Appropriate Advantage List

Advantage Cost Page
3D Spatial Sense 10 B34
Absolute Direction 5 B34
Accent 1 PU2: 12
Acute Senses 2/level B35
Alcohol Tolerance 1 B100
Allies Variable B39
Ambidexterity 5 B39
Appearance Variable B21
Catfall 10 B41
Charisma 5/level B41
Combat Reflexes 15 B43
Contact Group Variable B44
Contacts Variable B44
Cultural Adaptability 10 B46
Cultural Familiarity 1 B23
Damage Resistance* 1/level
Danger Sense 15 B47
Daredevil 15 B47
Destiny* 5 to 15 PU5 5
Double-Jointed 15 B56
Eidetic Memory 5 B51
Empathy 15 B51
Enhanced Defenses Variable B51
Fashion Sense 5 B21
Favor Variable B55
Fearlessness 2/level B55
Fit 5 B55
Flexibility 5 B56
Foresight 5 or 10 Pyr53 p 32
Gizmos 5/gizmo B57
Gunslinger 25 B. 58, Gun-Fu p. 15
Hard to Kill 2/level B58
Hard to Subdue 2/level B59
High Manual Dexterity 5/level B59
High Pain Threshold 10 B59
Higher Purpose 5 B59
Honest Face 1 B101
Intuition 15 B63
Language Talent 10 B65
Languages Variable B23
Legal Enforcement Powers 5 to 15 B65
Legal Immunity 5 to 20 B65
Luck Variable B66
Night Vision 1/level B71
Patrons Variable B72
Penetrating Voice 1 B72
Perfect Balance 15 B74
Peripheral Vision 15 B74
Photographic Memory 10 B51
Pitiable 5 B22
Quick Gadgeteer 50 B57
Rank (Any) 5/level B29
Rapid Healing 5 B79
Rapier Wit 5 B79
Reputation Variable B26
Resistant Variable B80
Security Clearance Variable B82
Sensitive 5 B51
Serendipity 15/level B83
Shtick 1 B101
Signature Starfighter* Variable Pyramid #3/71 p 33
Signature Gear Variable B85
Signature Starship* Variable Pyramid #3/71 p 32
Social Chameleon 5 B86
Social Regard 5/level B86
Status* 5/level B28
Trained by a Master 30 B86
Unfazeable 15 B95
Very Fit 15 B55
Voice 10 B97
Wealth* Variable B25
Weapon Master Variable B99
Wild Talent 20/level B99
Zeroed 10 B100

*These traits have been updated with special rules

Social Traits


  • Eldothic: The original language of the Eldoth race, now extinct across the galaxy.
  • Galactic Common: the standard language across the Galaxy; most characters will have this as native.
  • Kaa: The native language of the Sathran people.
  • Kelen: The native language of the Keleni people, and the sacred tongue in which the True Communion scripture is written.
  • Klik: The native language of the Traders; one must have Enhanced Time Sense to understand it, and be a Trader (or have special mouth parts installed) to speak it. Characters may instead take "Ear for Klik" as a perk, which allows them to make an IQ roll to notice when Traders speak Klik, and to have a vague idea the topic and tone the Trader is expressing.
  • Lithian: The standard language of the Umbral Rim and the native language of the Ranathim; the most common alien language.
  • Logica: A Shinjurai constructed language, often spoken in high-level academic circles: allows for quickly getting across very precise theoretical information. Common among followers of Neo-Rationalism.
  • Nehudese: A family of languages found on the planet Nehud, native to the aliens there.
  • Old Alexian: the original "courtly" language of the Alexian dynasty; all the old documents of the Alexian dynasty are in this Maradonian dialect.
  • Tyrannic: the ancestor of modern Lithian, and the original language of the first Ranathim Tyranny.
  • Westerly Dialects: the Westerly branch of humanity speaks a wide variety of languages. See each such branch for an example of such a language.

New and Updated Advantages

Ace Pilot
25 points

The character is an elite vehicular combatant: he gains all the benefits of a gunslinger when using vehicle-mounted weaponry (such as missiles, fixed-mount blasters, or turrets). He halves the penalties for quick attacks or fast-firing with vehicular-mounted weapons. He gains +1 to his first vehicular dodge after selecting the Stunt maneuver. Finally, he gets one free Lucky Break per chase scene! This advantage only applies while operating a vehicle that uses the Piloting skill (ie, starfighters, corvettes, and certain aerial vehicles); it does not apply to vehicles that use the Driving skill or the Shiphandling skill (ie capital ships)

Higher Purpose
Several existing forms of Higher Purpose exist in Psi-Wars.

  • Against Impossible Odds grants you a +1 to all rolls when engaged in combat where you are outnumbered at least 3:1.
  • Deliver the Package works just as the Action version does.
  • Dogfighter applies whenever the character is not in formation and is battling other starfighters in a starfighter of his own.
  • Escape! applies whenever you are attempting to escape any form of captivity or capture.
  • Always get my Man applies when you have been given a task to locate a person, and applies to all rolls to locate or subdue that specific person.
  • Serve Master applies whenever you are acting on the explicit orders of someone who is in power over you.
  • Slay Psions applies whenever you are in combat with a psion in an effort to kill them.
  • Wingman applies anytime a character is in formation and either acting on their behalf, or following the commands of his wingman while flying in a starfighter.

