerequisite skill; cannot exceed prerequisite skill+4.

See GURPS Gun-Fu page 26.

Dual-Weapon Attack
Prerequisite: any shooting skill
Default: prerequisite skill-4; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

See GURPS Gun-Fu page 27

Prerequisite: any shooting skill
Default: prerequisite skill; cannot exceed prerequisite skill+4.

When engaging in target practice, non-combat trick shots, or any use of your shooting skill that isn’t in a stressful, combat situation, you may use your Plinking technique in place of your shooting skill.

Targeted Attack
Prerequisite: any shooting skill
Default: varies

See GURPS Gun-Fu page 29

Prerequisite: Beam Weapons (Pistol)
Default: Beam Weapons (Pistol)-2 or -1 for those with Gunslinger

See GURPS Gun-Fu page 29; the Resolution-Pattern Blaster isn’t quite a revolver, but it has a very low ROF, so a similar tactic might be used to increase the ROF to 2.

Coda Resolute as Power-Ups

What Does Style Familiarity (Coda Resolute) Get You?

  • The practitioner may purchase any Coda Resolute traits, moves, exercises or upgrades.
  • The practitioner may reduce any Predictive Shooting or Ranged Feint penalties made by other Coda Resolute Practioners by one.
  • The practitioner is familiar with all makes and models of the Resolute-Pattern Blaster, or the Thorn-pattern blaster; they may even use antique (TL 10) versions or advanced versions (TL 12) if any exist, at no penalty.
  • They are automatically familiar with the dueling code of Coda Resolute and never suffer any familiarity penalties with Games (Dueling) when it comes to Maradonian pistol duels (but they may have such penalties when it comes to Maradonian force-sword dueling). They never suffer a cultural familiarity penalty for issuing a dueling challenge to another practitioner.

The Code Resolute is an inferior martial art. Rather than costing a full 20 points per upgrade, it costs only 15 points per upgrade, and it has no “Master” level. The Coda Resolute is not strongly associated with the Gunslinger trait, but those that get it usually take one of Gunslinger (Mark IV or Mark V Resolution Pattern blasters only -80%) [5] and complain that all other guns are inferior.

Common Disadvantages and Quirks: Code of Honor (Gentleman’s) [-10], Delusion (“Resolution-pattern blasters are the best blasters ever made”) [-1 to -5], Likes (ARC Tech) [-1], Odious Personal Habit (Smug or Condescending) [-1 to -5], Selfish [varies]

Coda Resolute – Student

15 points for Primary Style; 10 points for Secondary Style
Prerequisite: None

Those who learn the basics of the Code Resolute learn how to fire their Resolution-Pattern blaster with a patient, sighted shot at the end of an extended arm. This results in extremely precise shots, important for a weapon with very few shots and a low rate of fire, but practitioners achieve this precision under tightly controlled circumstances, and their accuracy often degrades substantially in the battlefield. They also learn the specifics of dueling.

Perks: Dead Eye 1 [1]; Style Familiarity (Coda Resolute) [1];

Techniques: Plinking (A) Beam Weapons (Pistol)+4 [2];


  • As Primary Style: Beam Weapons (Pistol) (E) DX+3 [8]; Games (Dueling) (E) IQ+1 [2]; Savoir-Faire (High Society) (E) IQ [1];
  • As Secondary Style: Improve Beam Weapons (Pistol) one level for 4 points; Games (Dueling) (E) IQ [1]; Savoir-Faire (High Society) (E) IQ [1];

Coda Resolute – Adept

15 points for Primary Style; 10 points for a Secondary Style
Prerequisite: Coda Resolute – Student;

Most blast-slingers in the Psi-Wars galaxy who learn the Coda Resolute don’t bother with more than the Student level, and any known masters have passed away centuries ago. But, even so, some practitioners invest more deeply do begin to unlock greater precision. They become deeply attuned to the nature of their weapon, often learning far more about the specifics of this one blaster model than most people feel is healthy. They often develop a quirk-level Delusion that the Resolution-Pattern blaster is the greatest blaster created. They do have a leg to stand on, as a properly used Resolution-pattern blaster can be devastating, and Adepts of the Code Resolute unlock that greater potential. More importantly, however, they learn to make their shots even more precise, to spend more time aiming, and to shoot for the heart, ending a duel in a single, well-aimed blast.

Perks: Cinematic Knockback [1]; Cult of the Gun (Resolution-Pattern Blaster) [1]; Hyper Specialization (Connoisseur; Resolution-Pattern Blasters) [1]; Improve Dead Eye to 2 [2] for 1 point;

Skills and Techniques:

  • As Primary Style:
    • Skills: Improve Beam Weapons (Pistol) by to (A) DX+5 [20] for 8 points; Connoisseur (Blasters) (A) IQ-1 [1];
    • Techniques: Targeted Attack (Pistol/Vitals) (H) Beam Weapons (Pistol)-1 [2];
  • As Secondary Style:
    • Skills: Improve Beam Weapons (Pistol) by one level for 4 points; Connoisseur (Blasters) (A) IQ-1 [1];
    • Techniques: Targeted Attack (Pistol/Vitals) (H) Beam Weapons (Pistol)-2 [1];

Coda Resolute Moves

Bag of Tricks

5 points
Prerequisite: Style Familiarity (Coda Resolute); Gunslinger

Just One Trick Please

The Bag of Tricks gathers a variety of trick shots into one package, some of which assume the character is a gunslinger. However, most practitioners of the Coda Resolute won’t be Gunslingers, and characters may be happy with one or two of these tricks. It’s perfectly acceptable to purchase just one trick; those marked with an Asterisk are cinematic and require Gunslinger. Optionally, the GM may allow non-Gunslingers to purchase the following Perk: Special Exercises (Trick Shot Perk, only after aiming); characters who take this perk must first aim; the accuracy bonus from the weapon is lost, but it allows the use of the cinematic trick shot.

