What is Psi-Wars?

Psi-Wars is a GURPS Space Opera Setting made by me, Daniel Dover. It comes ready to play, with all the templates, rules, technologies and powers you need to play the game, provided you have the requisite GURPS books to play.

Psi-Wars draws heavily on the GURPS Action Series for its basis rules, which means it features repuslor-car chases, intense space-dogfights, chaotic gun battles and, of course, heists. Psi-Wars further adds psychic powers, martial arts and a unique twist on Divine Favor to allow for mystical space knights, holy templars and sinister cultists. Finally, it features slightly modified TL 11^ Ultra-Tech and spaceships to cover appropriate, space opera technology.

What Psi-Wars Isn't

Psi-Wars isn't Star Wars. The astute among you will have certainly noticed some parallels, to be sure, and you can certainly use it to run a campaign that features a psychic farm boy, a rebellious princess and a smuggler with a heart of gold fighting off the evil Empire, but I built Psi-Wars to showcase what's possible when you draw inspiration from your favorite settings, rather than converting them outright. While Psi-Wars definitely draws on Star Wars for inspiration, it does not limit itself to strict adherence to Star Wars. It draws from the same wells that Star Wars did, such as the pulp sci-fi of Flash Gordon, the baroque space opera of Dune and the planetary romance of Barsoom, and draws new inspiration from an eclectic array of fiction (Warhammer 40k, the Metabarons, Killjoys, Minority Report, Endless Space 2, Endless Legend, Hyperlight Drifter…) and non-fiction (Men who Stare At Goats, In the Shadow of the Sword, the History of Rome, WW2, Religion of the Ancient Mediterranean..) alike, and from the Action genre (as well as the GURPS Action framework and its conceits). The result if a game that feels a lot like Star Wars, and can run Star-Wars-like games, and Star Wars might serve as a good introduction to the setting, but it isn't Star Wars, and it may disorient those who expect it to be Star Wars.

Psi-Wars isn't just a setting either. I built Psi-Wars to show people what sort of freedom one could gain if, instead of attempting a direct conversion of a beloved setting, you drew inspiration from it and created your own setting. I focused its first year of design purely on a design diary, a step-by-step process of creating a setting, and this one happened to be Star-Wars-inspired space opera. You can check out the design diary on my blog here.

Psi-Wars also isn't a set-in-stone setting. While I'm creating this blog and I've done most of the writing, I've tried to use each piece of the setting as a template. Yes, there's enough here to play with should you want to run a game "out of the box," but the Galaxy is huge! It absolutely has more planets, noble houses, alien races, sub-factions, philosophies and creepy powers than I've listed. See the setting outlined in this wiki as a starting point, rather than a finished product, and if you have neat ideas you'd like to add, I absolutely welcome your collaboration. That's why this is a wiki, after all!

What do you Need?

Psi-Wars is a GURPS setting, and thus requires fourth edition GURPS works. The following books are requisite for Psi-Wars

My material may reference other works, especially pyramid articles, and there are numerous books that might assist you in your campaign, but the above should be enough to get you through all of the material.

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