Immortal Memory
21 points
Prerequisite: Unaging and GM's discretion

Ancient, long-lived characters differentiate themselves from normal characters by having a truly spectacular memory. When the character encounters a situation that might spark an ancient memory pertinent to the situation, the GM secretly rolls IQ (or a pertinent History specialty at +4) and, if successful, the character experiences a vivid replay of that moment during which he is Dazed for 1d seconds. This trait is built from Racial Memory with the Immersive enhancement, but treat it as a distinct advantage.

Signature Ship

Characters who purchase a ship may purchase it using the rules in Pyramid #3/71 "the Captain's Boat." This means that ships have an arbitrary point cost based on purchasing them as an Ally or Patron; the default Frequency of Appearance is 9, as they're rarely a constant presence, but they'll come up at least once every couple of sessions in importance. If the game rarely touches on space, the cost of Signature Ship can be halved. Signature Ship assumes ready, reasonable access to onboard craft and nameless NPC crewmen necessary to run the ship. For more details, see Vehicles.

New and Updated Talents

Born Smuggler

Area Knowledge, Navigation, Smuggling, Holdout, Electronics Operation (EW), Streetwise.
Reaction Bonus: +1/level to potential clients.
Alternate Bonus: +1/level to recognize another smuggler, or to uncover another smuggler's stash.

Born Spacer

Free-Fall, Navigation (Hyperspace), Piloting (Spaceship specialties only), Spacer, Vacc Suit
Reaction Bonus: +1/level to fellow spacers, wanderers or Traders
Alternate Bonus: +1/level to Move while in a zero-G environment.

Hotshot Pilot

Pilot, Gunner (Beams and Torpedo), Artillery (Guided Missile).
Reaction Bonus: +1/level to fellow pilots, commanding officers (especially to forgive crazy stunts) and to people impressed by "flyboys."
Alternate Bonus: -1/level less-severe penalties from Familiarity (p. B169) when dealing with unfamiliar systems installed in any kind in a vehicle for which you know Piloting.

New and Updated Perks

Standard Operating Procedure (Memory Check): You have two “memory back-ups,” such as a journal or recording devices, etc, in which you regularly record your important memories (what you're doing, what you've seen, etc), and double check your own memories against these backups. If someone manipulates your memory, he must also change your backups or you'll notice the change. This has the drawback that someone who finds both of your back-ups and changes them might convince you that someone has changed your memories.

Social Perks

You have no explicit status or title of your own (characters with the official title of "Prince" or "Princess" should take Title instead), the Galaxy expects you will attain an important position in society soon enough, and seek to curry favor with you. You may purchase Ascribed Status up to half of your expected status should you inherit this new position, and you can use Status to Pull Rank (See "Don't You Know Who I Am?") to pull rank with the organization you stand to inherit. Note that this trait is not the same as "Heir" from B33: this trait does not ensure that you will gain status and wealth later, as such a concern is a narrative one beyond the scope of the rules. Instead, this trait justifies Ascribed Status and the ability to Pull Rank with status with that specific organization.

Society expects people to append a title to your name and treat you with greater importance. This grants a +1 reaction modifier to those impressed by titles, and allows you to purchase a certain amount of Ascribed Status depending on your chosen title (never more than +4) and allows you to use Status to Pull Rank (See "Don't You Know Who I Am?") to pull rank with the organization associated with your title, if any such organization exists.

Skill Perks, Space

Battle Stations!
Prerequisite: Position of command on a capital ship or dreadnought.
You drill your crew mercilessly, so that they’re always at or near their stations whenever combat is a possibility. Your crew is never “out of place” when a battle starts, and even in extreme circumstances, never take more than one space combat turn to get into place.

Battlefield Brutality
Whenever a capital ship or dreadnought under your command destroys another capital ship or dreadnought, you may make a free Intimidation roll at +4 against all remaining ships.

You always maintain your ship. The GM never needs to ask if you did, or see you do so in game, nor can he penalize you for lack of maintenance unless you have been unable to access your ship for a long time (such as being in prison), and even then should be lenient ("Hey, those back-up power-convertors are still working!"). As an optional rule, the character can treat his ship as at +1 HT, provided he's had time to maintain it.

Drunken Pilot
Some pilots fly better with a bit of space beer in them to loosen them up. When Tipsy or Drunk, instead of applying the -1 or -2 DX penalty, add a +1 or +2 DX bonus to Gunnery (Beams), Piloting for the purposes of stunts only, and if Drunk, improve your vehicular dodge rolls by +1. Penalties to IQ and Self-Control rolls apply normally!

Duct-Tape Savant
Halve the penalty for emergency repairs. This is not cumulative with the Quick Gadgeteer advantage!