The Resolution-Pattern Blaster is an extremely accurate pistol, especially in the hands of a skilled practitioner of the Coda Resolute. Some students of the style learn fancy tricks to show off just how skilled they are. Indeed, much of the purpose of the style is to show off how skilled the practitioner is! This move teachers a variety of such tricks, such as a quick twirl of a gun before and after the shot, attacks that cut through some of the target’s clothes or just grazes them and leaves them otherwise unharmed, or to shoot a tossed card out of the air.

Perks: Gun Schtick (Next Time It’s Your Head)* [1]; Gun Schtick (Twirl) [1], Just Winged Him* [1], Rope Shooter* [1], Trick Shooter (Aerial Target Shooter) [1]

Pocket Armory

5 points
Prerequisite: Style Familiarity (Coda Resolute); Gunslinger

A significant drawback of the Resolution-Pattern Blaster is its few shots. The blasters was designed for circumstances that required only one or two shots. Even so, some practitioners of the Coda Resolute prefer to have the option to gain access to more ammunition. Being fantastically wealthy Maradonians, of course, rather than learn to rapidly reload a weapon, they just carry a lot of Resolution-Pattern blasters! These rather cinematic characters often feature in period pieces of holographic media dating to the mid-Galactic Federation, where such a character will throw back their cloak to reveal an array of blasters! They then discard their blaster as soon as it’s empty and rapidly draw another from the depths of their seemingly endless supply of weapons.

Characters who want to make full use of this Move can purchase 5 Resolution-Pattern Blasters as signature gear for [2] points. Then the GM should assume they have “enough” blasters until he wants to “count ammo,” at which point the character has five blasters remaining.

Perks: Walking Armory [1]
Skills: Fast-Draw (Pistol) (E) DX+1 [2]; Holdout (A) IQ [2]

Ray-Gun Gothic

5 points
Prerequisite: Style Familiarity (Coda Resolute)

Historians suggest that the Coda Resolute is an evolution of an older style used during the last years of the Alexian Crusade, where space knights would carry Resolution-Pattern blasters as side-arms, used alongside their force swords to grant them some additional range when needed. Those who learn this move explore that original tradition. House Kain sometimes uses this along side their Destructive Form, but most modern Coda Resolute practitioners prefer to pair this with the Swift Form and the Force Blade.

Used this way, the Resolution-Pattern blaster isn’t used at the same time as the force sword as a dual weapon attack. Instead, the practitioner learns to fire on the move, often increasing the speed of fire with clever manipulation of the power-cycling mechanics. Once they reach melee range, they switch to their force sword. This move runs into problems with ammunition (compounded by the fact that both hands are occupied), but those who worry about this often learn Pocket Armory as well.

The Close-Quarters Battle technique is redundant for Gunslingers, and Thumbing’s difficulty is halved. Instead, Gunslingers buy Dual-Weapon attack; while they don’t often use their Resolution to attack at the same time as their force sword, they like to have the option.

Perks: Off-Hand Weapon Training (Pistol) [1]


  • Non-Gunslingers: Close-Quarters Battle (A) Beam Weapons (Pistol)+4 [2], Thumbing (H) Beam Weapons Pistol+0 [2];
  • Gunslingers: Dual-Weapon Attack (H) Beam Weapons (Pistol)+0 [3], Thumbing (H) Beam Weapons Pistol+0 [1];

Coda Resolute Exercises

Duelist’s Courage

15 points

Prerequisite: Style Familiarity (Coda Resolute)

The most important aspect of being a skilled duelist is focus under pressure. Often, the duel is won not by the one who shoots first, but the one who steels himself through the panicked fire of his opponent and lines up his shot. Practitioners of Coda Resolute are famously brave in the face of withering fire power.

Sometimes, this benefits them. They’ll sometimes unflinchingly walk into incoming fire and emerge unscathed; others chalk this up to luck, but the practitioner will point out that it takes courage to exploit the possibility of luck. Other times, they’ll be in the midst of a firefight and describe a moment of cool clarity, as though they stood on the targeting range, and their shot will line up perfectly.

Characters with Duelist’s Courage, in addition to +3 to fright checks and raising the “Rule of 14” to the “Rule of 15,” once per session can call upon a moment of fortune. They may either request a “moment of clarity” during which circumstances conspire to give them a moment of quiet that allows their shot to no longer count as a “combat shot,” which explicitly allows them to use their Plinking technique, regardless of the target. Alternatively, if they have been hit in combat, they can roll and on a 14 or less, events retroactively conspire to make that attack miss. The duelist can only use one of these effects per session, and the GM may disallow its use under particular circumstances. Note that this is not supernatural, nor psionic, nor an expression of the character’s will. Rather, it is a manifestation of their training at taking advantage of such “lucky breaks” when they occur.

Advantages: Brave [1]; Fearless +3 [6]; Destiny (Lucky Break; Aspected, make attacks that hit you miss -20%; Unreliable, 14 or less, -10%) [7]; Destiny (Minor Scene Edit: one second of peace) as alternative ability [1];

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