The Emperor Ren Valorian rules the Galaxy. He seized it from the Galactic Federation, a diplomatic body of aristocratic houses when they failed to protect the galaxy from the dread invasion of the Scourge. His rule began with rage and revolution, casting down the aristocracy and promising equality for all "true citizens" of the Galaxy. He claims his rule a benign and a rational one, that he embraces logic and compassion. In truth, his reign oppresses the galaxy. He sends his mighty dreadnoughts and his force-sword wielding agents to crush dissent; he casts aliens into labor camps and disappears political activists to remote, planetary prisons; he quietly allows corrupt officials to run roughshod over the citizenry; he reshapes the philosophies and religions of the galaxy with his psychic might, forging an imperial cult that grant him transcendent power. Even those who benefit from the largess of the Empire begin to grow disquieted by the looming power of the Emperor.

Not all of the Galaxy has fallen into the Valorian Empire's grasp. The last remnants of the Galactic Federation, an Alliance of psychic aristocrats, free worlds and alien peoples, fled to the Glorian Rim, the ancestral home of humanity. There, they hid behind the ancient and mighty space fortress, the Hammer of Caliban. This last bastion of democracy seeks to gain new allies in one last bid to liberate the Galaxy of the Emperor and restore peace and freedom to all. In the Dark Arm of the Galaxy, fractious alien races enslave one another and worship in their own ecstasy cults. Where the Scourge slaughtered humanity, once placid robots have risen in revolt, and their Cybernetic Union sends their genocidal machines crashing against the fortresses of the Empire. Scattered throughout the whole galaxy lie the ruins and remains of lost civilizations, or hints of undiscovered tribes of aliens and new psychic philosophies.

Lurking beneath the overt political conflict lies an ancient conspiratorial conflict: the war for Communion and the minds of all sapient beings in the Galaxy. The collective hope, passion and fear of all living beings pool into a vast, galaxy-spanning phenomenon called "Communion," which certain, powerful psychic can tap into to invoke nigh-divine power. The Emperor secretly serves the Cult of the Mystical Tyrant, and seeks to control all of Communion, while the once-hunted Templars of True Communion gather in secret to plan the restoration of their galaxy-spanning faith and to purge Communion of the taint that the Emperor has inflicted upon it.

The Psi-Wars Galaxy teems with conflict, aliens, criminal scum and wonder. In this time of chaos, and with prophecies of a coming doom and the return of the Scourge, it needs heroes to tip the balance away from certain destruction and to bring with them a sliver of hope.

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