Feel of the Ship
You can judge the state of a ship just by feeling how it flies. You always know its state (its HP, what system is damaged and how) even if no computer system can tell you that information. The GM may require you to roll Pilot (Starship) or Shiphandling (Starship) at some penalty to uncover truly unusual things, such as detecting the presence of a hyperspace tracer by the fact that the ship is just a touch heavier on one side.

Fighter Screen
Once per turn, if you have any fighters under your command with nameless NPC pilots in formation with your ship, you may “block” an attack with Leadership/2 +3. If successful, one of your fighter pilots heroically takes the hit on your behalf and is destroyed. This will defeat any missile or torpedo, and will absorb up to five times the fighter’s HP in damage from a beam attack (You’ll slow down a super-weapon shot, but you won’t stop it). The GM may allow repeated uses of this defense, but at a cumulative -6 per additional attempt.

If a ship under your command initiates a collision (ramming), add +1 damage per die to your target.

Orbital Dead-Eye
After taking a turn for Precision Aiming during Action Vehicular Combat, you may add +6 to all Gunnery rolls instead of +4.

Increase your stability by 2 for the purposes of determining whether a failed Pilot roll resulted in a mere Uncontrolled Drift or a Crash.

Primed to Go
You always keep your ship primed and ready to move at an instant's notice. Unless the GM has a very explicit reason for doing so (your ship has been heavily damaged, or the port authorities impounded it due to unpaid docking fees), you can always start your ship at an instant's notice. This specifically includes in space combat: Your ship may depart the hangar bay on the first turn you're allowed to act.

Quick Shunt
You may ignore up to -2 in time taken modifiers for any roll necessary to rapidly hypershunt (including the mechanics roll to charge the hyperdrive, and the navigation roll to chart a course).

Seasoned Spacer
Your character automatically succeeds at attempts to "strap down" during sudden, high-G maneuvers that might otherwise dislodge him, or during a sudden depressurization event to keep from being blown out into space (if the GM declares that you need to roll anyway, you gain +2). He may also ignore any penalties to DX for moving in a micgrogravity environment. Finally, if your character succeeds at their Vacc Suit roll for a sudden depressurization event, they had already started to suit up before the event hit, and suffer no damage. If they fail, treat it as a normal success (they take 1d damage to both HP and FP). Only on a critical failure are they "spaced."

Ship Breaker
If an attack specifically targeting a system inflicts a Major or Crippling or worse injury, then disable or destroy that system, regardless of the current injury state of the ship. That is, you always disable or destroy systems that you specifically target, provided you inflict enough damage.

Smuggler Lane
Prerequisite: Area Knowledge (Constellation)-16.
Choose one route between two systems in the region of space that you're familiar with. Ignore the standard Navigation (Hyperspace) difficulty for that route: for you, it's always -0. Other navigational modifiers (Hyperstorms, time taken) still apply.

Soar like a Leaf
Treat your corvette like a fighter and to apply the Relative Size penalty to other Corvettes and Capital Ships, but you must treat your craft as having a stall speed, even if it doesn’t have one, disallowing the use of the Attack maneuver and requiring you to win a chase contest to attack your target with fixed weapons.

Other Perks

Akashic Stud
Your character has very interesting genetics for the Akashic eugenic program. While this provides you with no concrete genetic benefits, you gain a +2 to reaction modifiers for anyone seeking a useful eugenic match to further the Akashic eugenics program. The offspring from such a match is more likely to have improved Bloodline Purity.

Prerequisite: Strategy 18+
You must specialize this perk by skill. Once per session, you may attempt to gain one free use of Foresight using the specialized skill; this is only allowed if, at the GM's discretion, supreme levels of the specialized skill would allow the character to foresee the coming event (e.g. you could roll Tactics to avoid an ambush, but not to have researched the target's occult vulnerability). Roll against your skill (at no penalty); on a critical success, gain a free use of foresight; on a failure, the character has -2 to the next (margin of failure) actions; on a critical failure, the character's preparations actually work against him somehow.

Heroic Inspiration
The character may make a leadership roll and spend an impulse buy point to "elevate" a nameless NPC to a named NPC for the duration of the scene. For the rest of the scene, treat that nameless NPC as a named NPC for all purposes (they’re no longer considered “mooks,” they get to take descriptive actions, etc). At the end of the scene, the GM may offer the player the opportunity to purchase the NPC as an ally.

Style Adaption
If using the Martial Arts as Power-Ups model, the Style Adaption perk allows the character to learn the moves of a style provided he meets all the other prerequisites (the Style Adaption perk replaces the Style Familiarity perk prerequisite, but not others, such as Acrobatics or other moves).

Top Brass
This is a leveled perk that must be specialized per form of Rank. Each level allows the character to increase their maximum Rank above 4. By default, a character may take no more than two levels of Top Brass.

Your character either doesn't age, or can expect to live for centuries. This is reduced to a perk because it is a narrative, rather than mechanical, concern. Such a character is immune to any ability that might rapidly age the character, and they may purchase the "Immortal Memory" ability.

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